Netflix suffers DRAMATIC slowdown in subscribers and this is why I hope it’s happening…

Netflix hit hard times during the second quarter of this year with what’s being called a “dramatic slowdown” in their subscriber base:

CBS SAN FRAN – Netflix’s video streaming service suffered a dramatic slowdown in growth during its traditionally sluggish spring season, a drop-off coming as it girds for even stiffer competition.

The service picked up 2.7 million worldwide subscribers for the April-June period. That’s far below the 5 million subscribers forecast by Netflix. The second-quarter letdown announced Wednesday comes after Netflix attracted nearly 10 million subscribers during the first three months of the year , more than any other quarter since the debut of its video streaming service 12 years ago.

The Silicon Valley giant ended June with 151.6 million worldwide subscribers, far more than a current crop of video streaming rivals that includes as Amazon and Hulu.

Wow, they only picked half the subscribers they were expecting.

Here’s why they say the slowdown is happening:

But Netflix traced the second-quarter’s slow subscriber growth primarily to a recent round of prices increase, including hikes of 13% to 18% in its biggest market, in the U.S. That pushed the price of its most popular U.S. plan to $13 per month, testing the bounds of how much some consumers are willing to pay for a service that started out at $8 per month for the same level of service.

I’ve no doubt this is a big part of it because as soon as I heard about the price increase earlier this year, I cringed.

But I would also like to think – and they would probably never admit this – that Netflix suffered a huge loss in subscribers after they announced they were supporting the ACLU in a lawsuit against the state of Georgia over a their new pro-life law.

I certainly can’t prove this contributed, but I know Patrick Madrid encouraged all of his listeners multiple times to drop Netflix. And I’m sure that many others would have followed suit because abortion is such a huge issue to many people.

So I hope that’s really what burned their popcorn and maybe, if we’re lucky, they’ll admit that it did.

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97 thoughts on “Netflix suffers DRAMATIC slowdown in subscribers and this is why I hope it’s happening…

  1. It was the price increase. I heard a lot of people complain about that but didn’t hear anyone mention the ACLU thing. That dog don’t hunt.

    1. Especially since the price increase included way more Netflix Original and less from any other source.

  2. Speak of the devil. I just got an email from them not but two minutes before I came here wanting me to come back.

    I dropped Netflix a few months ago because I got sick of going to watch what looks like a good movie and it’s a foreign movie. It happens A LOT! I hate subtitles. On top of that they don’t have crap for good movies from Hollywood and most of what is worth watching are movies made by Netflix itself. Those are ok but there’s never anything like a box office hit…ever.

    The price increases didn’t help but if I wasn’t frustrated with the site that wouldn’t have mattered to me.

    1. ITA. To me, it’s all the foreign programming. I hate reading subtitles and I hate bad voice overs. I hate their politics, and I hate watching white people being reduced to idiots in their programming. Blacks (or any race besides white) are in positions of power and whites merely play their foils or are subservient. I’ve said it before, I never used to be this way but when it is shoved down your throat 24/7, it starts to grate on the nerves, you know? BTW, I wonder what would happen if there was a movement to cancel subscriptions all on the same day. Would they heed the warning? Money is the only thing that “talks” anymore.

      1. That was the biggest reason for my cancellation as well. Voice overs and subtitles suck.

        Netflix would have to know why the cancellations were being made, but I don’t think it would matter. Look at Nike. They get blowback but they don’t care. I guess their push of social agendas are more important, but you’d think the shareholders would care.

  3. Seriously doubt politics played a big role. They just pushed to the other side of the laffer curve. The best, most beautiful curves of all the curves, let me tell you.

  4. I read recently that Netflix is losing customers because their content is losing value, and not much new to watch.

  5. What about bringing the Obama’s on board? I think that might have had something to do with it also, however they will never even given that a thought.

    1. I don’t know what shows have come from the Obamas, but Netflix definitely has a lot of shows that promote the left’s social agenda.

  6. I would add that Netflix is right up there with Disney with their productions promoting the social agenda of the leftist. I am a social liberal and could care less what two or more adults do to themselves or if they want to play make believe and dress up as the opposite sex,

    however I am sick and tired of getting it shoved down my throat every second of every day and on every show.

  7. ” as soon as I heard about the price increase earlier this year, I cringed.”

    Oh, so your disposable income significantly supports the Hollyweird industry that is contrary to everything that you hold dear, such as life at conception, gun ownership, border security, family values, etc.? Yet, TRS makes a living off conservative opinion and the corresponding click ads. Kind of an ironic monetary cycle.

  8. Put Netflix on the list with Major League Baseball and their predominance of “pride” festivals. In the case of MLB, bring their profits down to a more realistic 4.5% of the potential, to match the segment of pro-alphabet-contingent consumers.

