New Spanish Romney ad in Florida shows Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro’s niece supporting Obama for president

Romney is running a new Spanish ad in Florida that shows both Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro’s niece vocally supporting Obama for president. That should mean something to many Cubans who fled Communist Cuba:

“Who supports Barack Obama?” a narrator asks, according to a Herald translation. The ad then shows clips of Chavez and Fidel Castro’s niece, Mariela Castro, supporting the president. It also attempts to tie communist revolutionary Che Guevara to the Obama administration.

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60 thoughts on “New Spanish Romney ad in Florida shows Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro’s niece supporting Obama for president

  1. Well, there ya go….if obama’s got endorsements from those commie leaders, who else does he need endorsements from anyway????? Birds of a feather….?

  2. The famous “Si se puede” or Yes we can” doesn’t even belong to Obama. This slogan was used in 1985 by Alan Garcia the former President from Peru between 1985-1990. The slogan became then very popular in South America and it is still in use for all kind of political demonstrations.

    Furthermore I fully agree that all immigrants should learn English, but right now I believe that Romney is trying to reach as many people as possible as he needs a landslide to overcome voter fraud.

    The content of the ad is perfect as we cannot forget that many immigrants came to America escaping from Communism and I know that they don’t want the same “story” again. They know what it means to be oppressed and to lose the freedom of speech. Obama has been misleading many minorities with unfulfilled promises and an amnesty that is not a solution. Furthermore many minorities not only don’t speak English but are poor and illiterate. This is a group of people that Obama knows how to deceive to get their vote. What Romney is offering is legality so that they have the same chances as the rest of the population and don’t need to hide.

  3. In response to some of the comments here already… in a perfect world, yes, everyone who moves to a certain country should learn that country’s official language in order to be a functioning member of society (even though the US doesn’t HAVE an official language, but that’s a whole other argument to be had.) But the issue here is, what’s done is done. There are millions of Spanish-speaking people living here now. Unless new voices, truth-telling voices, are heard by them on channels that they actually watch, these people will always be pigeon-holed and stymied by Democrats who like their voters uninformed and kept in easily-controllable masses. Why should Romney refuse to put ads out in Spanish? Merely out of principle? So that the Dems can be the only ones that talk to them, the only ones that act like they care? I say no. I’m sick of them having a monopoly on entire groups of people, many of whom understand the value of money and hard work.

    You can’t force immigrants to learn a language retroactively, but you CAN make it a condition of entry, and you CAN give them a good many reasons to want to learn, as long as you don’t seem like the stonewalling, all-other-languages-are-silly, uncompromising bad guys. It’s this stubbornness and refusal to put forward any case for integration to them UNLESS it’s in a language they have trouble understanding that puts up the walls to them actually integrating. So all you can do, as a people, is push for our authorities to pass that sort of bill, or to stem illegal immigration, etc. Until then, Romney does what he must, and we do what we can, to work around this issue.

    Besides, Spanish is a nice language. Languages are pretty awesome in general, I reckon. Why is it that many Europeans can be fluent in 2, 3, or more languages from an early age? Purely and simply, it’s because of exposure. If just one person, ONE person in your social circle is bilingual and has Spanish-speaking friends, then you can communicate, learn that we’re all just a bunch of humans trying to get by in this frustrating world, and maybe even give them a little English practice (or yourself some Spanish practice!) while you’re at it. And if you’re worried that bilingual people are going to steal all your kid’s jobs, then push them towards learning Spanish themselves. It’s not like there’s any shortage of people to practice on at the moment.

    As for the taxpayer’s money being spent on translators and the like, yeah, that’s a big problem too. But that’s not the Romney campaign’s problem, that’s indicative of the whole dysfunctional liberal school system, and the stringent-for-some, lax-for-others immigration policy in general. Any non-English-speaking immigrant child that comes to live in America should do a month- to three-month-long intensive language course before entering the school system, simple as that. It wouldn’t put them behind in school, and in fact I’m willing to bet it’d make them catch up quicker. I went to Japan on an internship, and we all had to do a month of Japanese language studies before we went to our assigned cities. It was some of the best fun I had in the whole trip.

    1. Romney has the ability to work with Congress to overturn the federal laws that require the translations. The medical industry alone spends hundreds of billions of dollars that could be used for research and lower medicine costs on translating FDA applications, usage instructions, package labeling, etc.

