New RNC video shows Biden laughing at the issues

Well that was quick. The RNC already has a new video showing Biden laughing during the debate while Ryan was discussing serious issues like Iran:

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107 thoughts on “New RNC video shows Biden laughing at the issues

  1. Oh Joe you are laughing now but you know what they say about “he who laughs last” yeah we will see who is laughing on Nov. 7……………………..:-)

  2. Pro 29:9 If a wise man has an argument with a foolish man, the fool only rages or laughs, and there is no rest.

  3. And to think Biden is only a heartbeat away from being president….now that’s a scary thought.

  4. Can’t wait for the video that shows all of Joes antics in one smooth ad, without any words…it would be devastating!

  5. Is there a reason these debates are moderated by these smarmy leftists? All they ever talk about is Medicare, SS, and War. That’s it. These moderators can’t be taken seriously. This is all they know. They have no idea what this country is really about. And to top it off, they think their brilliant. It’s embarrassing.

    Biden needs his a$$ kicked. He looks like a very small man. He wouldn’t let Ryan speak, because he didn’t want the people to hear what he had to say. Doesn’t he think people can see that? Maybe those with a single digit IQ who vote for Zero don’t, they’d vote for Hitler too, but a person who has life experience, or is intelligent, as most of us are, can see it a mile away. He’s one of those shady types who would try to sell you a bad car, or bad piece of property.

  6. Biden looked terrible. He looked like an old, nasty, obnoxious, rude, man. Time to throw him out to pasture. I thought the moderator was awful looking. She shouldn’t be on TV. She looked smarmy.

  7. What was Biden smoking? I want it !!! I want to keep smiling like that while the world is about to crash around us.

    1. That was pretty darn close to a great Biteme impersonation!

      It was creepy though, I can’t stand those things.

  8. What a braying donkey Biden is!
    Too bad Ryan wasn’t watching his grimaces – he might have said:
    ……………………….IT IS NOT FUNNY when you ruin our country and cover it with lies”…

  9. The downside is, regardless of reality, Obama’s base will now have renewed hope that they have a chance, and I think that will swing the polls slightly against Romney.

    Romney is going to have to be solid in the next debate, which was always the case and he certainly will be.

    1. Only if they take hope from watching a buffoon dressed as a jackass dressed as a clown laughing his way through a debate insulting Ryan, and the intelligence of everyone who’s IQ is measurable (ie not Libtards).

      If Biden was in my party, I’d be highly ashamed of him and embarrassed that he was somehow representative of my values and ideals. But then it is Libtards we’re talking about so I suppose they are too stupid to know better.

      1. Oh I think the libs absolutely wanted Biden to be that way. That is how they really are.

        I suspect they’ll encourage Obama to try and be more like Biden just was.

        1. I hope they do. Then they will definitely lose the undecideds, because if there’s one common thread among the polls today, it’s that the undecideds did not like what they saw in Biden last night, and he failed miserably in moving them to their side.

          Meanwhile, while it wasn’t a slam dunk for Ryan, he did win by a huge margin last night in “likability.” I personally could care less about likability — I want someone who can get the job done, period — but apparently, according to the pundits, likability is the ONLY thing Obama’s got going for him right now and it could be enough to put him over the top. So if likability counts THAT much, then Paul Ryan won it, hands down, last night.

  10. Well done and best-timed ad yet. It was going through my mind last night and you’ll see it on another post here, why didn’t Ryan call Biden out for laughing about 4 dead Americans in Benghazi.

  11. Really? Is the situation with Iran and the state of the world a laughing matter?
    Rude, condescending, disrespectful to a fellow candidate,Joe Biden defeated himself.
    How embarrassing for our allies around the world to witness this spectacle.

    He however did Republicans a favor by looking and acting like an ass!!

