New audio reveals Kevin McCarthy wanted Trump to resign after Jan 6th; And Liz Cheney says she didn’t leak it…

Yesterday Kevin McCarthy denied reports that he wanted Trump to resign in the wake of January 6th.

Pelosi’s hack committee wanted McCarthy to come and talk to them about it.

After he denied it yesterday, someone leaked the audio of him actually saying it on a Republican leadership phone call:

In the phone call Liz Cheney asks McCarthy if he thinks Trump might resign given that the 25th amendment resolution might pass.

McCarthy said he didn’t think Trump would resign, but said he was seriously considering having a conversation with Trump and would make the recommendation that he should resign.

This conversation happened just four days after January 6th and just a couple weeks before Trump would be leaving the White House anyway.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Liz Cheney denied having been the one who leaked the tape to the NY Times and Rachel Maddow, who were the first to report this audio.

Related to this, Axios is reporting that McCarthy also have told his leadership on the same call that he wished Big Tech companies would do to some of his own members what Twitter did to Trump:

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy told other GOP leaders during a conference call on Jan. 10, 2021, that he wished big tech companies would strip some of his own members of their social media accounts, as Twitter and Facebook had done with Trump, the Times reports.

As context, the Times notes that members, including Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), had stoked paranoia about the 2020 election and made offensive comments online about the Capitol attack.

McCarthy is up for reelection this year as are all members of the House, and this could seriously do him in. But even if it were to keep his seat, I doubt Republicans would make him Speaker again because this is a betrayal.

We all know Trump didn’t cause the Capitol riot and we knew it at the time. But even if McCarthy wasn’t sure about it, he clearly wasn’t waiting for the facts before making up his mind that Trump was guilty.

McCarthy has always been part moderate ‘squish’. Sometimes he talks a good game and it sounds good, but this audio exposes just how much of a California Republican he truly is…

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