      1. Exactly. If educated consumers feel strongly about “pride” celebrations in MLB parks, they will spend their money accordingly. Obviously, if only 4.5% of the population agrees with the “pride” agenda, and feel strongly about that, then 95% of the MLB profits could potentially evaporate.
        Realistic? No, but it is an interesting thought, and fun comment suggestion. I feel strongly about it, and have been acting accordingly. MLB could care less. It works for me.
        At least one more person now knows that all but 2 MLB parks now celebrate “pride”.

        1. I got it. I misinterpreted your statement, “bring their profits down” to have implied state action. Yes, markets should determine the outcomes.

  9. I dropped Netflix several weeks ago because their programming is terrible and they are proactively pushing content with homosexuality in it.

    1. I don’t have Netflix, so just wondering if the Obama’s have made their star appearances yet? Are they on there?

      1. I dropped it 2 or 3 months ago and had not seen any advertising for them at that point. I got the feeling, though, that the ads were aimed around the viewing habits of the watchers, just like internet ads.

  10. I’d say that providing platforms for Obama and AOC can claim a big slice of that pie too.

  11. They also have a lot of original content that is crap, but they still have to generate the revenue to produce the crap.

    Honestly, IMHO, Amazon prime has better options for what you pay for it.

    1. They have plenty of content, but it’s just like having cable (‘there’s nothing on!’).

  12. Oh no, you don’t say. How will they ever recover the high payment they promised the Obama’s for more crap broadcasts. Guess they will just have to eat it.

    1. My guess is that someone is subsidizing them and is looking forward to another big tax write off.

  13. My son has both Netflix and Hulu which I am able to piggyback on. I really love the Hulu (because I cut my cable years ago) but I rarely watch Netflix and can easily live without it.

    1. Amazon Prime is better than Netflix. I also stream Britbox and Acorn. The quality of the acting and the quality of the British shows are much better than the lame American shows with weak WOKE actors.

      1. OMG, you sound just like me! I only watch the commonwealth movies and tv shows. I love the Brit stuff and rarely watch anything USA. I stream PBS, too, just for Masterpiece because it’s always Brit, and I can watch when I want, altho lately they’re pushing their streaming service and won’t show some things without that membership. I, too, have Britbox, Acorn, Netflix and Amazon.

      1. I like it because the live TV makes the difference:

        1. It gives me access to a lot of live TV channels I previously only got on cable (which I gave up 6 years ago). I can also watch individual shows on my own schedule.
        2. If my antenna gives me fits on major broadcast network channels (NBC, CBS, ABC, and a few more) I can watch it live on Hulu with perfect clarity.
        3. Like Netflix, there are also movies, some original TV shows (not as much as Netflix), and lots of current and older TV shows that you can watch whenever you want. However, the selection on Netflix is probably larger. But to my taste, with few exceptions, I really don’t like most of the original Netflix offerings.
        4. I know there’s sports stuff too, but I don’t know if it’s better or worse because I don’t watch that.

          1. Check it out. A lot is a matter of taste, but for me, Hulu is a clear choice if I had to pick just one.

    1. Me neither but I have a daughter who watches certain shows so I’m stuck with it until she moves out!

  14. I changed my mind about subscribing when Susan Rice joined Netflix. The 0bamas coming on board just confirmed my decision.

  15. Netflix has yet to make money …. that said, I dropped them a long long long time ago and having them finance the Obamas is just another reason for me to stay away

  16. Its becoming like cable, a lot of content, but nothing worth watching.I see suggestions for AOCs documentary. Why would I watch that, I could just watch her in the media.

    1. The notion of Obama using a popular and influential media company to further moral subversion shouldn’t be surprising. He was, after all, on the cutting edge of post-birth murder.

      1. Yes, I can’t repeat enough that when he was a senator in Illinois and voted present most of the time, he made sure to vote no three times on the Infants Born Alive Protection Act.

    2. So did I.
      I was going to cancel it anyway in March of last year as my hubby passed away, and couldn’t afford it anymore.
      But since hearing about 0dumbo’s involvement in Netflix made me more determined to cancel it. And I was a Netflix subscriber since 2005.

  17. It’s actually because of an influx of competition. Disney, HBO, Apple etc. will soon be unveiling new streaming services, and other streaming services have launched in the past year (e.g. DC Comics). Conservatives may despise ABC/Disney, but they own the most valuable content on the market, and they are removing it from Netflix.

    1. HBO Max is going to be a big player. Aside from all of HBO’s content like Game Of Thrones, they’ll have Warner brother’s tv and movie library, TBS, TNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and a bunch of other stuff.

    2. That’s true, but they haven’t done so yet. I’ve been reading that once Disney removes their content, Netflix will fold like a circus tent.