  12. Great ad! Super quick too! Great comments too – As usual on this site! 🙂

    I guess when Biden couldn’t win the issues, all he had left was to be an ignorant, disrespectful donkey’s rear end. A few commentators mentioned that Ryan should have called Biden out for his ignorant disrespectful laughing at the really tough and important and serious issues. I agree. But the job of calling “order and respect” was down to the moderator. But I guess she was too busy shaking her pompoms and flirting with the Buffoon Clown to do her job. Or perhaps that was her job.

    I’m glad to see that Ryan won the debate at least among thinking people. The stoners and the drunkards and the slackers and Occupy crowd probably though Biden won, but when your mind is that effed up, they probably thought they were watching a clown in a circus… Hmmm…

  13. We have barky and jokin’ joe schmo biden vs Romney and Ryan who have given thought and present a plan for America.

    If barky and joe schmo win, I will have give up on humanity, and spend the rest of my days reminiscing of the good old days.

  14. Great ad.

    It exposes Biden for the Jack Wagon he really is.

    They aren’t serious about fixing anything in America. Plain and simple…

  15. When the dimowits needed a class act, they got……Biden? He didn’t help their cause at all. He came across as totally classless, as a buffoon, as a clown, as someone that doesn’t care about critical issues.

  16. Joe and Obama both are acting like the losers they are. They both demonstrated the true nature of their character.

  17. The only things Biden was missing was the skin cap with red hair along the sides, and a big red nose. Otherwise, he was in perfect character.

  18. I gotta admit, Biden’s a helluva trash talker. It’s not good for politics in any fashion, but you know what it’s good for? Online gaming.

    He should take up video gaming as a hobby once he’s thrown out of the VP office, because his rudeness and potty mouth will both fit in nicely in Xbox Live.

    Joe Biden: Incompetent Politician, Great Potential Gamer

    1. I don’t know Normal, I get the impression Biden is the kind of gamer that would shoot you in the back during a mission and then laugh at you when you complain. But if you had the idea that you always need an idiot in the team to draw enemy fire so you can do what you need to, I’m with you! 🙂

      1. Oh, I wasn’t talking about team matches with Joe “Gonna Put Y’all Back in Chains” Biden. I meant going head-to-head with the gaffe machine in free-for-all type modes with him.

        He’d be great at mainstream games like Halo or the Call of Duty series. There’s plenty of idiots and whiny children for Biden to associate with while he’s getting owned (and teabagged) by eight-year olds.

        Heck, I even thought of a good gamertag for Biden to use: Chainz4Yall2008

  19. OUT RIGHT LIES by Joe.

    Chiefs of staff do not care
    Intelligence fault for Bengazi mix up of terroist or tape
    Tries to Blame Republicans for lack of money to defend Embassy
    Stealing 716 Billion from Medicare, count it twice
    Saved G Motors, stole it from stock Holders Google it

    Us Govt Steals GM from Stock Holders Law Suits Galore

  20. From the very beginning senile Biden was cracking when very delicate issues were discussed like the assassinations in Benghazi. This guy is either mentally sick or a vicious mean bully. He alone is a reason not to vote for the democratic ticket. To present this abnormal behaving guy to the American Nation as VP candidate is an insult. Biden was only fighting to keep his power and his job, while Ryan was fighting for America.

  21. Unpatriotically – this voter couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes of this sham. In that short period of time, I saw a man who is the Vice President of the greatest nation on Earth act like an a55. He was disrespectful, frequently talked over Ryan, the moderator not only enabled him but aided him at times. He smirked, snorted and frankly was as bizarre as ever. To be fair, Ryan was clearly not playing to his stroing suite in the beginning, and only later did I listen to his closing comments which were particularly noteworthy.
    Oh – and one last note – for him to call Romney or Ryan dishonest is an amazing display of lunacy and amnesia. Who had to drop out of the 1988 presidential race due to plagiarism (a form of lying)? (When Biden was 46, older than Ryan is now, and should have in and of itself made him toxic for the office he currently occupies). The man is detestable.

