Never Forget: Remembering 9/11 In Photos

I spent the better part of last night looking for an old newspaper I had saved from the morning after 9/11. It had a photo of the burning World Trade Towers on it with people jumping out of windows to escape the fiery furnace that it had become. Just thinking of the horror of that day brings me to tears.

Unfortunately I couldn’t locate the paper, but I do still have these photos that I put on a CD and saved. It’s a tough reminder of what happened that day, but one that we should absolutely never forget:

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103 thoughts on “Never Forget: Remembering 9/11 In Photos

  1. Great job. Thanks Scoop !
    Like many can testify that day about their experience, I remember exactly where I was when the news broke over the radio in my truck. About the time I was able to get to a TV, the second jet hit the other tower. I cancelled all work that day and went home and spent the entire day in front of the television in shock of what just happened.
    It’s a hell of a lot more than “some people did something” Omar !

  2. When 9/11 happened, one of my first thoughts was, “Thank you, Lord for allowing Bush to be President”, given all of the general election mess going on with Algore.

    What a terrible, terrible day. As Bush said in his interview (it played on National Geographic last night), that the terrorists inflicted pain on America, but they were never going to win.

    Praying that something like that will never happen again.

    1. To this day, I am still grateful for President George W. Bush, Governor George Pataki, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani. 3 fine leaders who showed real leadership during a national crisis.

    2. I thought exactly that. We legitimately lay blame at the foot of the frivolous, unserious Democrats/Clinton for this tragedy.

  3. The moment is forever sealed in my mind. I went to the drug store up the street and I had the radio on when the second plane hit. I called hubby and said something is terribly wrong. He said he just saw the planes hit. An awful scar in the history of all our lives.

    This is exactly why the mechanic that sabotaged that American airliner needs to have greater accountability and exposed.

    1. Yes, Liberty, I so agree with you. I cannot believe that this story is not a major news story. If we ignore this, they may yet again strike.

  4. May this horrible day and the 2,977 who lost their lives that day at the hands of evil and the many more first responders who subsequently succumbed never be forgotten. May the nation also never lose sight of the principles–its freedoms–that distinguish it to this day.

  5. I was in high school in NJ as I watched from the roof of school the towers burning. I remember the chaos and panic we all felt.
    I can’t believe it’s 18 years but those memories are still vary raw. Sadly, many Americans have forgotten over the years what radical Islam did to us on that day.

    1. Well stated! Radical Islam is the root of the evilness that we fight every day. Those who minimize its treachery by calling it otherwise are as guilty as the TERRORISTS themselves. We must fight on..every day to keep what we have.

    2. “Some people did something.”

      Charlie Kirk, turning Point USA, has a great video on his Instagram stories. He interviewed first responders of 9/11 and their reactions to the comment above. It’s worth finding to watch. Now, let’s all go hug a first responder.

  6. It still hurts my heart as much now as it did then. It is a tear in the fabric of out lives each and every day still. We do remember. The three thousand of that horrible day. All our troops, all the first responders who died then and are still dying today. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

  7. Sealed in memory forever…kids were 1st and 4th graders in Virginia, and I was in Md. about to go to the Pentagon West Wing to deliver a briefing on N. Africa terrorism, when my supervisor stopped me in the lobby and said look up..the others were waiting for me in the car outside, but I had to go to the bathroom for fear of getting stuck in traffic. That bathroom stop delayed us and everyone was turned out saving us..the smell of jet aviation fuel in my backyard lasted for a very long mistakable smell, and the black smoke, like oil fields burning in the first Desert Storm. Our freedom, life, and liberty is always under attack, it’s to what degree we fight back that determines if we get to keep whats rightfully ours.

  8. It was an awful day. Our son had left for school and my husband and I were both getting ready for work. He was listening to the radio and told me he just heard a plane hit the WTC. At first I thought it was an accident. Then, I went downstairs and turned on the TV and saw the 2nd plane hit. We stood in front of the TV and we knew this country had been attacked.

    I was late to the sales meeting but didn’t miss anything because when I got there everyone was sitting around the table talking about what had just happened. We closed the office early that day, my husband’s place of work did too and they closed the school where our son went and we spent the rest of the day in front of the TV.

    We later found out that the father of one of our son’s friends was one of the heroes of Flight 93. Tragic indeed. 🙁

    It was our generation’s “Day of Infamy”.

  9. Psalm 91:1

    Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
    will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

    Praying for America. #NEVERFORGET

  10. I long for the day after 9-11 when Americans from all walks of life came together including those in Congress to share in our grief .

