NEW REPORT raises MORE questions about Ilhan Omar’s hoax marriage to her brother!!

This story is heating up. The investigator who discovered many of the facts showing that Ilhan Omar might have married her brother in order to thwart immigration laws just posted another report of his findings.

It’s over at Powerline Blog, and it’s very technical and very detailed. You can read the whole thing here. 

As a summary for those of us with less time, here’s how Breitbart described the report:

Steinberg claims that Omar is actually one of five siblings in the Elmi family from Somalia. Three of the siblings were granted asylum in the United Kingdom, while two were granted asylum in the United States, including the father, Sternberg alleges.

He further alleges: “The Omar family is a second, unrelated family which was being granted asylum by the United States. The Omars allowed Ilhan, her genetic sister Sahra, and her genetic father Nur Said to use false names to apply for asylum as members of the Omar family.”

Steinberg also alleges that Rep. Omar married her alleged brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, in 2009: he had already reportedly been granted asylum in the UK. Following the marriage, he allegedly went on to study at North Dakota State University.

Very very interesting. It’s gotten so bad that even the mainstream media can’t ignore it. 

So listen, I’m going to admit that I did not believe the original posts on this from the right-o-sphere. It really appeared like another nutty conspiracy theory pushed by unreliable click-baiters. But now, there are real questions about what Ilhan Omar did, and she’s not answering them.

This is a story worthy of keeping an eye on.

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135 thoughts on “NEW REPORT raises MORE questions about Ilhan Omar’s hoax marriage to her brother!!

  1. How this viper, and her belly-crawling sisters, were able to slither into the position of US lawmakers is an absolute marvel. Or at least would be were it not for all the other democrat, lawmaking snakes that have marked the territory and continue to show the way.

    1. Proof that elections DO have consequences

      Exodus 18:21 But select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain—and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.

  2. This story isn’t going away, especially if Omar is refusing outright to give the names of any of her immediate family to disprove this story

  3. I dropped the chance of it being a conspiracy theory without merit when I read that he was in a picture claiming that Omar’s daughter was his niece. That wouldn’t even be possible if he wasn’t her brother.

    1. I don’t agree with the “Kick her out!” chants. Give her a fair trial, then kick her @$$ back to Somalia.

  4. OMG why are these people using such disturbing loopholes to break into this hellish wasteland of patriarchy and white supremacy?


  5. This woman is a repeated liar and a fraud who defends any attacks on her as bigotry or racist. She is someone’s nightmare waiting to happen. Hope it bites Minnesota in the rear big-time.

    1. Like the identity grifter that she is. She’s the absolute perfect face for the Democrat party. The corporate political party of social justice grifting

    1. That video is so unbelievably creepy.

      Steve King’s political career is pretty much over because he downplayed the offensiveness of words/phrases like “white supremacist”.

      How is Omar’s downplaying of Al Queda any less offensive? She should be censured for those remarks and stripped of any committee assignments, just like King. And yes, I know that she made them before she was elected – but why does that matter?

  6. Why has this stinking Muslim beast not been deported? That’s a rhetorical question, we all know why, melanin content and female body parts. The proverbial “get out of jail free” card. We will be destroyed from within by our own stupidity because we failed to rid our country of these stinking Muslim beasts. They are now gaining political power, we allow this at our own peril.

    1. Agreed 100%. Abraham Lincoln was absolutely correct, we won’t be destroyed from without.

  7. Imagine, its all happening now during the current ruckus with house leadership. Nancy, must be giddy as this may lead to one of the squad being taken down.

  8. Seems Prime Minister Netanyahu has the final say as to whether or not this woman has the privilege of entering his country, Israel. After her little stunt yesterday in the Foreign Affairs committee, introducing a resolution or something to support BDS against Israel, I think she is a threat to the Nation of Israel and she should NOT be allowed entry. Just say NO Netanyahu.

  9. Before we became a lawless society she would have been handcuffed, perp-walked, indicted…deported

  10. Polygamy, possibly incest,anything else hidden under that Hijab.Appears that Schiff,Cummings and Nadler [the three Chairs] have a chance to redeem themselves with this investigation.Little bit of unfinished investigative work and she is ready to impeach or send to jail.I believe their was also some IRS fraud crimes committed.

  11. Reading about this BDS movement she is promoting… the left says we are afraid of her… they are right, I’m terrified that someone like her could be elected to Congress. She is a danger to all of us, but mostly Jews. Oh my gosh BDS outright says it wants “euthanasia” for Israel!