  22. Typical Rules for Radicals:

    Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
    Rule #6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
    Rule #8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”
    Rule #10: “If you push negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”
    Rule #12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    Laughing at every point Ryan made, and interrupting as much as possible to attempt to infuriate and frustrate Ryan was the gameplan from the beginning (Ryan held strong, however). No factual substance of your own has to warrant a personal attack on the enemy, and your constituents like that.

    More importantly though, Biden made two very big gaffes. He blundered in his comments on Benghazi and he outright lied about not voting for the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Whether the general populace will realize this will be determined by whether or not the media brings it out.

    1. I thought the same thing. Many drunks laugh uncontrollably. But dead Americans, dead military members, dead Border Patrol and ICE agents, a crumbling economy, countless serious scandals by the O’Bambi administration are NOT laughing matters.

  23. I’m sure during his 6-day absence from the public Biden’s coaches told him time and again to watch what he says. He showed them though, he outwitted them and used his face!!!!!

  24. Honestly, I was secretly almost cheering every time Biden laughed and carried on – especially when he was sticking his pen in the face of the moderator.

    I knew then that he had LOST it.

    1. LOL, me too. He kind of calmed down in the middle and I was worried, but then he got nutty again at the end

  25. I struggled through watching the whole debate, getting more angry by the minute. Am I the only one who feels as though Joe was laughing at us as well as PR? Frankly I found it personally offensive. I’m sorry but I don’t find one thing humorous about our fiscal situation or our troops being deployed with non-winnable ROE’s, or what happened in Benghazi and the lies they continue to spin. I could I go on and on, but I am scared for my country and our patriots. I’m NOT laughing, you S O B. How dare you disrespect your office, Paul Ryan and “We the People” with such a flippant attitude.

    I hope everyone will drop the politics and take this personally.

    1. It truly was offensive, but he was coached to do it. The only problem is that he just couldn’t make it come out at the right times so he did it constantly. A smarter person could have pulled it off, but it was a stupid idea in the first place and the person they chose to do it just couldn’t make it happen as is was supposed to. These Dems are the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight. It’s frightening that they are in charge of this country.

    2. I was very disturbed at his lack of integrity. It was refreshing to hear that Ryan won in the CNN poll.

  26. In the next debate, not if, but when 0b0 accuses Romney of Lying,

    All Romney needs to do is ask “will you dig up another Youtube Video tomorrow to blame for loosing this debate?”

  27. Paul Ryan exhibited immense patience, respect, maturity and politeness throughout the entire debate despite Biden’s continuous erratic, rude and condescending behavior. The interruption count alone was 82 times in 90 minutes. Anyone count how many times he rolled his eyes, laughed or made comments while Ryan spoke? Obama and Biden will both think they did a great job tonight, blind to reality as usual.

    1. Great point and another good ad idea. Americans, who would you rather have at the negotiating table with Iran over nuclear weapons? Laughing and condescending Biden or calm, cool, collected and intelligent Paul Ryan?

  28. Lots of focus group were totally turned off by Biden’s behavior. I hope that translates to more support for Romney!

    1. Also, “sarcasm is good, too,” sounds like an SNL type suggestion Biden must have been following.

      And the hand waving and pointing… Does he volunteer as a ref at high school games on Friday nights or something?

  29. He seemed somewhat deranged to me.
    He made so many odd, strange, smirking and laughing faces.
    Is he deranged or a disrespectful jerk? Take your pick.

  30. Awesome…I was in a debate watching party tonight with some TEA Party and GOP folks…everyone in the restaurant all grimaced and laughed at the same time every time Biden would laugh and grin. It was creepy…CREEPY.

    1. It freaked me out when he would look straight into the camera. It was like he could see where I was and I was watching the debate in my bedroom…YEECCCKKK!

  31. Two men walk into a bar…
    Axelrod: Biden, we need to monopolize the debate. O sucked so bad last time you have to own it this week. Have everyone talking about you after.
    Biden: I know just how to do it. Cheers!