    1. We all should walk again together and two enemies Tlaib and Omar should walk away and/or be escorted out of Congress. Today would be a good day to do that!

  11. I remember having just arrived at work, and my coworker had dragged a tv into his office and was watching it live. We stood watching in horror as the second plane hit.

    I also remember we had a meeting later that day and the boss and the presenter pressed on as though nothing had happened. It made me sick to my stomach, and I quit working there as soon as I could.

  12. If you turn to Fox News, they are scrolling the names of responders who have passed. This is part of the continuing horror of 9/11.

    1. The MSM has hardly mentioned it, then called it “an event in history”..and moved onto the vaping crisis. Thats how Anti-American they are….not one was remembering it.

  13. The “Legacy Class” of the FDNY will be graduating with 19 whose parents died in the collapse of the towers.

  14. All of those on the left who believe that “SOME PEOPLE DID SOMETHING” is an appropriate description of this heinous act should be confined to a room with the above scenes played endlessly.

    1. Yes, and in response it is time for us to DO SOMETHING and remove the Scum Squad from Congress. Tlaib and Omar should be stripped of the American citizenship.

  15. May He forever keep blessing America…that she will continue to be a beacon of freedom and a shining example of what life can really be…I pray for our Country, that she will persevere against those who would undermine her brilliance and Divine destiny… God bless you all.

  16. The whole thing is still too fresh in my mind. I’m not ready for a look at photos or watching any documentaries. But I wanted to stop by to honor the victims, the first responders, and all who participated in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    May God bless them all.

  17. I remembr how horrific that day was. And I remember how united the country felt right afterward.

    Now it’s “some people did something”. Wow.

    1. I well remember far too many guests on Larry King invited on to blame President Bush for his attack on America. We choose to remember that we were united but as always there was an underbelly blames us.U.S. And then came the crazies denying that the plane actually hit the Pentagon.

    2. After the shock…….the manipulation started and we opened the doors to invasion. The enemy is crossing daily through open borders and right now sitting in Congress. All was planned, the timing was planned…..we accepted a useless war, lost our loved ones here and abroad and we are upon to lose our country!

  18. Considering I lived and worked right across… I could never forget. Still haunts me at times.

    God bless those who suffered greatly and are still suffering

    1. We no longer have a moment of silence at work on 9/11. I logged out , hung up and went outside to stand under the flag (we do still fly that at work) for a few moments. There were a few others out there but not as many as I would have liked to see.

    2. Obama did a great job brainwashing us and many believe today that We The American People are bad, racists and islamophob. We need to get out of this mental manipulation and fight to get our country back.

  19. May God rest their souls and may He comfort those who mourn their losses. Let us never forget this day or the rabid ideology of the Islamonazis who carried it out. We allow them to walk among us at our own peril. I don’t give a damn whether they like it or not, we should be profiling every stinking one of them who resides in the U S. NEVER AGAIN!!

  20. Scoop, I’m glad you weren’t able to find that photo because that was the worst one. I remember seeing those jumping to their death. That day changed everything in this country. On that day I remember I was watching Fox & Friends and fixin to head out the door, when they came on about an airplane hitting the towers. At the time, if I recall, they thought it was a small airplane. Then I watched the second airplane come in and hit the building and I knew then it was an attack.

  21. On KCMO this morning, Mundo had a number of callers who had been at or near ground zero. One was an engineer with the Port Authority. He said that he was just below the first impact, which knocked him down. He took his people down a stairwell he knew was reinforced and when the announcement came for everyone to go back to work, he said, “No, take the day off and come back tomorrow.” He said that when they got outside, they couldn’t look up because of the people jumping and not down because of the body parts on the ground. All in a matter-of-fact voice, never referred to how many people he saved or his own heroism.

    1. I think I am too. Then I was shocked and grief-stricken.

      Now I’m furious that somehow the perpetrators of the horror have been able to make themselves the “victims” and if we protest then we are “Islamophobic”. To which I usually reply – “Hell yes”!

  22. I had the opportunity to visit ground zero last summer. It was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had, particularly listening to the voicemails victims left their families. If you can, please visit…..every American should.

  23. I had just woken up in my midtown apartment in Ventura, CA. I turned off my alarm clock, went to the bathroom, then went to the front door to grab the morning paper. As I bent down to pick up the paper, my phone rings. It’s my oldest sister, very emotional. I’m confused, asking her to tell me what’s wrong. She says, “You don’t know??? Turn on the TV! Turn on your TV right now!”

