Never Trumper Liz Cheney claims Trump was engaged in CRIMINAL activity on January 6th

Pelosi’s hack January 6th committee is apparently deciding whether to send the DOJ a criminal referral for Trump regarding his activities on January 6th.

Never Trumper Liz Cheney says the committee hasn’t made a decision yet, however she says it’s clear Trump was engaged in criminal activity that day.

These committee members are absolutely deranged. Trump held a rally on that day where he vocally encouraged people to peacefully protest on the Capitol lawn.

In the video Cheney pointed to a tweet where Trump encouraged people to come to the protest saying “will be wild.” This is her evidence that Trump was planning this.

But Trump used the word ‘protest’ in the tweet. He was inviting them to a protest, not a Capitol riot. Trump never encouraged anyone to be violent.

The other Never Trumper committee member, Adam Kinzinger, said over the weekend that what the committee is doing is for the sake of history, that he wants his children to know that Trump was the one who inspired the ‘insurrection’:

What an over-inflated sense of importance these idiots have about this committee. It’s not even a bipartisan committee, which makes it absolutely illegitimate.

These people aren’t interested in the truth. All they want to do is destroy Trump and use it to attack Republicans.

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