Bibi Netanyahu’s Full Speech at AIPAC

What a great speech! I never get tired of listening to Prime Minister Netanyahu talk about defending Israel. And tonight he spoke about Iran and why they must not be allowed to get nuclear weapons.

Here’s the full speech:

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105 thoughts on “Bibi Netanyahu’s Full Speech at AIPAC

  1. Wow!! Now this is what one would calll a great orator!! I do not see the all evasive teleprompters.

  2. The cost of Iran having a nuke would be even more catastrophic than what we can imagine. Islam’s goal is world domination, pure and simple. All will either submit to Islam, pay tribute, or be killed. It is time for the rest of the “free” world to wake up! Russia and China as well as some south american countries think they can broker a deal and be spared, whereas, they are forgetting that the religion of Islam teaches from the cradle that the religion of Islam is the only true religion, and all Islamists are required to either convert others to the religion, or enslave them. There is no negotiation.

    My prayer for Israel, and all Christians is: The Lord bless thee, and keep thee.
    The Lord show his face to thee, and have mercy on thee.
    The Lord turn his countenance to thee, and give thee peace.

  3. Thank you for posting this Scoop. I missed it yesterday & I’m always inspired by Bibi’s statesmanship!
    God bless him and the people of Israel.

  4. That was the most eloquent speech I have ever heard! Netanyahu just schooled odumbo in what a real leader is and how he conducts himself. There is no arrogance about him…arrogance is for the insecure. Netanyahu is a commanding presence because he is well educated and has truly served his people. He didn’t need to be someone’s puppet to get where he is. He is a leader that Israel should be proud of! God bless the state of Israel and God bless PM Netanyahu!

  5. What an incredible speech. He is resolute in his defense of Israel as we should all be.

  6. although he appeared mostly diplomatically positive towards obama, loved the subtle little side swipe @ obama administration about not talking about what israel will or will not do. although he left me wondering, being from WI, why WI is so important, never really elaborated on it. maybe i just missed it

    1. Yeah, but according to Paul and his bots it is America’s fault that Iran is that way. Because Iranians and Islamists have no self control and only react to things. They are not responsible for killing people or destroying public property because someone burned a is all someone elses fault. Paul says he believes in self determination but does not believe in self responsibility. If Paul was president we would not need prisons because I am sure, using his logic, all criminals are just victims and commited thier crimes because of someone elses fault.

  7. I love Bibi. He is so much more gracious to dear leader than I could ever be. For the west to think they can negotiate more is moronic as you can not negotiate with a madman (or madmen). To think that sanctions will work means they ignore Russia and China who are in cahoots with Iran. I am glad Israel has a strong leader who understands reality! G*d Bless Israel, and Bless Bibi!

    1. You are so right – and Germany has huge trade with Iran, biggest of any Western country, helping the madmen out with their nuclear ambitions. Despite signing on to the sanctions.

      Co-incidentally, or not, the German economy is also the strongest in the West. Apart from the moral aspect, not the best optics is it – or don’t they do irony there?

  8. Whoa! WOW!

    Newt spoke, then stopped, thinking they had a panel…but when they did not, he gave an off-the cuff speech and answers to a couple of spontaneous questions that was almost a formal address, inspiring, in-depth.

    No one is as able to deal with and think out the issues like Newt.

    1. Yes! I couldn’t agree more. Newt’s brain is quick as lightning and can you imagine a debate between him and Obama, no teleprompter allowed? They would have to call in FEMA because it would be a massacre of untold proportions. Both Newt and Santorum would be extremely strong on foreign policy and also stand on the side of good with regards to Israel.

  9. Just curious?

    Does supporting Israel mean we have to do the bombing for them?

    I’m all for supporting Israel by selling them bombs and refueling their jets on the way to Iran. I’m not for borrowing money from China to do the dirty work for Israel – since Israel is quite capable of defending itself and we can’t afford it. And we can be no help to Israel in the future if we bankrupt our country as we are now with these trillion dollar deficits.

    1. No – they have their own well-trained pilots and equipment.

      Actually a kibbutz in Israel developed and supplies the US with protective equipment that has saved many American lives in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      1. Glad to hear it because we can’t afford another war and Israel is quite capable of taking care of Iran’s nuke ambitions with just some refueling help etc… from us without the US doing the actual bombing.

