New Hampshire voter CONFRONTS big chief Elizabeth Warren about phony Native American claims

A voter in New Hampshire confronted Elizabeth Warren yesterday at a “conversation with the candidate” about her phony claims about being Native American:

The woman who asked the question framed it in terms of Warren’s honesty, saying she likes nearly everything else about her but is worried about her honesty.

She also claimed to have a similar experience within her own family, being told she had a Cherokee great grandmother that she found out didn’t exist.

Warren gave her typical spiel about it, but I’m not sure it solved the dilemma this woman has over Warren’s lack of honesty.

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9 thoughts on “New Hampshire voter CONFRONTS big chief Elizabeth Warren about phony Native American claims

  1. You didn’t answer why you did it. You lied, and it clearly had to do with advancing your goals unfairly.

  2. In a sane world, lack of honesty would be enough to sack a candidate from making any headway in an election, but not according to this New Hampshire voter.

  3. Didn’t Warren use the genetic test to validate her claims? Now she says she’s not …. Gosh, I hope she wins the nomination – She makes Trump look very ethical by comparison.

  4. Harvard doesn’t accept Asians because of bad personality traits but hired Warren to show their diversity.

    1. By “Bad Personality Traits” you must surely mean a very strong work ethic and high academic achievement.

  5. While I’m glad that person brought up the 800 pound gorilla in the room I’m really concerned about the overall lack of concern anymore regarding people’s character (or lack of it). It used to be the norm that a person’s character counted for something. Not anymore it seems. One can be a liar, cheat, sexual predator, drunk, drug addict or whatever and it all gets swept away when it comes to partisan politics. People hide behind “nonjudgmentalism” but what they actually want are people who confirm their own bad characters and want to promote it. So they don’t mind much anymore if someone has a horrible character as long as that person promises to fulfill their own selfish desires and it’s all the better if the politician is just as bad as they are. Not many are concerned with being better people and bettering the society they live in but how fast can they reach the bottom.

  6. For people who want “a discussion” on race, progressives sure are slient about cultural appropriation, redface, and what ever other jingoisms that could be thrown at a person whose biggest “connection” to her supposed ancestry was a recipe in Pow Wow Chow. Given the chance, I would take it even farther and ask her what contributions she ever made to one of the most marginalized communities in the country.

    Say what you want about Ward Churchill or Rachel Dolezal. But they were actually trying to help the people they were pretending to be a part of.

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