    And I begin to see all of what happened up to that point. I witness the rebroadcast of the first tower in flames and smoke. Then I see the rebroadcast of the second plane hitting the second tower. I remember saying at that moment to my sister over the phone, “We’re at war, Val. One plane is an accident. Two planes is an attack.” I hear about the plane at the Pentagon. I hear about the plane over my home state of PA. Then the towers started to collapse.

    “We’re at war.”

    Everyone showed up to work late that day, stunned, in shock, focused only on what had happened that morning and what will soon happen next for the country. The company I worked for sent everyone back home.

    That morning was a very surreal moment in time. One that has permanently been carved into my heart, mind, body and soul.

    I was forever changed.

    I will never forget

  24. I’m sure that all of you here, like me, remember exactly where you were when the planes hit those towers and the absolute dread when the second plane hit and there was no doubt that we were witnessing a horrendous terror attack. I knew that day, Osama Bin Laden’s name, because my boss at the time had been a Vietnam helicopter pilot and was still in contact with his friends in the military. He said “Osama Bin Laden did this.” And later it was confirmed.

    At the time, I worked at a travel agency in a corporate building that overlooked the runways at MSP airport. All landings flew directly over our building and it was eerie watching these foreign airliners fly over us with tails we had never seen land at MSP. These planes were from all over the world but were being grounded one after the other. The days following, we were so busy trying to help our passengers get home from wherever they were. Let me tell you, us travel agents showed our worth those following days. We waived all fees and just tried to get people home, whether it was a car rental, bus booking and we even had a client buy a car and drive home. When the airlines began flying again, it was pandemonium trying to get people re-booked on flights. Our clients would call us standing in the long lines at the airports and we would re-book them on flights as they stood in line.

    My life changed those following weeks and on October 1st I was laid off because no one was traveling those first months after the attacks. What we were back then, and are now today has changed 180 degrees. It saddens me how divided we are now when on 9/12, we were all one country, one people, supporting each other, loving each other, crying with each other. What will it take for us to get back to E Pluribus Unum? Out of many, one? I will never forget.

  25. NEVER FORGET who attacked us on 9-11… The murderers were Islamists practicing Islam. Their war cry: “Allahu Akbar.”


    1. I thought that Budweiser tribute was touching and perfect. Too bad politicians and media types haven’t the class of a Beer company and horses.

  26. My family and I took a trip to D.C. almost a year ago and visited the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. It was a surreal experience. The weather was appropriate as it was rainy and a bit cold. We walked around and reallly didn’t say much. You couldn’t, it was so overwhelming. They did a very good job putting that together. I think every American should make a point to visit. May we never forget.

  27. I remember when America was unified for like 60-72 hours, in a moment of undeniable clarity. That was pretty neat.

    Then the denial set back in and everyone went back to their narratives and conbiases.

  28. “Today I am here to respond to you exactly who did what to whom,” said Haros Jr., who sported a shirt with Omar’s words and was met with some applause from a crowd of families and relatives who had gathered for the ceremony. “Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done. There is no uncertainty about that. Why your confusion?”

    He continued: “On that day 19 Islamic terrorists, members of Al Qaeda, killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage. Is that clear?”

    As Haros Jr. spoke, he was just steps away from the site of the former World Trade Center’s south tower — where his 76-year-old mother, Frances, walked into work one pleasant Tuesday morning and never returned home.

  29. Half this country has forgotten. Open borders to let any and all in this country. The shameful way congress has acted, with the terrorist infiltrating the democrat party. The fear to say a cross word about radical Muslims. Still waiting to see a moderate Muslim, haven’t seen one yet. We go through this one day, the media and their cronies, and then they’re back to forgetting.

    1. I wonder what the Scum Squad is going to say today or if they are going to be so kind and give us a break for 24 hours to mourn the victims.

  30. BING has their daily photo today of the memorial for Flight 93 that crashed in a field in Shanksville, PA.

  31. The pictures are surreal but the pain is real. We went to war and now the enemy is sitting in Congress. How could we so soon forget? We were supposed to never forget September 11!
    As for my part there is a Susitna before and after 9/11. God bless the U.S.A. God bless all the victims and families. And we have to thank God for Donald J. Trump.

  32. I also remember exactly where I was as that horrible day unfolded. Never forget indeed because they will keep trying to do this. God bless our troops, and God bless America. I was thankful to see that the flags were at half-mast today. Families are still suffering from this.

  33. I did not have TV or radio on this day, but my best friend called to tell me what was happening and I ran to her house and sat glued to the TV. I had Direct TV installed in my house that day so I could continue watching. Hubby was working off shore at that time, which only added to my distress. One of the worst days of my life on so many fronts, yet still nothing compared to thousands of others.