        1. I think all Israel needs from us is assurance that we will stand with them if they go in and wipe out the facilities. We all know there will be blowback from anti semites all over the world, so it would help if America would stand behind them on this.

          1. I’m all for standing behind our ally in case Russia or China would get involved but I’m not for standing in front of Israel and doing the deed for them since they are quite capable and we are broke.

  10. I watched it last night.
    A great man and a statesman.
    He is an accomplished wordsmith with an excellent delivery.
    Unlike Obama, you just know that he speaks the truth and from his heart.

  11. One possible error in Romney’s answer in the Q&A is his assumption in his answer about Syria. The sad fact is, the Syrians rising up against Assad are not necessarily potential US allies – they are Salafists, some of the most radical kind of Islamists.

    Do not be fooled – Islam is Islam. There is no ‘moderate’ muslim. There are some cultural Arabs who are non-believers, and some Sufis who are more peaceable, because they follow Mohammed’s earlier writings, but there are no practicing Islamic moderates. Fact is, Islamists kill and persecute any peaceful US friendly or Israel friendly muslims.

  12. Netanyhu will be speaking on Capitol Hill at 12:10 pm. This will be available at the CBS live feed here at RS.

  13. It was a very inspirational speech. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We should be so fortunate to have a man like him in charge of the U.S.

    May God bless and protect Israel and the U.S.

  14. When this man speaks, he exudes strength and determination. He is a man’s man and a leader of men. When I listen to him, I don’t doubt what he says or what he believes. I can’t say any of these things about our president, and that saddens me to no end.

  15. Netanyhu is a serious man, warrior, statesman, businessman, diplomat, media spokesman, husband, father of possibly a future rabbi.

  16. Re: Iran – Netanyhu made an earlier public statement in response to Ahmadinejad and Khoumeini…

    “We have received a reminder about what kind of a neighborhood we live in,” Netanyahu said at the start of the Cabinet session. “We heard the Iranian ruler’s remarks about the elimination of Israel. We saw the Syrian army massacre its own people. We have seen other bloody events in our region. Leaders have no moral compunctions about killing -whether their neighbors or their own citizens.” Netanyhu responded on Sunday, to Ayatollah Khomeini’s latest rabid frothings against Israel

    Link (video)

    There will always be those who deny evil doers and evil deeds.

    There are those, many in our own government, who deny that Islam is the author of evil and racial hate, and is responsible for 18,529 terror attacks since 9/11.

    Day after day, the atrocities continue:

  17. He is a great man. If left to his own devices Iran would be a crater. We are the rubber band around Benjamins newspaper. Feed’em fish heads Bibbi

  18. Where things stand re: the Palestinians:

    Significant events this week and in January in Israel:

    1. Netanyhu warned on January 16, that if Fatah joined with Hamas, Gaza would have to be demilitarized (like the West Bank). Of course, means the Sinai as well.
    When Netanyhu speaks, he means business. From Breitbart (Thanks, Andrew!)

    2. Fatah/Hamas alliance forged their alliance publically in Qatar.

    3. Netanyhu spoke out against it on Sunday, February 5.

    4. The US has not spoken against this alliance.

    1. The charter of Hamas states its primary goal as the destruction of Israel and all Jews, and a one state Islamist Palestinian state.

    2. This language is, however, also written in the Koran and Hadiths the core texts of Islam.

    3. Therefore, any Islamic group is no different than Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, AlQueda, Haqqani, et al.

    4. 99% of all terrorist groups listed by the US State Dept are Islamist groups.

    5. Islam and Sharia law are barbaric, racist, violations of human rights, misogynistic, unjust, and these same texts teach conquest, supremacy, and violent aggression against other peaceful states. This is what Islamic states enact and its followers do – in the form of terrorism.

    6. Islam’s proven record is as bad, if not worse than, the KKK, Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, North Korea and Communist China.

    7. In a sane rational logical world, unblinded by PC agendas, civilized nations would not have diplomatic or trade relations with Islamic states. (Or with Cuba, China or North Korea)

    When Netanyhu speaks, he means business.

  19. Did you know that Netanyhu’s son won a Jewish International Bible/Torah Competition?
    Sara’s family has many Rabbis and several prior winners of this competition.

    Did you know that Netanyhu is now hosting a Bible study in his home?

