Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy explains to Glenn Beck why he refused to pay grazing fees to the feds

Cliven Bundy spoke to Glenn Beck this morning and explained why he refused to pay grazing fees to the federal government:

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56 thoughts on “Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy explains to Glenn Beck why he refused to pay grazing fees to the feds

  1. Bundy’s family has been grazing on that state land since 1877. There is a precedent here that the feds are ignoring in their effort to take over and use the land to the benefit of themselves and their cronies.

  2. The pencil pushers hiding behind the 50 cal snipers are planning their next attack.
    The Bundys need really good cameras every where they go and outfit them all over the ranch.
    Sorry, I do not trust the government, they lie.

  3. Says Reid, ‘It’s not over.’ That’s right, it’s not over, it’s just beginning. He won’t like the way it ends.

  4. Think we’ve not been here before? This is the Marxists’ play book.

    In early 1943 employees of Montgomery Ward went on strike in seven cities: Jamaica, New York; Detroit; Chicago; St. Paul; Denver; San Rafael, California and Portland, Oregon. Wards stood their ground and refused to recognize or capitulate to the union thugs

    On April 26, 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered U.S. Army troops to storm and seize Wards’ corporate offices in Chicago. Yes, you read that correctly. FDR deployed the Army against Americans on American soil , physically captured occupied their property and even had Wards’ chairman, Sewell Avery, forcibly carried out of his office by US Army troops.
    Read it all here

    1. So much we don’t know, sDee. Thanks for posting this. I like to read Ann’s commentary but haven’t visited her site for awhile. This was a good read.

    2. Hey… would that be the same FDR that interned all those Japanese folks? Why I’m shocked! Shocked, I say.

    3. And that would be the same FDR who waged war on the Navaho by killing their sheep and burying them in mass graves.

      Progressive democrats have been, and always will be un-American totalitarians, strengthening the state, and limiting individual rights.

  5. The Bundy’s didn’t pay their grazing fees and Al Sharpton didn’t pay his taxes.
    Look how both are treated.

  6. It’s times like this when I get ticked off at Beck’s narcissistic interpretation and his wrongful constitutional conclusions. Cliven Bundy has WON, the BLM and federal officers are in retreat. And Glenn, the Fed’s are negotiating with Mr. Bundy to resolve the issue regarding paying the grazing fees.

    Beck, like the Paul’s, believe there’s only one way to interpret the Constitution – their’s.

      1. Seriously? – your proof is a redacted email from an alleged lawyer published on an unknown blog with no credibility? And I made no assumptions; just posted the facts.

        Nevada rancher standoff turns on a states’ rights debatep

        “Bureau of Land Management spokesman Craig Leff said the agency would continue to try to resolve the matter involving rancher Cliven Bundy “administratively and judicially.” Bundy owes more than $1 million in grazing fees, according to the bureau.

        “The door isn’t closed. We’ll figure out how to move forward with this,” he said Sunday. He declined to comment on possible options.”

        Please reply with facts from credible websites or don’t bother.

        1. I must disabuse you of your assessment regarding GatesofVienna as an “unknown blog.” Unknown to you, perhaps. I was trying to enlighten you with information you haven’t come across yet; more’s the pity that you prefer to discount it merely because the blog in question is NEW to you. Time will tell which of us has a better bead on the reality of the story.

          1. Fine, please don’t waste my time any longer and enjoy your enlightenment of spoon fed dolts.

  7. I just read this:

    The plot thickens and at the same time becomes clear: Corporate interests and cronyism fuel the land grab (as if we didn’t know), having the blessing of environmentalist stalwarts who can’t be bothered to lament the frying of millions of birds (solar panels) or grinding them up (wind farms). First Solar and General Electric have much to answer for.

    The tortoise wins and the birds lose, among others.

  8. I tuned in Glenn Beck for about six minutes this afternoon. It was all I could stand.

    He was in “Run backward two steps as fast as you can” mode again.

    He spent that entire segment railing (and I mean *vehemently*) against the people out in Nevada who were in the crowd assembled to respond to the Feds. He basically was using this as a way to hammer Alex Jones as a provocateur, without naming the guy explicitly.

    He started quoting The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as though a civil rights activist leading a minority group (in an effort to get some legitimate recognition under the law) is remotely the same as an entire country being overtaken by totalitarianism. That’s a nice moral equivalence you have there, Mr. Beck.

