New poll shows most Democrats want to dump Biden in 2024

A new poll by Marist shows that most Democrats are so unhappy with Biden than they want to dump him in 2024 for another Democratic candidate:

Here’s more from Marist:

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is upside down. 44% of Americans approve of the job he is doing as president, and 49% disapprove. This compares to 45% approve/46% disapprove in our October poll.

In the Congressional generic contest, Democrats edge out Republicans with 44% of registered voters saying they’ll choose a Democrat in their district and 41% choosing a Republican. In our September poll, Democrats had an 8 percentage point lead 46% – 38%.

Looking ahead to 2024, 36% of Democrats and Democratic leaning independents say their party will have a better chance winning the White House with Biden at the top of the ticket. 44% want someone else, and 20% are unsure.

In contrast, asked the same question about Trump, 50% of Republicans and GOP leaning independents say a Trump ticket has the best chance of recapturing the presidency. 35% want someone else, and 14% say they are unsure.

This comes the day after NBC released their new poll which showed terrible numbers for Biden.

Joe Concha, in response to this news, wants to know who exactly Democrats have who could take the mantle?

“When only a smidge more than one third of your own party wants you to run for re-election, that’s an issue. Question is- who is on the Democratic Party bench to run effectively? Harris is likely out given her performance and likability at this point. Abrams? Warren? Hillary?”

I’m surprised Concha didn’t throw in Beto’s name in his list of Democrat failures. They got nobody and we’ve got rock stars on the Republican side. You all know my favorite…

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