New leaked photos reveal DEPLORABLE conditions for detained illegals under Biden

While the Biden administration wants everyone to forget about the continuous surge of illegals at the border that he caused and refuses to fix, a border patrol agent has leaked photos showing the deplorable conditions in Yuma in which illegals are being detained because they simply don’t have the resources to do better:

The Washington Examiner is the one publicizing these photos. Not the New York Times. Not the Washington Post. Not any liberal newspaper or media outlet because the left doesn’t really care about this. And will any of them pick it up now that the Examiner is publishing them? Unlikely. It’s an election year and Democrats don’t need the bad press.

The left scandalized Trump over photos that weren’t nearly this bad, but they’ve never gone that hard at Biden. And even when they do mention it, it’s never for any length of time. Trump had the problem fixed by the time he left office, only for Biden to undo it all and refuse to finish the border wall. This is all Biden’s fault, but don’t hold your breath that his leftist news media will make him own it.

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