New James O’Keefe sting: “Russian drug-dealers” in Ohio seek Medicaid assistance

Via Verum Serum, this is the new project James O’Keefe was hinting at last week. What he has uncovered here is no less shocking and appalling than any of his previous works to date.

In short: The video shows two “Russian drug-dealers” with almost comically stereotypical Russian get-ups and phony accents walking in to several Medicaid offices in Ohio to apply for assistance. At each stop, the duo spills all the details about their illicit business – including the part where they pimp out their underage sisters to help close drug deals. Medicaid employees react not by calling the cops, or expressing even a hint of disapproval of what they are hearing – but with top-notch, friendly customer service and advice on how to keep things on the down-low.

The actors lay it on pretty thick too – at one point, even expressing gratitude towards the “hope and change” that allows them receive such helpful advice in America. Even then, the employees suspect not a blessed thing.

I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more about this throughout the week.

Here is the link to O’Keefe’s website Project Veritas.

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24 thoughts on “New James O’Keefe sting: “Russian drug-dealers” in Ohio seek Medicaid assistance

  1. It’ll be edited just like the ACORN videos were. And the media will bury the final analysis that shows nobody did anything wrong…but by then the damage will be done.

  2. It’ll be edited just like the ACORN videos were. And the media will bury the final analysis that shows nobody did anything wrong…but by then the damage will be done.

  3. Perhaps if Sergei said that he was here in America to “kill moose & squirrel,” the red flags would have gone up…

  4. Great. Beck (The Blaze, anyway) pooch-punts on third down again. I get it that O’Keefe is a bit of a gunslinger, and everybody hates a gunslinger–until you need him. I gotta tell ya, stuff like this is why I stopped watching Glenn Beck. I’ll peek at a few of the clips posted here, but sometimes he reminds me of an interloper.

    You know the guy: you have a nice, little local church, or your PTA, or community orchestra, and a new guy comes along who really, really likes it there. Then he gets involved. Everyone wants that, of course. Then he leads a meeting. Then he gets anxious for “where the whole thing is headed.” Then he takes over so much control that former members stop showing up. The last step is he leaves, and the place is in shambles.

    I’m not saying Beck is doing harm, exactly, but I see comments all the time where folks have “gone off Beck,” for one reason or another. He hasn’t left anything in shambles, either, since he did bring David Barton into the limelight. But seriously, he doesn’t need to “guide” people by getting to the forefront on every issue.

    The right is fractious enough (can you say “sect?”) without that level of control.

    Now you guys straighten up. Especially the folks who are Sanctified, Latter-Day, Episco-cabalists. You know who you are. I’m trying to figure out how to take over this blog…

  5. Saul Alinsky understood his people more than we knew. No wonder Obama is still near and dear to their dependent little hearts.

    Conditioned response: believe the lies, hate the jew.

    O’Keefe just has the guts to walk right in, deliver the cheesy lies, and they melt, like good little followers of The One. I’m betting he’ll be counter-stung at some point. (Or at least, they’ll try. He’s got to know it’s coming.)

  6. That’s unreal! I guess it isn’t always the poor and disenfranchised that need our help. Apparently, admitted drug dealers who prostitute out their sisters are in dire need of our assistance also. These entitlement programs need to be ended.

  7. Can hardly wait for the next installment!!! Great going James & CO!!! Keep up the good work & save something for an October Surprise in 2012-lol!

  8. We need to set the bar for getting a civil service job a bit higher. These women have exhibited in terms of common sense a complete disregard of any care for their fellow tax payers nor any morals whatsoever. They didn’t want to hear it, so they wouldn’t feel guilty? and yet continued to process the supposed scumbags anyway? Why don’t they just set a bowl of hundred dollar bills on the sidewalk and go home?

  9. Medicaid employees are well versed in, “the customer is always right”..and offered these two Wild and Kraaaaazy guys from Russia superlative service. OMG

  10. Sorry Mr. Cleary, five minutes is all I can take. Where oh where has our country gone? I wonder if they would advise them where to get some, ah, beek guns and beek cleeps too.

      1. The real Russian bad guys may not take too kindly to being mocked or imitated like James and his budy are doing. As long as they stay in Ohio it’s all good for me.

    1. Of course they would not advise them where to get guns. How can you be so cynical?

      They’d refer them to ATF. Bureaucrats are polite. They do not encroach on each others’ turf.

  11. Medicaid employees understandably funding an illegal and extremely immoral business with our tax dollars.

    The American Dream sure has changed hasn’t it.

        1. LOL!! If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

          You are 24 ken. PRETENDING to be a teenager is lame.

          Using it as an excuse for spewing silly points of view is par for the course.

          Silly libratard. Have a cookie and some warm obama kool-aid.

          nose pick.

    1. I don’t think the fault is with the dream!! These snakes have been corrupting and taking advantage of our system for years and O’Keefe is just showing how far things have really gone.

      Our system was predicated on people being decent and moral.


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