      1. Exactly, Orangeone. I don’t know why a fraction of that money couldn’t be put towards actual, effective, intensive language education, saving the need for all of that translation later and in perpetuity. I mean, I’m actually from Australia and I paid a heck of a lot of money for my permanent residency visa as well as various other stages of application, so where does all that money go? It’d be nice for SOME of it to go towards something productive, such a teaching people a lifelong skill at the same time as keeping future costs down.

        The only reason I said it’s not Romney’s campaign’s problem, is because it’s not Romney’s CAMPAIGN’s problem. He doesn’t hold any office currently, and he’s not the president YET. Soon enough, I’m sure! But some people think he shouldn’t campaign in Spanish because our (un)official language is English, and that’s just a bad idea in my opinion.

        1. Sorry Rebecca, I should have phrased my response with President Romney to focus on the solution after election / inauguration because you are exactly correct.
          Welcome to the US whenever that was, we are a better country because of your immigration.

          1. Hehe thanks, I’m incredibly glad to be here, especially at a time such as this. I’m just sad I can’t vote yet ($950 for citizenship that I can’t afford right now.) Peace, and here’s hoping for a much better future!

              1. Yeah, sorry, I’ve been eligible to become a citizen ever since January, but $950 has been a LOT of money to us for quite a long time now. Long story short, we just moved out of my husband’s parents’ house after being stuck there for four years. The only upshot is that we’re in Texas, and now that I finally understand how the Electoral College works, I can see that my vote wouldn’t exactly count as much as if I were in, say, Ohio! So yeah, boo, but yay too, I guess.

                1. Every vote counts!  And it’s more than a vote for President, it’s a vote for US Senator like Ted Cruz!

                2. Oh right, I keep forgetting about the importance of the Senate race…. D: have to wait until next time now though, I really hope I can afford it by then!

  4. Beautiful ad, I saw it yesterday and was taken back I didnt know that the Romney campaign had in them to make an ad like this, but I give them credit maybe this was their strategy all along save the best for last, and I hope it is highlighted through November 06. I know that we will not win the black vote but why dont we make something like this targeting the african american community and show Obama’s pastor saying the things he said, one of the big reasons John McCain lost the elections in 2008 was his unwillingness to go harder and Obama and a lot of ammunition was left at the table and we are all suffering the consequences of it.

  5. What, are some of you ASSUMING just because a person listens to foreign language TV programing the do not speak English?

    That’s a stretch.

    We are talking a TV ad here on Spanish TV. Not rewriting the Constitution for gosh sakes.

    Would some of you like to make it against the law to speak a foreign language in America?

    You need to put it in perspective.. I just returned from a trip out of the country, I was around Spanish , German, British, Dutch, Asian and who knows who else..

    America is not an isolated island any longer, I have spoken with many European’s that point out it is fairly common for many European’s to speak Several languages as their countries are small and share many borders..

    I really do hate to say it but many American’s in many respects are lazy. Hell I know many foreigners that speak better English than many Americans. That’s no shit.

  6. OK, I’ll chime in…should people who can’t speak English vote? I don’t care if its not their 1st language. Speak English dangit. We pay translators $100/hour to make sure parents of illegal students in the schools understand ALL the ins and outs of the free testing and programs we’re providing for their students…usually winds up costing thousands of $$ per kid…and then they move to another state and do the same thing there.

  7. It’s a good ad.. With out a doubt there are many in Fl. that watch Spanish TV.

    We are in this to WIN. If it reaches some that would not be reached otherwise I say DO IT!


    Case in point. I regularly stay in Hotels. A high percentage of the time when I turn on the T.V. in the room it is tuned to a Spanish speaking channel. The women that work hard in housekeeping supporting their families listen and it can not hurt one bit if they are exposed to these ads multiple times a day. They will take these ideas from these ads home with them and it could change family members minds.

    Good idea imo.

  8. I was right about Romney campaign strategy. They were saving the best for last when it would be the most effective. Studies have shown that most voters do not pay much attention until the last few weeks of the election. Obama blew all of his money way too early. Most do not even remember the stupid, dishonest things he said about Romney. And even if they did, if they watched Romney in rallies like the one in Virginia today, they would know that obama is the BS’er, not Romney. Great ad.