  34. Is that the day something happened and somebody did something?

    That brought a little tearing in my eyes. Unexpected after 18 years so I guess it’s still raw. I’d nuke the bastards today even…Taliban and all.

    1. Without a second’s hesitation Kong. Nuke them all. But we cannot do that – the new PC diplomacy dictates that we need to be more understanding and invite the bas**rds to our country to negotiate a “peace”. There is and will never be peace as long as any one of these jihadists lives.

  35. I had just landed in Paris that morning. It was surreal to learn and feel trapped in a foreign country. With just CNN to watch at the hotel, I knew there was something missing but what wasn’t avoidable were the Parisians. They were unsympathetic and nasty. In the Arab northern quarter, you could walk through the stalls of the market and see and hear the jubilant Arabs saying in French that Americans deserved this and death to Americans. French gendarmes stood amiably by chatting among themselves. There were stranded American employees anxious and scared who had no place to stay since the hotels wouldn’t extend their reservations. But the plane trip home was worse. DeGaulle airport delayed our flight while we stood huddled together waiting to see that we passed Interpol and then frisked and sent through detectors. One poor guy stood in front of 300 hundred passengers reduced to his boxer shorts. I have never returned to France and never will.

    1. My son was in Spain, I couldn’t get a hold of him it was one of the worst things ever… he was stuck in Spain.

  36. I was in basic training at FT Benning, Georgia, running around with a M-16 affixed with a bayonet, on a muddy obstacle course.

    I was running, climbing walls, crawling under wire, all the while being screamed at by Army Ranger Drill Sergeants.

    All of a sudden our training stopped and everyone was gathered around. We were a bunch of exhausted recruits from all over America. All shades and stripes from all over the country. White, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. California, New York, Montana, Pennsylvania etc.

    The yelling stopped, they calmly asked us to raise our hands if any of us were from New York and Pennsylvania. A handful of hands went up. We hadn’t watched tv or used the phone in weeks.

    The Chaplain showed up and those that raised their hands were allowed to call their families. The whole time I had no idea what had occurred. I thought the whole thing was a military exercise and this was part of the training.

    Eventually we all were allowed to watch a little television and that’s when it hit us. The country was just attacked! Our training became even more intense and serious after that.

    God bless this country….

    1. That sounds horrible! I am not sure if I agree with the way that was handled. Bless all of you.

  37. I didn’t know this next shocking news about the 9/11 “mastermind” Khalid sheikh Mohammed. Heard from Judge Napolitano that this AH has NOT yet been tried for the 3,000 deaths. Our government screwed up apparently. This AH gets a trial and afforded lawyers, and all the protections an American citizen gets! Sometime in the next two years, I only caught the tail end of the discussion. Can you believe that BS? I tried to get y’all the details of the show he was on but my WiFi is goofy. He was on Shepard Smith on Fox, (I know he’s worthless), but the information was mind boggling.

    1. Saw it, Fubar. Sat here on my sofa, just shocked. And it was reported he is charged w/ murder of over three thousand people, and may face the death penalty. That, right there, is what’s WRONG w/ this country!!

  38. If this were a completely different article on a completely different day that “Welcome to Manhattan” pic would be funny in a different context.

  39. I will never forget the day. Being from there, growing up around there and walking through there as a kid (family member worked in the building). Also walking past it to the path train to visit a grandparent.

    Was getting ready to leave and go through that area from Jersey City at said grandparent place, near the water. I was on my way to finish late registration for college and right before I left, we heard a loud bang. Figured it was construction across the street. However we soon found out it wasn’t and I’d never be able to get across the Hudson that day.

    Fortunately, God set my mind to leave after 9AM that day and avoid the crowd, having accepted salvation earlier that year.

    Will never forget seeing all that smoke and all the people standing there watching.

    Funny enough, I was on a plane a week later visiting friends and deciding to move away from the city.

  40. First crash – an awful pilot error?
    The second crash – that is when we all knew this was no mistake.
    Then we stayed glued to the media.

    That is also when Joe Biden had his finest hour – he stayed behind to be a public face of our government, when everyone else went underground.

  41. I was working from home that day. I surfed over to a computer forum only to hear about the plane going into the twin towers. I turned on the TV to see the first tower go down. When the second plane hit, that’s when I knew were were under attack.

    I remember vividly calling my parents and telling my dad we were under attack. He hadn’t turned on the TV that morning. As we were talking, the Pentagon was attacked. Like everyone else I felt like I was in shock for weeks afterwards.

