NEW POLL shows approval rating for Trump INCREASE during impeachment inquiry! [Updated]

Well this is not good news for the Democrats. It seems that the approval rating for el presidente actually increased during their impeachment inquiry. From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s job approval rating saw a boost in a poll released by Fox News this weekend.

The poll, which was conducted from Sunday to Wednesday, showed an increase in approval of the president’s job performance from 42% in late October to 45%. Participants were also asked a series of questions about impeachment, which showed no significant change despite efforts by House Democrats to prove Trump should be removed from office.

Support for impeachment was nearly identical to numbers recorded in October, which showed 49% of participants supported the measure and subsequent removal of Trump from office. The newest poll revealed 50% of respondents now support impeachment and removal. Just 4% believe that Trump should be impeached but not removed, and 41% believe he should not be impeached at all.

AND it didn’t help with the support of impeachment and removal either. I could see it hurting Trump just to have the headlines that he is being impeached, but eventually if there’s no substance behind the accusations, it’s gonna hurt the Democrats….

UPDATE!! Thumbs down for the poll from el Presidente!

So… don’t trust this fake news poll showing his approval rating going up! It’s a deep state traitorous scheme!!

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