    1. Barky is in the negative and borrowing from Bank of America 🙂 The DNC ran into the negative and also borrowed from Bank of America. Then Holder turned around and sued BOA.

      I hope Romney or a SuperPac does a little ad about their deficit spending compared to the RNC surplus and Romney surplus!

  9. Needed English subtitles. Other than that it’s probably a good ad. Still not convinced ads need to be in foreign languages though. I’m in the camp of “In America, we speak ENGLISH” so that might color my view of the ad.

      1. Indeed.
        Else you end up like we in the UK, where we can thank the socialist Labour government not only for inviting the whole Third World to come an live here, for free, but where we provide translations on official documents for every dialect on the Subcontinent, Africa and Asia. And of course French, Spanish, German, Polish … or actual translators, in e.g. court cases.
        And we pay for it with our taxes.

        The Dutch stopped this custom in their country. My, were the EUrocrats angry, shouting ‘human rights’ and all that. No matter. You can’t speak Dutch within sis months, you go back where you came from.

        Dutch ain’t easy, I keep thinking one needs to install a brush inside one’s throat to speak it properly.

        1. LOL! 🙂

          [edit – at your comment regarding Dutch. The rest of your post was excellent and I wasn’t laughing at it – I know only too well from personal experience how well text can be misunderstood.]

        2. The US translates into numerous languages as well. There is one quick solution to reducing the deficit and medical costs specifically, English and English only.

          1. Being English only wouldn’t reduce the deficit. Language doesn’t cause spending. Spending does. For example, Obama spends a ton on “green energy” subsidies even though those company’s employees speak English, and there’s also a lot of welfare spending and Social Security and Medicare spending, almost all of which go to English speakers.

            1. Federal laws require translation of any federal document that could be disseminated to the public into 10+ languages.  This must be budgeted, all fed documents must be printed with such which costs a lot of money.  I’m concurring with the wasteful green energy, welfare, Medicare, etc. but all of those public documents must be translated because they could land in the hand of a non-English speaker. Trust me, worked in gov’t for over 15 years and saw this waste upclose and personal and expand when the Hmongs and Somalians infiltrated our country.

        3. I speak it relatively well… and that brush inside the throat bit… just think of Obama while generating a nice hoarking spit. You’ll be accepted by the Dutch in a matter of minutes and speaking like one of them.

          P.S. Any good news on Tommy Robinson?

            1. This article by the International Business Times was barely coherent.Tommy Robinson… leader of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) Gotta love your British hate media peddling as usual their cartloads of assorted leftist baggery.

              Man! Britain is sinking under the waves fast. Sorry for you mum-mate… Canada’s still a bright spot on the globe however. You’re welcome here.

              1. Thanks for the welcome!

                Still, I’d rather stay here and do my bit to help turn things around. Yes, it’s tedious sometimes, but running away is not an option.
                Never give up, and all that, as Churchill said.

        4. When I voted, they even had translations of the party names in Spanish on the ordinary ballot. Otherwise how would Spanish-speaking people know that Obama is a “Democrato” and Romney is a “Republicana”?

      2. I agree that in America we speak English but remember there are many immigrants in America and “their” first language is NOT English. It easier for them to understand and helps get information to them. We want informed voters, after all they are voters. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

        1. To vote here. You have to be a citizen. Immigrants that qualify and seek to become citizens have to pass the tests. Part of the test, is they have to be able to hold a full conversation in English with the immigration tester to their satisfaction. They have to be able to so they can write and read English. Therefore, those who want to vote should be citizens and to be a citizen you have to speak English and so why make ads in foreign languages?

          BTW, although it may seem like it, my comments are not addressed exclusively towards Spanish speaking people. I hold the same rule for Irish, German, Norwegian, Italian, Greek, or whatever nation.

          Speaking English is also a safety issue, but it’s beyond the scope of what I’m trying to say here so I’ll let it pass.

          1. That is exactly the point: they must show they understand English when they apply to become a US citizen.
            So – no speeka da inglish – no votee!

            Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is hugely important.
            Take a look at Germany, where they have a huge number of Turkish families living there. It is a fact that since everybody got satellite TV, they only watch Turkish TV, never speak German, and there are now literally ghettos where no German is spoken at all. The children do very badly in school, so the get no jobs, and there’s a huge welfare dependency. All because they do not learn the language.

