NEW: FBI tosses James O’Keefe’s HOME in pre-dawn RAID two days after raiding other Project Veritas reporters’ private residences

Yesterday, as Scoop wrote here, the homes of Project Veritas journalists were raided by the FBI “over the diary of Ashley Biden, which was given to O’Keefe by tipsters, but since he could never authenticate it he ultimately chose not to do anything with it and gave it to law enforcement so it could be returned to its owner.”

Democrats allege the diary was stolen and are using that as an excuse to exact vengeance against Veritas and O’Keefe for their years of success in exposing the dark underbelly of Democrats and the Democrat-controlled MSM.

Today, O’Keefe himself was raided. Or, as the FBI said it in a statement to the press, they “performed law enforcement activity” at his apartment.

From NYT, who are loving this.

Jimmy Maynes, who lives next to Mr. O’Keefe at an apartment complex in Mamaroneck, said a handful of F.B.I. agents arrived early Saturday morning.

“They asked for James,” Mr. Mayne said, an entertainment manager. “I thought they were banging on my door. I opened the door.”

“They told me to close the door and I closed the door,” he added. “That’s exactly what happened. It was still dark.”

This is not good. This is Biden’s government using the FBI to get revenge.

This is a dangerous time in America.

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