    I wouldn’t blame black Americans for being insulted that you think their particular struggle was the same as the Colonists who rebelled against King George. It’s an entirely different kind of problem, and it requires an entirely different approach. Marches and protests aren’t going to do it.

    Look, Mr. Beck, we know there are nut jobs who like to stir up sh*t. Occasionally you play one on TV. And Jones is, in fact, a scurrilous human being. But that does NOT mean he was wrong to make a huge deal over this.

    And thanks loads for casting aspersions on everyone there because it was not an organized response. I’m sure they appreciate your support. Especially the comments about not having God in their hearts (or whatever point you were trying to make).

    These people have had enough!

    The fact is, we might have fifteen or more years of this kind of crap, some of it involving armed conflict, casualties and imprisonment. It could be two more decades before real statesmen take some responsibility and bring a clear, unequivocal case against this long train of abuses.

    The Colonists put up with this kind of tyranny for a *very* long time before 1776. The Revolutionary war wasn’t merely the result of events in Boston that one week in December of 1773. The buildup to the Civil War featured many similar kinds of angry outbursts and small rebellions, including violence within the halls of Congress.

    Yes, we DO need men with cool heads who keep their wits about them, but for for the love of God and country, stop giving comfort to the other side, all because you don’t really trust the people on your own side.

    Your constant forays into cheerleading, followed by hectoring of those who put themselves on the line to make the effort has gotten old.

    These times call for men of persistent vision, who help channel the peoples’ focus on the goal, not men who fear their own success and constantly disperse any energy they manage to apply to the mission.

    Mr. Beck, you have a chance to be a force for good, but you cannot be a force at all if your entire method involves a strange game of “Mother, May I.” Get some consistency, or just get out of the way, please.

    1. Thanks for the info. I have been a subscriber to the blaze since its inception. Cancelling it RIGHT NOW! I heard him this morning snickering and his snide holier than thou pissed me to no end. He’s been screaming for a GHANDI and Martin Luther King Moment and he missed it because of his hate fest for Jones. Jones can be an idiot at times…but guess what…Glenn is being one right now!!

    2. I tuned in as well, and his first segment (Glenn preaching about peace, yada, yada) really ticked me off. I almost unsubscribed. BUT, his next 2 guests were extremely interesting. I’ve been scratching my head all weekend trying to figure out HOW the feds got their hands on so much land.

      What I gathered from both interviews is, under Reagan there was legislation passed that mandated the fed’s return Fed land back to the states (BLM was set up to arrange the legal transfer transactions). It also stated that the “policing” function be contracted to local sheriffs and was specific regarding grazing rights. Currently many of the states are trying to FORCE the issue.

      Both segments were VERY informative! The first was a state legislator from Utah, and the second was the County Commissioner from Elko, NV. The best info I’ve heard since last week.

      1. Yeah, I’ll still maintain my subscription, because of those informative moments. And God bless ‘im for that. But to keep my remaining hair in place, I just have to turn it off every time I see his mug.

        1. It was his TV show. If you watch the archived, you can fast forward to around 29 min. First was UT state rep. Mike Noel who’s been fighting this; then Demar Dahl, Elko NV country commissioner.

          Great info, great history lesson. It’s a must watch!!!

          1. Thanks Maxine. I will definitely watch it. I admit to a bias toward the rancher knowing that everyone else has been driven away. It has happened to many of the ranchers in my old stomping grounds also. The land grab must be stopped. I applaud his guts even though he might have gone about it differently. Hind sight is always more clear than looking ahead.
            It’s a hell of a note that the environazis are using our money to take everything we have. (I read Glenn’s article on theblaze yesterday and was sorely disappointed with his take on this. He acts like he is a real cattle rancher and understands the business. Yeah right. It’s the first time that I have been so disgusted with him that I nearly pulled the plug. Occasionally he annoys me with something but I really dislike it when he spouts off about something truly important that he knows little or nothing of. That’s my rant.

            1. And a good rant it was! He really ticked me off on this one. My grandpa was a rancher in southern AZ. The last thing Glenn is, is a rancher. There was so much information in the 2 segments I mentioned, I spent the afternoon doing more research on my own.

              There’s a reason we are ticked, scared and why people understand the need to stand (with arms if necessary) alongside our fellow citizens.