  32. I was yelling at my laptop half-way into the debate for Ryan to ask Joe, politely, to stop laughing at what are extremely serious issues. He could have said – “With all due respect Mr. Vice President, the American people aren’t laughing.”

    Done – put a fork in it.

    1. THAT would have been excellent
      I was laughing at biden at how stupid he was acting and thinking he was cute
      who coached this fool? oh yeah axelrod the other idiot

  33. Awesome! and at Warp Speed. What a great ad! RNC really comes out swinging!

    My blood pressure is just now calming down. That was so disgraceful. I heard Reince say on Hannity that Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times!!! in 90 minutes.

  34. CNN…Ryan won debate over Biden by 20 percent….over at Breitbart…What was that people in the TRS nation that thought Biden won????? tie?????….no…sorry….you missed the point….Ryan was brilliant….LET BIDEN BE BIDEN!! he did it and this is what happens you win….simply put women, men with brains and the undecideds will not vote for a NUT JOB!! Would you?? Ryan’s balanced approach while unnerving to some here…was the perfect balance for undecideds and I guess he won over more females. Old Nut vs Handsome Intelligent Poised Young Man….Guess who wins….see the CNN POST DEBATE POLL!

  35. There’s something really wrong with Biden. He was very aggressive, he didn’t stumble like Obama did, but he was very rude and condescending.

    1. I’ve heard METH and Bath Salts do that.

      Ryan is lucky that 0biden was laughing and not chewing on his face.

    2. That only works with the elites, and they won’t carry the vote for bummer. It may have actually been a tactic that he worked on. Who knows.

    1. I couldn’t believe that bummer picked him to run with in the last election. I thought that O might drop him this time. Never a dull moment.

    2. Joe Biden and his BOSS, “O’Bma bin Lyin” are essentially giggling about the blood of Ambassador Stevens, two Navy SEALS and a Civil Servant, that is still dripping off their hands….

      Those DEATHS are only one instance…What about Fast and Furious Gun Running to Mexico?? TERRY???

      Great…but very SAD portrayal of how far divided The United States of America has been…well…divided by the Socialist in Chief and his Cabal of Traitors…

      Guantanamo Bay would suit them all very nicely me thinks….

      1. MiketheMarine suggested the babboon cage at the San Diego Zoo. Now that I know the Japanese equivalent, I agree. What thinks you?

    1. OH. MY. GOODNESS! What an EXCELLENT commentary! Well done! I can’t believe someone remembered that was said. Now all the RNC have to do is make an ad about it! +A for you, my friend.

      1. Someone on another blog said that, “Ryan would be Robin, Biden would be the JOKER.”

        Biden’s smile reminded me of those old-style Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns. At least he’s seasonal….but he’s going to FALL!! (yuk, yuk!)

  36. Biden is neither bright, clean nor articulate. He’s just a jerk. Or as one CNN focus group member said: “He’s a buffoon”.

    1. Yes and CNN Post Debate Poll Ryan won by 20 percent over Biden!! Truly a buffoon and his behavior and antics did him in….both Biden and Obama will allow their arrogance to do them in!!

      1. Yep. Just like John (I went to VN don’t ya know) Kerry who lost by something like 5 points in the race between him and GW. People just don’t like schmucks.

      2. You are right, Mike. Try to imagine the type of person who would think that Biden won. Knowing there are people that intellectually challenged, who are allowed to vote, lets us know what makes up the democratic base. Ignorance on this level will destroy our nation.

    2. Biden is neither bright, clean nor articulate. He’s just a jerk. Or as one CNN focus group member said: “He’s a buffoon”.

      Funny, My Japanese wife just said buffoon in Japanese means “Horse $hit”

      I agree!

      1. Thank you for sharing that! MiketheMarine, did you see Jim Marchant’s post? So now I totally agree with your post that O’Bambi should be housed in the babboon cage at the San Diego zoo 🙂

        Jim, please thank your wife for sharing that!

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