NEVER HAPPENED: Trump blasts MSM trying to spread stink of Biden balloon failure to him

Now that the spy balloon has finally and too late been shot down after its task was complete, the MSM are working overtime to try to patch things up for the pathetic president by stroking his head and saying “hey it’s no big, it happens to every guy once in a while.” Or every president. Or specifically Trump.

An article was published at Forbes that linked to other MSM articles, each one quoting the same lame vague comments that say that while Trump was president some Chinese balloons came over U.S. airspace. It doesn’t sound true, and even if it were they hedged it so much that it would basically mean a couple came over territorial waters.

What no one said anywhere even in those articles was that Chinese spy balloon spent several days flying over American military and nuclear infrastructure taking photos like a tourist and sending souvenirs back to the CCP.

Did not happen. Obviously. You think RussiaGate idiots wouldn’t have broken every rule and every classified seal to leak that IMMEDIATELY if it happened under Trump??? Get bent!

Well Trump addressed it in on Sunday in a Truth Social post that got right to the point.

Forbes, HuffPo, Daily Beast, Mediaite — all the online trash said it, giving cover to places like CNN and MSNBC to repeat it, where it will then go to broadcast news and become a “known fact.” Even though it NEVER. HAPPENED.

They are playing fast and loose with facts and minor incidents to create the impression that Biden isn’t the only one with Balloonile Dysfunction. And you mark my words, in a week it will morph on MSNBC and at Washington Post and The Bulwark into “actually Biden blew HIS balloon up, so he is actually more satisfying and virile.

It’s pathetic and gross and, as usual, false.


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