    I have said if she were a private citizen I’d think saying she should be deported was bad, but I’m not sure anyone with those kind of views belongs anywhere in the US. I’m so shocked the Democrats haven’t kicked her out of their party.

  12. amazing that no Democrats are demanding an Investigation,an explanation,a denial or a resignation

  13. Trump knows more than he is letting on with Omar’s felonies… which is why he is attacking her a bit more than the other members of the anti-American squad.

  14. DNA tests anyone?

    Anyone want to place a bet on Omar having more native American Blood than Fauxchahontas?

  15. Powerline Blog has been covering this story since before Omar was elected to the House. They’re not unreliable click-baiters – far from it.

  16. ENOUGH DANG TALK! If I were to go out and commit a FEDERAL crime then I would sure as heck expect the Feds knocking on my door the hard way. Go to court! Read charges! Deny or guilty your honor then let the jury selection and the trial begin! Stop yapping ya fool politicians! Take action! I’m sick to death of hearing nothing but farts in the wind when there is real reason to believe federal crimes committed!

  17. What I’d like to know is why they elected her in the first place. If there’s anything worse than a bad elected official is a stupid electorate.

    1. I think there are a whole bunch of Somali refugees in her district, but hopefully they didn’t bargain for this kind of crazy when the elected her and will not make that mistake again.

  18. Remember how right away some on the right condemned the Covington Catholic students but everyone tiptoes around this jihadist. This has been known and now the media is finally shamed into covering this. Why didn’t the Covington students receive the same courtesy? So many lamebrains act like subjects instead of citizens in this country.

      1. I haven’t heard any more news. Of course this stuff takes forever. The back and forth, settle or not to settle, if it does proceed to court then a date is set. I hope those that slandered, smeared and lied about those students pay dearly.

    1. I remember those on the right condemning and frankly, they got off way light. They should be receiving lawsuits from those kids for the slander they published along with the left. It figures Ben Shapiro is in the middle of this again. You would think he would learn.

        1. I never liked him I really prefer Michael Knowles and Andrew Klavan makes me laugh everyday with his opening monologue.

    1. Sounds like she shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Omar isn’t even her real.last name.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those people who chanted that were following this story a little more closely than the President so they were aware of Omar’s alleged felonies. Remember, this little “number” has also other charges swirling around her regarding her taxes so all of this and along with what Trump laid out last night makes this chant even more appropriate.

      I think Trump may really want to rethink his current position on disavowing the chant. It seems truly in order knowing what seems to be a credible story with “credible” sources. Something the dossier didn’t have and yet, the Left wanted to and still want to lynch the President politically for it.

      For me, knowing what is alleged, it isn’t offensive at all.

      1. Yep. Those chanting had every right to do so. That is what our First Amendment is all about. The chant ends and that is all there is. The jihad Jane’s spew their hate and insane lefties attack an ICE detention center and are killed trying to shoot up and blow up the place. The violence is on the left and Trump should have made that the issue instead of slamming citizens who chant words.

        1. I still believe Trump pizzed off at least some of his rally attendees. Of course the Drudge Report, which I haven’t visited in a few years at least had the headline that Trump through his supporters under the bus. Seems to me that Coulter and Drudge tag team.

          1. I haven’t gone to Drudge in years, but for awhile Coulter was fed up with him defending Trumps every action. Seems Drudge may be getting irritated with Trump lately though from comments I see elsewhere.

            1. Coulter and Drudge threw in with Trump early on, especially Coulter. Remember her book In Trump We Trust?

            2. Coulter is a complete and total fraud. Remember when she was so anti-Roney you couldn’t believe it, until she switched on a dime to be a big time supporter of Romney, for no apparent reason. With Trump she was a huge gigantic supporter of Trump, and was seen at a debate sitting next to Matt Drudge. They were both huge Trump supporters. Just as Mika and Joe were huge Trump supporters during the primaries at least, both Ann and Matt did everything with their TV cable channels, and major website to promote Trump. I remember reading that Coulter turned against Trump because he refused to let the government shutdown keep going on because he didn’t get border funding in the bill that shut down the government. In my opinion Coulter is a contrarian. She gets her jollies off on going against what she was previously for, for no reason. Coulter lives her life making money playing that role. If she ever went along with Trump, who she previously supported to the hilt, she would get little to no attention. Drudge is her good friend, and they both seem to play from the same playlist.

