#NeverTrump JERK spends evening DOXXING **NUNS** and gets destroyed on Twitter

There were nuns with MAGA masks at Trump’s rally. You probably saw them in our featured images and in photos online. A lot of people thought it was pretty cool.

The pictures (above) are great. It’s a nice moment with nice people who are simply expressing their support for a man who won the election, became the president, and is running to be president again. Let me say that shorter: it was cute and normal.

But not if you’re a member of the media, the Democrats, or just a jerk. (Redundant.)

Check out her bio:

This one had me rolling.

But one NeverTrump, a “Peter Vroom” who used to work for the GOP, went next level.

Doxxing nuns. That’s what he was doing. And got owned for it.

Eventually he tried to play it off with two lies: That he was just confirming a Breitbart story, and that the “wind went out of the sails” of people destroying him. NEITHER thing was true.

As the Blaze pointed out on Sunday, “Breitbart merely noted which Catholic orders wears purple and white habits.”

And no, no wind is out of any sails.

Here’s a good summary.

Yep. Peter Vroom, ladies and gents. Find him on Twitter.

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