    3. I would think with that if the services are reasonably priced, they add on to the subscription rather than drop Netflix. It all depends upon is it worth it?

      1. You’re definitely describing the future of television, and many people have been operating like that for awhile now. Soon they will have more options, even if it’s the major corporations taking back the market. The cost of a cable/satellite bill plus a preferred streaming service (Netflix or Amazon Prime) could be swapped for around 11 streaming services with a digital media player. LIVE Sports are probably the main reason the switch is not happening faster.

  18. Could it be that all of the Netflix generated content and series hits you with the liberal progressive agenda of climate change, LGBQXYZ and anti conservative slants. This activist agenda has me right on the edge of canceling. Most of the comedy specials they host are anti-conservative and anti-American. The alternatives, in my opinion, are not driving this because all content from Hollywood is bent this way. I cut the cable about 2 years ago and am about to cut the live streaming. Price has nothing to do with it in my world.

    1. I am getting ready to cut the cord on Netflix because of this and their price hikes. I would rather give my money to another content provider who does not constantly push the leftist narrative.

  19. There have been a couple of cute original movies and “The Crown” has been excellent, really outstanding (still waiting for Season 3). But other than that I think Netflix is highly overrated.

  20. Once they started producing their own content, which I thought was a great deviation from Hollywood controlling all entertainment, they started slipping their political agenda into their content. Stay out of politics and they would thrive in my opinion.

  21. Some people also were motivated to end their subscription because the Obamas were creating content and Susan Rice is on the Netflix board. Content of Netflix productions were also left leaning……..Some people don’t like politics mixed with their entertainment.

    1. Thanks, couldn’t remember Rice when I commented. The 0s, Rice, the mostly mediocre content and the gaystapo coupled with the rate hike was too much. In fact, I’m glad that they upped the price, it motivated me to dump them sooner.

    2. You are absolutely right. We don’t want politics mixed with our entertainment. Plain and simple. And it is the very fact that Hollywood is failing abysmally. HBO is just as bad. I watched “Sharp Objects” this week, a mini-series, and one of the characters’ bedrooms displayed an old Obama poster. They just had to sneak that in. You can’t escape it anymore. Progressive tropes abound. Forget what the masses want.

  22. My wife and I are some of those people that kicked Netflix to the curb. The Gay agenda they have to pump into everything they produce was so over the top that it was dumbfounding. They don’t even play sly with it….its in your face even with kids content.

    I would make a sure bet that a bulk of those people walking away are in the same boat as us. Tire of the propaganda and worship of sin being pumped into their content.

  23. I to do not like the imposition of soft gay porn in the Netflix productions. Every series they produce flaunts it and it has nothing to do with the story line of the content. Even heterosexual sex scenes are unnecessary. The bottom line goal is the degradation of morality. I am not a religious man but I am a moral man.. The progressive socialist agenda is immoral.

    1. A ton of newer shows over the past ten years or so have gone that route. Apparently some producers firmly believe you have to see six to ten minutes of simulated sex per show in order to bother watching.

      1. Yeah, I thought that Gotham was the best comic book interpretation so far, but they had to make a couple characters gay, adding nothing to the plot. It seems to be widespread and makes the ones coming from the broadcast networks better because the nudity is limited.

        1. I never minded the odd, gay character in a show. Especially if he or she wasn’t there to make it about “awareness.” But 3 gays in every episode is just dumb.

          1. Netflix has a show called Hap And Arnold, which had the potential to be an odd couple style series. It features a black Vietnam vet who is homosexual and a white ex-hippie who did time for refusing to go in the military. Unfortunately, it focused on trite jokes and themes that should be put to rest. It seems to be where a lot of TV is headed.

  24. Also, how many people don’t have Netflix at this point? (Or had it and quit?)

    There can’t be that much of a market left.

  25. In my case, it was the fact that they hired the Obamas and much of their content is offensive and PC or just plain forgettable. The price increase was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    1. Obama was president and even if we don’t like him that is reason enough to put him on.

      What bothers me is every show they produce must have a social justice character in it. Even a great children’s show like stranger things must now have a gay character being written into the story. I would not be surprised to see a transgender character soon.

      I am libertarian on laws however I can and will spend my money elsewhere.

    1. The diversity of Netflix’s Board is a strength, not a weakness. When evaluating investments, one really needs to block out the “noise” of political affiliations and focus on what the players bring to a company. Yes, Susan Rice with her wealth of international contacts is an invaluable asset on the Board in terms of helping Netflix pursue international growth opportunities (where the company’s market penetration is well below that in the U.S.). That she served in the Obama Administration is completely irrelevant from an investor and market standpoint.

      Netflix’s success is not accidental. Coincidence is not the reason companies become great, build industry leading positions, etc.