        2. Yes Desiree – I was thinking that also – those who chanted it had every right to even if Trump didn’t think that it was OK. Freedom of Speech is their right. I still remember that shrill voice of Hillary’s talking about this very issue. What is good for the goose is definitely acceptable for the gander.

          I truly hope that these four continue to be shiny albatrosses around the neck of the whole Democrat Party and define the party to the American people for what it really is – a bunch of Marxists. Socialism isn’t really their schtick. Pelosi and Hillary are just as radical as these women, lets not kid ourselves. With what is the true history of the Democrat Party, there needs to come a reckoning – sooner than later.

          I will continue to push that reparations may be in order if the financial liability rests at the feet of the only legal entity that perpetuated the stain of slavery. What the Democrat Party should owe for “reparations” may actually wipe out their political clout for the next 100 years. We will need at least that long to heal our country from those who are the epitome of everything evil.

  19. “That same email appears to admit that the allegations are not without basis.”

    She’s guilty. Send het back.

  20. Any day now I’m expecting this psycho to say “It’s Trump’s fault for not respecting Islamic law where we can marry our brothers, our fathers, or our pet camel and that’s why there is a controversy! Orange Man Bad!”

    What a bunch of maroons.

  21. Dana Loesch has a great tweet calling out and slamming omar ‘s staff labeling any media investigating this as islamaphobic.

    1. Even when Omar was under ethics investigations while still in the MN legislature, she accused anyone who questioned her fraud accusations as being islamaphobic. Other times she has accused others of being racist because she is a woman of color. She runs to check all the so called protected class progressive boxes when she is called out for her lying and anti-Americanism.

        1. Yes she is. Yet the new rules from the left make everyone from the right to be the racists id they call out actual racism. Omar/Elmi, a true America hater is part of the protected class by the entire Democrat party, the DNC and the leftist media. I am thankful that those on the right are actually bleeding through the fake news cycles.

  22. If any of it is true, she has a lot of gall getting into politics knowing it would put her in the spotlight. I really hope the proper authorities are looking into this too.

    1. Yes it was pure gall for her to get into politics, but remember they all thought Hillary would win, and she would have made all of these stories disappear. Surprise.

  23. Received asylum in the U.S. by fraud (I know she was a kid but if this report is true…), married her brother to commit fraud, committed tax fraud, and is under investigation for illegally using campaign funds for an atty to help with the tax fraud. I believe ALL of these things, so when it all is substantiated, oh what will the MSM do? They’ll burn her if the DNC gives the go ahead, and they’ll ignore it if not.

    1. It is my opinion that Pelosi and the DNC will do everything possible to get Omar and Cortez out of the news as quickly as possible. The leftist media will comply as they are the mouthpiece for the DNC. If you noticed for the last few days, reporters have been following Omar and Cortez for the last few days, and they refuse to respond, even though they have been very vocal every time they could get in front of a microphone. Omar and Cortez, according to a Dem internal poll are polling very badly. They know those 2 in particular are toxic to the Dem party and risk any chance of winning much of anything in 2020. Trump was exactly right to make them the face of the Democrat party. The civil war in the Dem party is a wonderful thing to see.

    2. The Fecal Stream Media will do their damnedest to cover this up. If unable, they’ll ignore it.

  24. I am waiting for the resident white knight here to ride to omar’s rescue with his best, LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE, impression.

  25. Notice how Trump let that out…He’s very good at throwing a carrot out and saying I know nothing

    1. Yeah, it’s all fun and games except when he’s trying to say Ted Cruz’s dad killed JFK. Then the “People are saying…” line is fairly annoying.

  26. The brother marriage aside, her proven tax fraud should be enough to get her tossed out of Congress.

    She can’t claim that she didn’t understand the tax laws when she was actively seeking political office.

    Besides, it’s not hard to determine if you are “married, filing jointly” when you have never legally married the person.

    Good grief.

    1. It really is a well intentioned, fun piece to read and I enjoyed it. The correlation to lampooning someone and a “barb” about “send her back” is just not humorous in the massively dysfunctional political climate we live in these days.
      I think it isn’t racist. I just think it shows a poor side of Republican ideology when we damn well know the democrats are the most racist among us.

        1. Sorry Mom – what I was responding to with my first comment was the first article that you provided the link to. I didn’t read the one from TownHall before I commented below. You linked to the fact that the Dems were abusing their power in an attempt to “send” Gorka back.