            Now German is very difficult to learn, even worse than Dutch, but you’ll have the same problem with Spanish speakers who simply do not need to learn English because they get their entertainment from Mexico,thanks to satellite TV, and live in little enclaves where speaking English is just not necessary.

            And the Left panders to that attitude, with schools where they aren’t taught in English. It is crazy. Children learn another language so quickly, if encouraged.

            One wonders how all the previous immigrants managed, who came to America without any English … it was sink-or-swim for them. They could do it, why can’t the modern-day immigrants do it?

            1. I think I our early immigrants had it better in some ways. No handouts and no multi-language television or schools. If they wanted to make it here it was imperative to learn the language. Most made the effort and blended nicely into the tapestry of America. It’s only been since the 60’s that this multi-culti emphasis gathered steam and is now tearing at the very fabric of the country.

              1. All this hyphenated crap is a problem as well… It’s all African-American, Irish-American, Japanese-American, Mexican-American… You get the picture. Way too much emphasis on the first part and way too little emphasis on the second.

                Those who advocate “multiculturalism” are the very ones separating out the cultures into their own little box… Thus weakening the culture as a whole and causing strife.

                1. We must preserve culture and also perhaps bring some of the foreign culture into America. America was created by mixing a lot of foreign cultures. Otherwise, how would we have pizza, Italian food, Chinese food, Hollywood (had a lot of different cultures in it), rock music, jazz (black culture), etc, etc.

                  There need not be an either or proposition–you are either fully American or fully not American. What we take from other cultures makes America interesting and great.

                2. Asking people to adopt American culture and learn English is not asking too much of people who have come to make a permanent home here. I’m all for them remembering their own culture, and integrating parts of it into the American culture, so long as the parts are not criminal for instance. Also they should come here and not try to re-create “home” if they want “home”… Go home.

              2. The children of immigrants can probably learn English more quickly than their parents in some cases. According to historical books and stuff, sometimes foreign languages were still spoken at home by first-generation parents to their children.

          2. I may have a biased view about this because I am a Hispanic conservative but let me tell you what the problem is, the Latino community is in a turning point in our society where we the Republicans and conservatives are in danger of losing them for ever just like we did the African-American community, but I don’t think that we are going to win the Latino community pandering to them, the way our community will be won will be emphasizing our values because to me being a Hispanic know that our values are what the Hispanic community believes in. I do believe that we have to encourage the Latino community to assimilate to this country and I do believe that English Should be the first language in this country.

            1. In general, doesn’t much of the Latino community have pro-family, hard-working ethics? How are conservatives in danger of losing them forever?

            2. Amen, brother. You are 100% correct. You have to be careful not to lose whole demographics, because cultural memories are very, very long. Unfortunately it is easier to criticize newcomers than to HELP them. Democrats pander to immigrants, but keep them on the plantation. We who are Hispanic but have escaped the Democratic rat race of dependency and barrio must help educate our other conservative brethren to the fact that if they want Hispanics to assimilate, they need to help them. Not with another government handout or program, oh no, but with friendship, with jobs, with understanding. And – gasp! – the best way to do that is to learn some Spanish, or Hmong, or whatever, and to come to where we are and befriend us. Cultural bridging is a two-way street. No matter how emotionally attached you are to your ethnicity or history, you need to think survival. And right now conservatism is being consigned to a dying demographic. That is not right.

              1. Well said my friend, and one good thing we have for us is the really impressive line up of stars in our side, Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, the Governor of Nevada Brian Edward Sandoval, etc, I believe we can win it with just emphasizing our values but make it in a way that brings it home. I came here a long time ago to New York, and soon found out that I was supposed to be a democrat but the more I learned what the liberals stand for I found myself saying the same thing that Susana Martinez said at the convention “I’ll be damned I am a republican” and I believe that the numbers might not show it in election day but there is a lot of people like that.

              2. Are you saying conservatives tend to not offer jobs to Hispanic American citizens?

                I grew up having friends along the way of many ethnicities, doing most of my growing up in the melting pot of Southern California. My friends were African American, mixed descent, Lebanese, Hispanic, Jewish, Indian, Vietnamese, etc.. I think having a brother who lives in another culture overseas now has made me appreciate more how tough it can be to learn a language (not a citizen- has a visa).

