Never Trumper Ana Navarro spews disinformation about Jan 6th on The View

Ana Navarro must really want the empty chair on The View because she was spewing disinformation this morning regarding Trump and January 6th.

Watch as much as you can stand:

The part of what she said that I want to highlight is this:

“Look, I felt that Donald Trump had not been legitimately elected. I felt he had gotten help from the Russians. But you know what? It would have never occurred to me to take up arms against Donald Trump. That’s just not what we do in America.”

Um, who took up arms? Nobody. It was an unarmed riot on January 6th and nothing more. It was NOT an armed insurrection like fake news Pelosi claimed after it happened. The FBI confirmed as much in a hearing before Congress. The fact that Navarro is spewing this nonsense just shows how much her hatred for Trump has blinded her.

Like I suggested, she must really be trying to impress The View ladies with this garbage. If you ask me, she belongs with them.

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