    What Netanyhu is doing reminds me of great moments in Israel’s history when they rediscovered THE BOOK of GOD’s LAW. (II KIngs 22:8, II Chronicles 34:14, Nehemiah 8:1)

    Only then did Israel overcome their enemies – the internal enemy of sin and the external enemies of pagan regimes surrounding them. Only then was Israel released from captivity by Babylon/Assyria/Egypt.

    GOD (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) is our Savior, Redeemer and King.
    His BOOK and LAW are the only true guide, teacher of the more excellent way of living.
    No other book, no other law, no other king, no other GOD, no other Savior.
    GOD alone can save us.
    Jesus is Lord, King, Priest, Sacrifice, Redeemer of the world. He is Love, Truth and Life. ALL Authority is given to Him. His Name is above every other name.

    1. They have a great History that come close to my heart and my faith as a Christian as well.

      What is happening today to Israel is exactly what was foretold in the Book to Revelation.

      My personal belief is that Islam will be the catalyst for the Great Tribulation as foretold by Jesus. The world is entering a very dangerous phase that those in the left refuse to believe is coming. Those on the left are the useful “idiots” of Islam.

      The shining light in this is that good will overcome this evil that is rising above all of us.

  20. The man understands logic and the reality of what is in store for that region if Iran gets a Nuclear Weapon.

    Unlike the left who would prostitute their position with Iran on the false naive premise that Iran is doing this for peaceful purposes. Israel is our only hope for a sane safe future because the Imbecile in Chief has his head up his Ass when it comes to matters on International Importance.

      1. Heck – Islam even targets its own people every single day of the year.

        Here is just the last two days:

        2012.03.05 (Haditha, Iraq) – Twenty-seven Iraqi police are massacred by al-Qaeda in a series of attacks.
        2012.03.05 (Narathiwat, Thailand) – Muslim terrorists detonate a bomb at a market, killing a 37-year-old boat driver.
        2012.03.04 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – Islamists shoot a middle-aged woman and her 10-year-old daughter to death in their home.
        2012.03.04 (Gamborou, Nigeria) – A tailor and trader are executed in cold blood by Boko Haram gunmen.
        2012.03.04 (Zinjibar, Yemen) – A surprise attack by al-Qaeda on a local security base leaves over eighty defenders dead.
        2012.03.04 (Zinjibar, Yemen) – A al-Qaeda suicide bomber sends fifteen other souls to Allah.

        (from Religion of Peace)

  21. This is what a great man looks like. O is no match for the brilliance of Bibi.
    Just proves MIT grads are a lot smarter than Harvard grads:)

  22. Did anyone tune in last night and see Netanyhu enter the state and see the SIZE of his bodyguards – both the ones who came on stage with him and the ones who stood at the entrance just behind the curtain? There must have been ten or so. I never knew there were men that big and muscular. Imagine the security when he goes anywhere.

  23. Thanks for posting Scoop! Here here, I sure wish we had such intelligent, articulate statesman at the helm here in the US! To such ends we work!!!

  24. The right man at a critical time is now in charge of Israel. He has spoken with authority and has clearly stated the right for Israel to defend itself. Whether Obama has his back or not [which I doubt he does], Bibi will do what he must.

    This is going to be a very eventful year indeed.

  25. This man deserves to introduce Governor Romney at the RNC Convention this August. He certainly would fire up our base to go out and vote for Governor Romney. What a remarkable individual and amazing leader Prime Minister Netanyahu is.

    1. I kinda think Bibi’d be a better match for Newt – two men who know what they think, and say it clearly. ‘Men’ being the operative word.

      Not sure Romney has equal stature to Prime Minister Netanyahu, least not yet…how could he? Opposite sides of the reality spectrum.
      Not to mention that the Prime Minister actually stands for something.

      Wondering who ‘our base’ is.

    2. NOT ROMNEY.

      Romney will never be POTUS legitimately. Only by political and financial maneuvers and back room deals. He would never be any more than another Obama, another who stole the presidency.

      1. Romney would push Obama’s agenda as he did in Massachusetts. He’s no conservative, but a radical liberal…left of most Democrats.

    3. Yeah Romney who said a couple of months ago that Islam is one of the world’s noble religions and then said jihad has nothing to do with Islam.
      Puleeze. Mitt is clueless to Islam and not what we need in a leader.