    1. Yeah that feeling for weeks afterward, I remember thinking I never realized how WWII must have felt to those who lived it, a constant a sense of dread.

      I think I thought everyone loved us out there, that sure some people in the Middle East chanted death to America, but that was the only thing they could do to express themselves in corrupt nations… but after, I knew those chants meant they really hate us.

      They might drink Coke and watch our movies, but deep down they hate us. That was an eye opener for me.

  42. I just remember complete confusion. The news didn’t know what happened. No one knew exactly what happened or why. I recall saying to my mom, “Weren’t there two buildings?” as I watched the news. Then saying, “Well, there’s one now.”. Then later, local coverage of Shanksville. So much coverage of Shanksville. No answers. Just film and speculation. So many of our military were dead men/women walking that day. Then it hit that my b-i-l was Air Force and something HAD to be done and that something was going to include him. My sadness turns to deep anger when I see these photos. How they must love looking at them. So triumphant in their insanity. THAT makes me angrier.

    1. Don’t forget we also have what Mark Levin calls Code Pink Republicans – those like Rand Paul.

      Mark is on fire right now and he is holding no punches. He is swinging and swinging hard. Rand Paul is on his radar screen but he is now going to talk about the State Department announcing that the President will meet with the President of Iran with no pre-conditions. Just like he did with that pot-belly pig of a man in N.K. and look where that has gotten us. Outrageous.

  43. The NYT wrote an offensive, anti-American Tweet today, blaming jets for 9/11/01 instead of islamic terrorists…then the NYT recanted due to backlash…SERIOUSLY YOU ARE BACKING DOWN BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE HAVE CORRECTED YOU AGAIN, NYT??? You feckless worms! HYPOCRITES!!! If you believe something, stick with it you twits!

    Does it bother anyone else, as it does me, that every year on 9/11, the MSM and a bunch of disingenuous politicians lament that horrible day, 9/11/01, when terrorists attacked our nation (or as the NYT alludes, empty jets), then they spend the other 364 days of the year pandering to CAIR, Iran, Congressional mooslums and other islamofascists, calling US islamophobes if REAL Americans do not cave to evil like they do?

    Again…to most all media and politicians….You feckless worms! HYPOCRITES!!!

  44. 18 years, and America still allows the enemy to walk among us. Did we learn nothing? We remain at war with the ‘death cult of islam’ – and the threat continues to grow, every day. Never forget – and never let your guard down.

    1. Unfortunately, Bosco, it looks like too many have not only forgotten but are true believers of the Bernie Sanders/Rand Paul type of foreign policy.

      Over 3,000 lives lost that day and thousands more from the effects of Ground Zero and the War and the President’s State Department was going to host The Taliban at Camp David. Playing “nice” with terrorists. If Obama had attempted to do this, conservatives would rightfully have had a meltdown. Now, we are being told that a man who understands this enemy and had problems with this typical deep state diplomacy is the problem. How truly dangerous and infuriating.

    2. Not only do they walk among us; it STILL blows me away that we elect them to write and pass federal law. Just wake me up when this is over….

  45. It’s really shocking that the left actually does seem to have forgotten. It’s like it never happened for them.

    They were right about some things though… giving too much power to the CIA/FBI/NSA is very dangerous.

  46. Part of me wants to never watch that footage again… and part of me knows that if we don’t watch it, we will forget. And nearly a whole generation was too young or has been born and they have no idea how it really felt.

  47. Martha MacCallum opened her show with a video clip of George W throwing out the first pitch at The World Series, October 2001 in New York City. Despite my differences with him, he stood on the pitcher’s mound and threw the ball like a bullet straight to the catcher at home plate. Interesting side note, the Secret Service insisted he wear a 40lb. flak jacket underneath his wind breaker.

  48. I will never forget what happened on 9//11….burned in my brain is a newscaster saying it’s “raining bodies”! When they hit the second tower and news of two more hijacked planes were missing I looked at my son and said “We are at war!!” May God bless all Americans, the dead and their loved ones, and the living Americans due to circumstances that have to endure the consequences of that day…may we never turn our backs on our enemies again!

  49. The most poignant, most moving video about 9-11 is a documentary by a pair of French brothers who were originally making a documentary about a rookie firefighter in NYFD. In one shot, they swing the camera up as you hear the loud plane flying low and catch it hitting the first tower. They caught it all first hand and continue to follow the firefighters as they go into action.

    If you were young during 9-11 or didn’t see this, it’s well worth watching.

  50. Reading down thread all day, one very obvious thing to me is that nearly everyone had the same feeling when the second plane hit. It’s so awful and painful all over again.

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