  26. I used netflix years ago when you ordered DVD’s, received them in the mail and sent them back. I remember also receiving money from a class action lawsuit filed against them back in 2011. It had to do with subscription fees. I dumped them long ago and with the obamas’ association with them, no thank you netflix.

  27. I don’t mind the few dollar rate increase and I only watch the movies I want to see. Their downfall with losing customers is hiring a lying treasonous thug name of oliar.

  28. Almost certainly, political developments and the company’s response to those developments had an insignificant role in the Q2 outcome. In terms of the company’s structural dynamics, events related to Georgia are not even a factor.

    If they were, one would expect to see continued suppressed subscriber growth in the U.S., as opinions on basic social issues don’t rapidly fluctuate from one position to the opposite. Instead, U.S. subscriber growth has been rebounding in the early weeks of Q3.

    Relevant excerpts from the company’s letter to shareholders:

    Our missed forecast was across all regions, but slightly more so in regions with price increases. We don’t believe competition was a factor since there wasn’t a material change in the competitive landscape during Q2, and competitive intensity and our penetration is varied across regions (while our over-forecast was in every region). Rather, we think Q2’s content slate drove less growth in paid net adds than we anticipated. Additionally, Q1 was so large for us (9.6m net adds), there may have been more pull-forward effect than we realized. In prior quarters with over-forecasts, we’ve found that the underlying long-term growth was not affected and staying focused on the fundamentals of our business served us well…

    While our US paid membership was essentially flat in Q2, we expect it to return to more typical growth in Q3, and are seeing that in these early weeks of Q3.

  29. I would love to think it was because of their political choices, which are many and one sided. However, I think it is just simple economics. Their rates are approaching ridiculous levels given that their content and level of service is unimproved over the last few hikes. For what? 7 episodes of Stranger Things? I mean, I guess if you want b-level content, leftist documentaries, and uncensored comedy routines – then Netflix is your bag.

    This won’t bode well for them as the market is changing. A La Carte custom content is still a $10 per month expense proposition, as most consumers will take in 2-5 different flavors of it. If everybody goes nuts and starts charging $20 or more for theirs, then the economics don’t work and people drift back to buying their entertainment in bulk.

  30. I think Amazon offers much better original programming. the man in the high castle, Bosch, and Goliath to name just a few.
    Netflix doesn’t have any good movies and only a few decent original series like Ozarks.
    If I didn’t have three kids all over Netflix, I’d cancel. I don’t need it. For three people, however, it is a value for the amount of time they use it and stay out of trouble….

  31. File sharing offers every Netflix show, and bunches of others. I don’t need to support the Left’s baby killing agenda.

  32. I’m really not sure why there seems to be almost celebratory attitude when companies such as Netflix experience setbacks. Netflix employs more than 7,000 people (a number that increased by almost 30% last year). It has created a lot of wealth for its shareholders (market capitalization above $140 billion). Consumers are free to do business or not to do business with Neflix. There’s no need to laud setbacks.

    On the speculation that Disney’s move toward becoming a direct competitor will significantly damage Netflix, that scenario is not currently the baseline idea among Investment analysts. For example, the June 2019 analyst report from Piper Jaffray stated:

    Netflix has significant room to grow subscribers based on various ways of slicing the company’s total addressable market (TAM)…

    Netflix leads a category that contains material multi-year growth potential. As consumer content dollars shift from traditional TV to streaming, we think the market will support multiple players, with Netflix leading the way. In other words, despite new services on the horizon from Disney, NBC and Apple (and probably others), we expect minimal impact to Netflix subscriber addition and retention.

    Key points:

    1. Netflix still has “significant room” to grow
    2. The industry has space for competitors

    1. Netflix built this.

      Susan Rice sits on the Netfix board.
      Barry and the Wookie signed a multi million dollar deal to provide “content”.

      Those are the reasons why Netflix is experiencing mass cancelations.

      1. For all my disagreement with Dr. Rice on foreign policy–and I believe her sweeping “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine goes well beyond both the national interest and limitations of the use of power–she is a great asset on the Netflix Board. She has an enormous number of international contacts. This is a hugely valuable resource for a company that is pursuing international growth and in which it has tremendous room to grow internationally.

          1. No. There’s an enormous difference between policy differences and hateful ideology (white supremacism).

    2. ‘I’m really not sure why there seems to be almost celebratory attitude when companies such as Netflix experience setbacks.’ I honestly don’t think anyone here would be happy for people to lose their jobs. Their reaction was directed at the leftist actions of Netflix. On the other hand, if Netflix were to decide to move to another state or out of the country, they wouldn’t be so concerned as you are with the disagreements here.

  33. In MSM speak they call it a slow down.
    According the Neilson ratings it’s called their ratings are tanking and they are experiencing mass subscription cancelations.

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