              1. My Dad had a ranch in Montana but lost it during the drought years in the early 50’s. We moved to Wyoming when I was young and he had a small farm and ran a small herd but he was always a big cattleman at heart. My avatar is in honor of and out of respect for my bronco bustin’ Dad who had real grit but a soft heart for his 6 girls.

    3. I’m not a big Beck fan, but I think he is frightened that an anti govt person will do something violent and he will be blamed because the guy was a Beck fan. I see all this as Beck putting it on tape (referencing Jesus, MLK, Ghandi, etc.) so he can roll it later when/if something bad happens….just a CYA move by Glenn as I see it.

      1. Exactly. And I’m sure that was Martin Luther King and Ghandi’s motivation too. sarc/
        “Mr. Principles and moral high ground” has lost his in Bundy’s dust.
        He talks about the courage and principle of George Washington yet he has neither when the day comes to put it in action!

    4. At least Beck talked about the situation on his radio show. Rush Limbaugh STILL hasn’t mentioned it on his show. He’s too busy talking about Stephen Colbert, the Jay Carney family, and those damn Rush Revere books he wrote. Pitiful.

      1. I confess I almost never get a chance to hear Rush. Perhaps 30minutes worth so far this year. Most of that via clips online!

      2. Rush covered Bundy early last week. But I agree about the books, I’m happy for his success with the kids but it’s becoming tiresome.

    5. I stopped watching Glenn Beck long ago. He’s OK for a while, and then things start getting contorted, and unstable. Enough!

    6. It seems to me that ever since Beck went up to the mountain, he has come back as the Dali Lama, at least with his make love, not war attitude.

      I don’t know if someone scared him off, if he is just covering his a$$, or he has just given up the fight. At any rate, it’s not the same Beck as from the old days.

      I hope it’s not all that money that makes him back off from making solid stands any more. It’s pretty sad.

      1. Good point.

        The money might do that. I’ve seen so many cases where wealthy conservatives prefer to sound more like George Will than Mark Levin. Something about having a lot to lose probably makes them scared.

        That could help explain why so few serious, movie “executive producers” are wealthy Republicans.

        Mel Gibson had a major score with his conservative-themed movies, and appeared poised to become a movie making titan, but instead he climbed into a bottle and rolled into a dark corner somewhere.

        1. When I tune Beck in, I always feel like he’s lecturing me. And when he’s doing his ensemble comedy routines with his crew I feel like I’m listening to a clique I’m excluded from listening to in jokes I’m not privy to.

          1. That’s true. I used to tune in expecting to learn stuff, like when David Barton was on and they’d expose history that has been overlooked for hundreds of years. Now I only tune in about once a week, just to see what they are discussing (not to really listen to the discussion).

            Unfortunately out of every ten times I try tuning in to see what the topic is, four times it’s Beck preaching like Bill and Ted to “be excellent to each other,” five times it’s ten minutes of inside jokes about Stu’s shirt, Pat’s weird diet, or Glenn’s hair, and if I’m lucky, one time will be an actual event or person in the news.

            1. Whew! It’s not just me then. But I’m a bit of a wackjob alky myself, I may put some people off also.

    1. The feds are taking over. I know, too simplistic, but it’s part of my ironic nature.

  9. As I’ve asked elsewhere, why is Harry Reid so anxious to have land confiscated and given over to Chinese interests? Glenn Beck should invest his time and considerable resources into finding out the answer to this question. The details surrounding the pretext for the land grab are distractions: the desert tortoise habitat, the minutiae of the law that can and will be twisted to benefit elite interests. The real story is that Reid went out of his way to confiscate land and give it to his Chinese “friends.” What does he owe them that he would do this?

    1. This coming from a law skirting, hypocritical, self serving, dirty low down politician punk a$$ weasel makes my eyes bleed.

  10. Wouldn’t it be nice if our Congress made a law that says the federal government may not own any land within any state. Any operations necessary for the federal government within a sovereign state (other than military) should be done on property they rent or lease from private property owners.

    1. We do, it’s called the Constitution Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17. The Feds are restricted to land within 10 miles of DC. Pretty simple huh… UNfortunately we don’t teach civics and US history in school anymore.and that’s why everyone is debating this. It’s very clear.

      1. Great minds think alike! 😉 However I am embarrassed for not knowing what the first great minds had already put in the Constitution.

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