New Black Panther Malik Shabazz: Black people can’t be racists!

What a convenient excuse. What I want to know, is where are the white slave owners?

So basically this guy is an idiot. He’s intermingling race with a so called ‘power structure’ run by white people. Therefore they can hate white people all they want and not be racist because they are just reacting to oppression. Wow, how absurd. Again I say, show me the white slave owner.

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18 thoughts on “New Black Panther Malik Shabazz: Black people can’t be racists!

  1. Obama and other light skinned Afro-Americans should remember they are just as “American” as any other race in this country. In the last 200-yrs – 1960s, there were slaves in the south, but there are very few who can trace their heritage back to the slaves–nor all can claim they are from 100% black slaves. In the North (and some from the South) fought for freedom along with white soldiers, to be an American. The other fact is that most black Americans were brought to this country by their own race (blacks). So maybe they (the blacks) need to hate one another for bringing themselves to this country–no one is keeping the black American immigrants from departing the USA.
    Hate is distrustive–but there is no need to continue to punish those who are not of your race. Don't! forget that President Obama is 1/2 black and 1/2 white but, I don't see the media and black Americans marching to the White house screaming hateful messages against him. There are many Afro-Americans who follow the Bible (which calls for christians to love one another) … Our Nation (which calls uniting for the greater good of this country). Remember the teaching of Rev. Martin Luther King!

  2. I never wanted to give the impression that they WERE victims. Truthfully, I think if they want to find the evil people responsible for their ancestors' slavery, they should look to the people that SOLD THEM INTO SLAVERY IN THE FIRST PLACE. It was their fellow blacks in Africa that captured and sold them into slavery. Oops. PC alert! Can't say that can we.

    The point of my previous comment was simply that it was the way THEY felt. What I percieve is their agenda. Not that I held those opinions myself. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

  3. OK, the assumption is that Blacks can call us “Honky” “Cracker” and “Rabbit” because their “people” were slaves. Considering the population of Blacks in the United States the South must have had 50,000,000 black slaves or 90% of the Blacks today immigrated AFTER slavery. In fact Malik their ancestors may have sold yours to the Arab who brought them over here and sold them. Ask your but buddy Farrakhan, he may know as he is Muslim as were the Arabs that brought the Black slaves here. I am laughing at you the same as the majority of white people and lots of Black People as well because you are a JOKE.

  4. Black folks CAN'T be racist? Has this dork bumped his head while smokin' crack?? As a child growing up in 1960's Los Angeles (Watts) and being white, I learned that Black people CAN be as racist as any Klansman!!! I remember hanging out with friends at margaret wrights home on Saturdays learning about the Black Panther Party's agendas, and political beliefs… Margaret Wright (Known activist in the L.A. area, and self avowed socialist) was a black racist… So, I don't care what Malik says or how he spins his rhetoric, Blacks Can Be Racist!!!!

  5. Perhaps they should go talk about reparations with The Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan? After all the vast majority of slaves taken and sold were carried out by Muslim Slavers. Oh,wait isn't Shabazz a Muslim? Never mind..

  6. woah, there's no way I'm allowing that comment. I know you are upset, but that's just uncalled for. find a more constructive way to dissent, or I'll have to ban you. Consider this your final warning.

  7. they are no more victims then we are….it was our ancestors that held them in slavery..not us. I will not bow to them. If they want to continue to blame us for thier downfall then fine….there will always be a race war going on. Until the stop throwing what our ancestors did in our faces and demading compensation for it nothing will ever change….WE OWE THEM NOTHING. Go dig up our ancestors and get compenstation.

  8. This Shabazz is nothing more than a window licking nigger…..See you call me cracker and I call you a nigger….sue me…see how far you get. You want equality but you throw the race card in wherever you see fit..even when race has nothing to do with it…Its always about race with you. White can be racists and so can blacks….thats part of the equality thing you want. Why don't you crawl back between your mommies legs and find the class, respect and morals she forgot to give you. You are nothing more than a sharpton in the making which is nothing more than SICKENING.

  9. Anyone with 3 brain cells knows this is crap. Slavery related racism is clearly gone accept for in the minds of socialists who use this to hook those who are emotionally disenfranchised from reality. This is race bating coming from a group who has been conditioned from birth (welfare mentality) to accept that they need help just to be equal. Shame shame.

  10. MLK is rolling over in his grave. His dreams and ideas subverted by people like this. The fact is that racism exists because of people like this. It is their idea of social justice. Their objective is to become the slave owners. They are doing this by pushing the lies. One of the cornerstones have been that the Civil War was fought to free slaves. This is based on the fact that Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. What they fail to include is the fact that this Proclamations only freed the slaves in south of the Mason/Dixie line. Slave owners in states like Maryland and Delaware were allowed to legally keep their slaves. So, how can you fight a war to stomp out an injustice that you yourself allow? The fact is that the Emancipation Proclamation was signed to hamper the south's war funds. The south was financing the war by selling cotton to England. By freeing the slaves they removed the south's ability to harvest the cotton. So, why did the Proclamation not free all the slaves? Because Lincoln was afraid that the northern slave states would join the Confederate cause. If Maryland had jointed the confederacy then Washington, DC would have been completely cut off. With Virginia controlling all the land south and west of DC, and Maryland controlling all the land north and east of DC. In effect all the Confederacy would have had to do is blockade DC, and wait for them to sue for peace. In short this would have ensured a southern win. So, the Emancipation Proclamation exempted all Union held territory. It also proves that the purpose of the proclamation was not the freeing of slaves.

    The claim that the Civil War was fought to free slaves is as stupid as saying that racism by blacks are justified by slavery.

  11. Here's my take on groups like the black panther party, un-reverend wright's church, and the NAACP.

    Racism will exist until the whites wear the same slave collars as their great great great grandfathers did. Until then, we will always be the slave holders and they the victims.

  12. Mosaic Law says that we can't be responsible for the sins of our fathers, and they cannot be responsible for ours. That seems only fair to me. I agree with you Robert. I've never been a slave owner, so I can't be held responsible.

  13. I think Fox has already been doing a pretty good job of pointing out what all this is really about…power.

  14. When someone says they have a right to use certain language because of something over 150 years old, then it is time for a lot of certain ethnicities to stand up and start to call out the hypocrites. If this man wants to stand up in our freedom loving country and blast what history has to offer and not stand up for the Idi Amin atrocities going on right now in his “home ” continent, well he is just a doofus. He lacks general comprehensive skills and definitly lacks logic skills. I honestly don''t see how these types seem to get all the news time, and people like me are notallowed to give logical answers on the news. He has no clue as to what his people incurred, all he knows is what they allow to be told to him. He is no more a victim of slavery than I am a victim of the civil, first, second, korean, or vietnam war.

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