    4. Mitt Romney’s first job after college was at a company in Boston where Bibi Netanyahu worked. They became friends. The Romenys have stayed with Netanyahu and his family in Israel.

          1. Every candidate is speaking except Ru Paul, this is rather telling. When that long time close aid to Ron Paul said he heard him say he wished the nation of Israel had never existed, that was all I needed to hear. Paul is a Jew hater, plain and simple

            1. I agree. What is really baffling is OldDan keeps telling me in another thread that I am wrong about Paul that he is a good and decent man. Not in my book. Any man that slanders our troops the way he has is a dirt bag totally unworthy of the presidency. What is odd, is he says he supports Newt so I can’t figure out why he keeps defending that Jew hater.

  26. Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich said that as president he would move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. HE IS THE ONLY ONE, NOT ROMNEY, NOT SANTORUM, NOT DOPPY RON PAUL.

  27. Thanks Scoop, it’s nice to hear a professional every so often – he didn’t say ‘got our back’ once! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Love the almost instant shout-out for Sen.’s Kirk and Menendez. Bibi is always gracious when he makes his points. He is one of the last true statesmen.

    I hope he knows the majority of people in the United States cleave more closely to him than they do their current President.

    1. Gracious was nice to see in a world leader, unlike O! Still trying to figure out how many times Obama said “I” last night!

  29. yea bibi, never again, I fully support a strong Israel and hope congress,senate and the president support Israel with action not just words. America; never again! lets not repeat history. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I noticed that Flippers and Santorum are speaking tomorrow to AIPAC in the morning via satellite. No Newt though.

  31. Hey, Is Sarah at AIPAC? It you watch at the beginning, he mouths greetings to individuals in the audience during the applause.

    At 13 seconds, it looks like he says “Thank you Nancy”


    At 17 seconds his eyebrows fly up and he says, “Hello Sarah (or maybe Sarif)”

    Gees I have the jitters these days

  32. How different can these guys be?

    Obama, Bibi: One [half] black, one white. One a muslim, one a Jew. One who wears his religious faith on his sleeve, without shame; the other lying and evading, and creating photo-ops, when it comes to his. One, the first natural-born citizen to attain the nation’s highest office, the other, a foreign-born interloper, who stole the election. One a patriot, looking to establish and securely maintain a safe, stable State for his people. One, a traitorous, political whore that promiscuously cheats on his own nation with several others, and has even stated that the country he’s leading needs to be taken down several pegs. One, a military Veteran who achieved the heights of skill and success in their special forces. The other, a drug addicted, alcoholic, bisexual that lived a life if hedonistic criminality, and railed against the very nation that gave him everything he had. One bends over backwards, sometimes inadvisably, for peace; the other, bending over to capitulate to enemies.

    One, a born leader.

    The other, a born puppet.

  33. One thing that really needs to be brought up is the fact that, as bad as Ahmadinejad is, he’s, apparently, not bad, enough:

    A successor hand picked by Iran’s religious fanatic emperor spells nothing good for America, the Jewish State, and the rest of the world. Much of what we’re experiencing is our own fault. Had we been Americans, and elected real Americans to political office, we’d have energy independence, which equals energy security. Instead, the capstone of this is an illegitimate president that wins through voter fraud, and seems doggedly determined to knee-cap our own nation, by strangling off it’s own energy supplies, and offering some of the stupidest solutions imaginable:

    Had we pursued the course of energy independence, we wouldn’t be feeding the beast of OPEC (which might not even exist) with petrodollars we cannot afford. There’s an old saying: “buy now, pay later”. There’s another, that’s more ominous: “pay me, now, or pay me, later”. Our unwillingness to fully and MILITARILY commit to protecting the alliance between Israel and the US (thanks to losers like Ron Paul and Obama) is just the hammering sound of us pounding another nail into our own coffin. Its time to start going back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick diplomacy, because now that we’ve endured 4 years of Obama’s little toothpick supplication. If we still have time to undo the damage decades of political temps have done, I sincerely believe it’s now, or never.

