New James O’Keefe sting: “Russian drug-dealers” in Ohio seek Medicaid assistance

Via Verum Serum, this is the new project James O’Keefe was hinting at last week. What he has uncovered here is no less shocking and appalling than any of his previous works to date.

In short: The video shows two “Russian drug-dealers” with almost comically stereotypical Russian get-ups and phony accents walking in to several Medicaid offices in Ohio to apply for assistance. At each stop, the duo spills all the details about their illicit business – including the part where they pimp out their underage sisters to help close drug deals. Medicaid employees react not by calling the cops, or expressing even a hint of disapproval of what they are hearing – but with top-notch, friendly customer service and advice on how to keep things on the down-low.

The actors lay it on pretty thick too – at one point, even expressing gratitude towards the “hope and change” that allows them receive such helpful advice in America. Even then, the employees suspect not a blessed thing.

I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more about this throughout the week.

Here is the link to O’Keefe’s website Project Veritas.

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