        2. Thank you Mom for revealing truth to light.

          That was an excellent article from Nolte and I find it quite “amusing” that many of those pompous fools that tweeted their disdain for the chant were the same crowd who did in fact fault the Covington kids. What irrelevant idiots the never-trump crowd has become.
          Yet, crickets/silence while the left started a campaign to remove another naturalized citizen from America – Gorka. I guess those cocktail party invites are just too good for them to break their addiction.

          I especially loved how Nolte ended his article – I hope it is not in anyway in violation of any law to put it out here because it was that good. Here goes:

          “You simpering C*ucks can all kiss my red, white, and blue a*ss”

  27. If this is all proven true it will be interesting to see what the consequences will be. If the the lies occurred and we’re they material to her receiving her citizenship. Loss of US citizenship, removal from office, or return to resident alien status? I don’t see her being removed from the country but there must be serious consequences if she lied to receive her citizenship and had the truth been known she would not have been granted US citizenship.

    1. If no consequences or penalty, why should any citizen follow any law? Paying taxes would be a good one to ignore.
      This will prove there are laws for We the People that provide for this country and no laws for the privileged elite who slop at the public trough.

    2. Other naturalized citizens lose their citizenship and are deported for criminal acts. This is a general statement, and may apply to past enforcements. But our law does provide for it.

  28. Thanks to political correctness, any legal action against Ilhan Omar will be a Muslim No Go Zone.

  29. In the Powerline article there is a chart down the page that makes some of it easier to understand for some of the story.

    According to the article research, Omar/Elmi had 2 children while she was supposedly married to her brother, but it seems that she was living with 2 men at the time, one being her brother. The brother refers to her children as his nieces/nephews. She claimed in divorce court that the husband (her brother) left and she hadn’t seen him for a long time. After that period she and her brother posted photos to their social media accounts showing them still together after she claimed she hadn’t seen him for a long time.

    From what I saw on the chart in the article, the Omar family already living in VA prior to when she was came as a refugee were not relatives of the Elmi family, but may have allowed them to use their name for entry as they were of Somali descent.

    I especially loved the part where her campaign manager in MN tried to explain her “marriages” as she explained it to him, one marriage was a legal marriage, while the other marriage was a cultural marriage. She claims that her marriage to her brother was “in the faith” and her divorce from her brother was a divorce “in the faith.”

    She paid a lawyer hired to defend her for ethics violations while in the MN legislature out of her campaign funds. It seems that is the only little slap on the wrist she got in MN.

  30. Powerline has been all over this. The Star Tribune, as Dave Burge puts it, has been “covering” the story, “with a pillow, until it stops moving.”

    I’ll certainly grant it sounded like a bizarre conspiracy theory at first glance, but it’s become increasingly obvious that something devious was going on, and that Omar was just trying to deflect it. Even their hired publicist was finding it impossible to explain in any way that didn’t sound crooked.

  31. Revolutionary roots, would think Feds are looking into this .. truth always surfaces information age sneaky guilty guilty pos residual of OB era. Looking forward to indictment day. Worm has turned. Woke pres Trump tea party everyday American loving citizen .. Takes time patients, confidence, patriots have all the tools and hearts.

  32. Ok I really can’t get a full picture of the accusations… but one thing I’d like to understand better is if she was a child or and adult while all this happened… she had two kids… she was a kid herself… I can’t get it straight.

  33. Do we not have an FBI or some other law enforcement that looks into allegations? If it was fraud, bring charges and punishment.

    1. I can’t decide if it’s her looks, her voice, or her sing-song speech pattern, telling me what to think that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

      1. Some woman does something. Yikes
        She puts my teeth on edge too, for all of the reasons you mention.

    2. Omar gives a whole lot of people the creeps. She has a 9% approval rating from across the country.

    1. Rats! Gonna have to record the later episode. I really like him, especially when he gets so animated and incredulous over the ridiculous lol!

  34. Omar, which is said to not even be her last name, will not respond and slanders those asking questions as islamophobes. There is much smoke here.

  35. There is way more evidence against this jihadist than there was ever with the Russian collusion claim.

  36. PowerLine is Minneapolis based and has been dogging this for a long time. They deserve a big fat kudos.

  37. I expect this is probably being investigated by the feds…………at least I hope so. These are serious charges.

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