    1. I’ve read that the Saudis are paying off the environmentalists to fight drilling here. I believe it.

  34. I actually shed tears when Bibi read those letters from the defense department to the jewish people during WW2. It is truly amazing how ignorant most people are to the lessons of history.
    All the armchair quarterbacks out there and couch potatoes living in the lap of luxury cannot even fathom the psychology of a Jew living in Israel who has been under constant threat of annihilation for the last 60 years as a state and last thousand years as a people.
    How dare anyone tell them to wait for permission from anyone to ensure their continued existance.
    Imagine, which I know is impossible, for a second how you would feel living in a country the size of New Jersey and you were surrounded by enemies who want to destroy you and murder every last one of you. For sixty years they have invaded you, dropped bombs on your schools, buses, hospitals, blown up discos and restaurants with suicide bombers. Their television shows show cartoons of mickey mouse telling their children it is a blessing to kill a jew, the chant death to Israel for decades. They kidnap your soldiers, murder innocent children and babies, butchering families while they sleep for decades.
    Then you have a leader in Iran developing nuclear bombs, preaching that the holocaust is a myth, that Israel must be wiped off the map and the rest of the world keeps saying wait, wait, we will take care of you. We will negotiate with them, sanctions will work–after 10 years of them not working and never working for the previous 10 years against Iraq.
    Do you truly believe that the Israelis are that stupid? That they would put the fate of the existance of their very lives in the hands of Barack Obama or Sarkozy?
    This is a man that knows the stakes of this game and not some socialist, left wing, intellectual sitting at home watching the Knicks game is going to tell him differently.
    Israel, you go do what you have to do. The world will learn the wisdom of your ways after the dust settles and gas prices be damned!

  35. Bibi is even more “historic”, than Obama. Bibi is the FIRST PM of Israel, actually BORN in Israel. Others immigrated, with the incorporation of the state. Bibi is the first NATURAL BORN Israeli PM (and, in my opinion, the best). While Obama was smoking hash to get high, Bibi was smoking muslims, to protect his nation.

    It offends me, though, that Obama attends such an event, with the absolutely shameful way he’s treated this world class leader (something Obama isn’t). Israel is facing what may actually be a here & now threat in the form of an Iranian nuclear weapon or device:

    …and all Obama can do is blame Israel’s assertion of it’s right to self defense, and pro-active self-defense, for rising gas prices.

    1. At all You’re right, only that Rabin was the first prime minister born in the land of Israel before Israel was established.
      Prime Minister Netanyahu is the best we had.
      Thank God that came the right time.

      When talking about a nuclear threat, we must remember that we are a tiny country!
      So for us the situation is critical!

      1. G* d ื™ื‘ืจืš ื™ืฉืจืืœ! ื™ืฉื ื ืจื‘ื™ื ืžืื™ืชื ื• ืฉืœื ืื”ื‘ื” ื•ืชืžื™ื›ื” ืœืš!

    2. It was one in the eye for 0bama when PM Netanyahu said he wasn’t going to talk about what Israel will do, or might do:
      “I never talk to…anyone…about that.”

      Sure as heck won’t be giving anyone 24 hours notice of an attack, will he? Least not anyone in or near the WH. Best line of his speech.

      What a great man – what manna from heaven to hear his words.

    3. Background on Netanyhu:

      Netanyhu had his early education in Israel, High School in Pennsylvania, Combat soldier and became a team leader in an elite special forces unit of the IDF, Bachelors and Masters MIT, studied Pol Sci at Harvard, authored 5 books, was Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, twice Prime Minister and has even been an Israeli TV commentator:,,20063370,00.html

      Neat recent quote:

      In a response to U.S. President Barack Obama’s statements in his Cairo speech, Netanyahu remarked,

      “There are those who say that if the Holocaust had not occurred, the State of Israel would never have been established. But I say that if the State of Israel would have been established earlier, the Holocaust would not have occurred.” He also said, “this is the homeland of the Jewish people, this is where our identity was forged.”

      I am glad he responded to Obama’s affirmation of ruthless ‘religion’ of ‘peace’ to its ruthless followers.

    4. Obama is NOT a leader. he is not a man. He is nothing but a joke, perpetrated on the hapless American people by the funding of Marxist millionaires.

      BIBI is everthing that Obama is not.

      1. Marxist and Islamist multi-billionaires trained and sponsored Obama – for their purposes.

        That is why Obama opposes US energy independence…even abortion. (to kill as many US citizens as possible)

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