New mayor of New York City goes ROUNDS with CNN host over his refusal to close schools

Mayor Eric Adams is refusing to close schools in New York City over Omicron cases surging despite the head of the teacher’s union wanting to close them.

Adams went on CNN this morning and did battle with Brianna Keilar who kept trying to make the argument why schools should be closed. He refused to cede ground on the issue and told her parents need to stop traumatizing children with all of this hysteria.

I know it’s CNN, but watch as much as you can. It’s pretty good:

Mayor Adams made abundantly clear that the safest place for children is in school:

The numbers right now state, and it’s very clear, that the safest place for children right now is in a school building. That’s the safest place for them. If they’re not in school, it does not mean they are not going outdoors. It does not mean they are not going to deal with the trauma of not having socialization, not getting a meal, not being able to get remote learning. It’s a luxury to stay at home when you have all the tools that you needed. But for poor black and brown children that don’t have access to some of the basic things, school is the best place for them and I’m going to continue to have children in a safe environment that all science is saying is the best place for them.

I guess there are no poor white kids in New York City. Well, he is a Democrat after all.

But even so, he isn’t wrong about this at all. And despite how Keilar throws the phony pediatric hospitalizations number in his face, he’s still adamant that children must remain in schools. Because Adams looks at the whole picture of children’s health and not just at COVID like nearly every other Democrat.

It truly sounds like Adams has a ton of common sense on this issue and I hope the same is true about the fascist mandates his predecessor put in place on the unvaccinated.

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