                I do believe if someone wants to be a citizen of a country, it’s very important to assimilate. I remember signs going up in a store there in L.A. County and I think they did announcements in Spanish also- I think that is not helping people to assimilate. There was also an Asian store that had all their signs in a foreign language with no translation in English. This too is not assimilating. Eagerness to learn a language proficiently I imagine is diminished some by these types of things.

                We are nation of immigrants with a common bond of being Americans and I confess I am surprised that so many in the Latino community have chosen the pro-abortion, pro-oxymoron homosexual ‘marriage’, and pro-hand-outs party as their own.

                1. Having signs in foreign languages is good for business. That’s going to happen in a free-market.

                  I studied Chinese at university, and I would always try to learn about Chinese culture and embrace Chinese culture, so I went to the Asian supermarket, and they had signs in Chinese and newspapers in Chinese. There is a lot of food you can buy there that you can’t buy at other supermarkets.

                  Now I’m in China, and I try to speak Chinese and read Chinese as often as I can, but I do see a lot of long-term expats in China never learn the language and just hang out in bars with other foreigners all the time. I think it sets them back, and I don’t see why they came here if they didn’t want to learn the language. There are a lot of Europeans, though, and they all learned English as well as their native language. America is one of the few countries that there is no need to learn a foreign language in. In Europe, I guess a lot of people learn English as its an international language.

                2. You said:

                  ‘I studied Chinese at university, and I would always try to learn about Chinese culture and embrace Chinese culture, so I went to the Asian supermarket, and they had signs in Chinese and newspapers in Chinese.’

                  While the Asian supermarket in California should accomodate English speaking citizens, other than that, the same principles you mentioned there that you applied to yourself should apply to those who have become citizens in this country. They should try to assimilate. Businesses who put big signs in Spanish up and speak Spanish over the loud speaker system are enabling new Hispanic citizens not to have to work so hard at doing this. It is bad for America.

          3. May I add Hmong? Huge costs in MN to translate and also teach the English as a 2nd language courses. More ways to cut the deficit and education spending, English and English only. If you’ve like to learn a language besides English, pay a fee like you have to for music and sports.

            1. Agree completely!

              Safety issue too… If you can’t read/write and speak/understand English you could become an unwitting liability during an emergency. This could cost the life of you or someone else. All immigrants should be pushed hard to learn English on the grounds of safety.

    1. How about in English with Spanish subtitles (except it might be nice to leave Romney saying the approval of the message in Spanish and put subtitles of that in English)? I’m with you about English, but as some newer citizens are still not fluent, subtitles in their first-learned language is nice and the ad could be played on more channels.

    2. I disagree. English subtitles would have diluted this message to Hispanics. It’s a great ad, targeted at those that understand socialism and its pitfalls. Yes, we are in America and English is the first language. However, there are many in America to whom English is not the first language and understand the threats of socialism. This ad is for them. I think it brilliant because what makes it special is that it is for them only. I think it respectful of them that the Romney campaign didn’t simply piggyback an ad for the Hispanics on a political ad in general.

    3. I agree that people should learn English, but also some people are new immigrants here, and maybe their English isn’t so good. Even if their English is good, maybe they like to hear an ad in their mother tongue. Maybe it helps it connect to them and makes them think Romney is sensitive to their culture.

    4. Translation:

      The ad starts out by asking, “Who supports/stands with Barack Obama? Hugo Chávez is shown saying, “If I were American, I would vote for Obama”.

      Then a picture is shown of Mariela Castro with the announcer saying, “Raúl Castro’s daughter, Mariela Castro would vote for Obama” followed by video clip of Mariela saying the same.

      The ad continues, “And to make matters worse, Obama’s EPA agency sent out emails for ‘Hispanic Month’ with photos of El Che Guevara”

      It ends with another clip of Hugo Chávez in which he says that “if Obama was from the Venezuelan town of Barlovento, He would vote for Chávez”.

      Personally, I agree that “En Estados Unidos de América” (USA!) we should speak and do business in English only, but given the horrible fact that we have immigrants (both legal and illegal) who only speak Spanish and watch only Spanish TV and also many of whom detest and or escaped from the dictator Hugo Chávez and who know about the revolutionary Che Guevara, this ad speaks volumes to them!

      Very powerful!

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