New ‘March Madness’ Ad From Bevin Campaign: Mitch Caved! I won’t.

The Matt Bevin campaign has a new web ad out taking aim at Mitch McConnell’s record: March Madness!

I bet the McConnell folks are really starting to get a touch of the madness themselves. Bevin is certainly shaking up their world. For even more comparison points between the two, check out this chart from the campaign.

But hey, Mitch is no slouch when it comes to campaign ads. Check out this ad to get you all fired up.

Hmm. Come to think of it. That may not be real. Oh well, close enough. #McConnelling

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26 thoughts on “New ‘March Madness’ Ad From Bevin Campaign: Mitch Caved! I won’t.

  1. Nobody has seemed to notice the very worse: That is not just a Duke jersey, it’s a Christian Laettner jersey. Ouch.

  2. While our limited intellect quickly comprehends usefulness, the complexities of judging merit make it impossible to be judged correctly.

  3. Ok, Matt, good job.

    I still question the effectiveness of these “web ads.” Are they reaching anyone at the point of sell and is it verifiable? Or are they relying on news sites and blogs to deliver them to the populace (us), and us to pass them on? I’m not opposed to them, just genuinely trying to ascertain their impact on the uniformed voters.

  4. I’ll be sending Bevin money to help him win over the RINO.

    The RINOs have sold us out, in fact they’ve sold out the Constitution and America.

  5. I am left scratching my head on that McConnell ad – huh? PLEASE KY get this fraud out of office – for America’s sake!

  6. I would have done the McConnell ad with “Superfly”. They say that cat Mitch is a bad mother- shut yo’ mouth!
    Edit: Say, I’m not up on current culture as much as I used to be, but isn’t “It’s Raining Men” a gay anthem?

  7. Every time they showed him writing something, I wonder what more of our freedom he is signing away. Disgusting little wimp.

  8. PUT THE RINO OUT TO PASTURE!!! It’s flippin time to go! This spineless egomaniac, along with: Mclame, and so many other nobama groupies that try and state that they “have our backs.” Don’t you have to have a spine in order to have someone’s back?? Just a pondering thought! I mean come one, it is time for these limp wristed, nobama drooling lovers, gun hating, weak minded, easily influenced, bed wetters to GO!!!!! Ole’ Mitch is the first of many that fits the flippin bill! BTW, what the heck was mitch signing?? Perhaps the nobama care bill? PLEASE! What a lame danged add!!
    I hope that Mr. Bevin kicks little mitch’s azz!!
    It is time for a DANGED CHANGE!!!, Then it’s time for
    I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T proceedings!!!

  9. Bevin must keep hammering away at McConnell, and then Kentucky has to do the right thing and get Bevin in! The primary is crucial. If McConnell wins the primary, he could lose to the democrat! It will show how much the state hates him! Let’s hope Kentucky can do what Florida did a few weeks ago, and cause an upset for that old, Reid kiss-up traitor!

    1. He needs financial support from conservatives because the RNC obviously won’t help him. He actually polls about the same as Mitch against the Democrat candidate – but he has to get through the primary – McConnell has had 30 years and is a part of the problem, not the solution! I hope those who can donate to Bevin will do so whether they live in Kentucky or not – this is in the best interest of our nation!

  10. I’m pretty sure that Mitch ad is a parody, it’s like something you’d see on Tim and Eric.

    He looks so harmless, I don’t know what he was saying to all those innocent people but probably something like

    “no, we have to let Obamacare get really bad, we need people to die, they will be so desperate for help they’ll be forced to re-elect me”


    “What do I think of Ted Cruz? I think he’s a racist bigot homophobe. He wanted to take away people’s Obamacare. He’s a bad, bad man. Exactly, I watch MSNBC too. But if you don’t re-elect me I can’t fight him!”


    “Tea Party types have been going to all the bars and causing political fights and demanding the Republican Party stick to its principles. But they just walked into my bar. Yes I am the owner of a bar and grill here in Washington and the Tea Party just walked into MY bar and I’m not taking that stuff. I’m locking the door and rolling up my sleeves.”

    And all the while wearing a suit, and/or wearing a suit while holding a rifle above his head.

  11. …May 20th 2014 VOTE for Matt Bevin but before you do support and

    DONATE $10 $20 $30 $40 $50 …or more what ever you can afford in support of MATT BEVIN for The Senate .”

  12. I can just see McConnell at the end of his video saying, “I’m Mitch McConnell. Am I supposed to approve this message? Huh? Someone?”

      1. Never see that energy either unless you count the youth vote and computer geeks then it’s all about the marijuana vote. By the way does marijuana give you energy?

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