Never-Trumper Meghan McCain calls Trump a “full blown psychopath” over out-of-context Trump comments on Putin

Never Trumper Meghan McCain got her pantsuit in a twist today over reported comments from Trump’s interview today with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton.

She’s accusing Trump and his followers or praising Putin in order to own Biden:

What she’s referring to is this transcript and tweet put out by Sahil Kapur where he highlights comments from Trump that are somewhat out of context. Kapur does give the nearly full transcript in the tweet, but I’ll explain what I mean in a moment about his comments being out of context.

While you read the transcript, I want you to listen to Trump as he says these words. It’s important that you do because Trump at times has a mocking tone. The video is cued up to 1:56:

Trump isn’t supporting Putin to own Biden, like Meghan claims. He’s not saying is Putin a genius or savvy in order to praise him. No, he’s pointing out that Putin is very calculating and knows exactly what he’s doing, and that Biden doesn’t have a clue, that he’s out of his league. That’s why he goes on to say that this never would have happened on his watch and laments the entire situation as ‘very sad’.

You do get that sense when you listen to it as opposed to just reading the transcript. That’s what I mean by Kapur’s tweeting being out of context.

Here’s a few responses from people who understood exactly what Trump meant:

That’s exactly right and many leftists are trying to dunk on Trump, not just Meghan. But seriously, these are the same people who will ignore all of the crap Biden has done to support Putin’s invasion of Ukraine while trying to paint Trump as a Putin puppet. They are hacks and cannot be taken seriously.

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