New Romney ad seeks to expose Obama lies and features Hillary Clinton saying ‘shame on you Barack Obama’

I sense this ad is just the beginning of a series of ads meant to expose the lies and deceits the Obama campaign is engaging in their attacks on Romney. I really like where this is headed:

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41 thoughts on “New Romney ad seeks to expose Obama lies and features Hillary Clinton saying ‘shame on you Barack Obama’

  1. WOW! Great video. Obama and the Clintons really hate each other because Obama won the primary and the presidency. I think that is obvious.

  2. …El Presidente’ Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro is going to LOSE in one of the BIGGEST LANDSLIDES IN AMERICAN HISTORY .” (period)

  3. I love it. How much ya wanna bet Hllary likes this ad, too? I seriously think she hates Obama….and she has a right to.

    1. Game’s just getting started. Im sure Obama is going to get as nasty as it can get and will tell worse and worse dispicable lies.

  4. Great ad! Not a fan of Hillary at all… but happy to use her words against the devil.

    1. This isn’t going to sit well with a lot of people here, but I like her a hell of a lot more than Obama. I have never felt so much disdain for a sitting President.

      1. I understand… I like the dog droppings in the park more than this bastage. And think about it, a jailed criminal almost beat him in a Democratic primary.

        I think that’s why it’s been said that some of us would vote for an orange juice can before we’d vote for this monster. At least the can won’t be able to destroy this nation as he has.

      2. Agreed! I dislike the Clintons emphatically but Obama is beyond anything I could have possibly immagined.

        I will paraphrase a famous quote of Mooch’el Obama when she said: “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of the United States.” By saying: For the first time in my adult life I feel ashamed because my country is controlled by an unprepossessing snolygoster.

        1. unprepossessing snolygoster

          Or, in layman’s terms for people like me….

          ugly Democrat

          Snollygoster fits about any Democrat politician as far as I’m concerned…with a few exceptions. 😉

  5. “We are Americans and we have a right to disagree with this or any administration.” Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Really? Unless its a Dhimrat one huh Madam Secretary?

    The Romney political machine is doing a great job framing the arguments and dissing the false Messiah at every turn.

  6. FuBar Ack and Pelosi made history?
    ……………………………………….So did Lenin – then Russia murdered 60,000,000 of their own people who did dare to criticize socialism…..
    Pelosi’s kids and their kids will spit, pee and poo on her grave shouting: PUTANA!!!

    1. They will still be in diapers at 20. Pelosi has to protect the cradle to grave mentality.

      Putana…I had to look it up. Came up with different answers.

      Demoness, bitch, slag, prostitute. I would ask which one but any one of them works, lol.

  7. I really like this ad above. Hi ho Silver…awaaaaay!

    By the way, did any of ya’ll know that the direct translation of “kimosabe”, means sweety-pie?

    It’s a little joke.

  8. This is quite good, it may be a preemptive strike at the idea of Obama replacing Biden with Hillary. By exposing the animus generated between the Clintons and the Obama’s it just may remind Hillary that Obama is not and never has been a fan of hers.

      1. Yet they found common ground to collaborate when it was time to spill blood for their Progressive causes: Fast and Furious, replacing Mubarak with the Brotherhood, the disposing of Kadaffi and putting Syria on the chopping block.

        1. Yes, Hillary is every bit as much of an ideologue as Zero and the end justifies the means in their book.

  9. Are we not normal here? Does this ‘hey look a politician lied’ approach work on anyone?

    and ….

    Should Romney really be running ads about deceptive advertising? Wasn’t that Romney’s modus operandi in the primaries?

    1. Have fun pulling the lever for maobama… you and sDEE!

      The future of the Republic is at stake yet you and others have chosen to do nothing to stop the worst president of all time!


      1. of the thousands of comments I have made here you’ll not find one where I advocate voting for Hussein, or not voting for Romney.

        Of course replacing a Marxist with a Progressive is better than keeping the Marxist. If you want to convince yourself that is something more than that is fine with me. I simply prefer to accept the ugly reality that it was two steps left an only one back – and that we have a helluva a lot more work to do to get from a Progressive to a conservative in order to save the Republic.

        1. Don’t worry about Mr. Exclamation Point sDee. He’s a dingbat from C4P. Sarah can’t control her rabid supporters any more than Ron Paul can.

    2. as FuBar Ack said: “it all campaign RHETORICs” – meaning: we lie, lie, and lie to get elected, THEN we implement our agenda.
      Most of them would never be elected if they said what they REALLY think.

      1. Absolutely. Politicians no longer have the guts to tell us what they really believe. But it is somewhat our fault. We demand politicians be honest and tell us what they believe. That is as long as what they believe is what we believe. If it isn’t we destroy them for it.

        We no longer strive for honest leaders, we strive for leaders that agree with us (or at least say the do) 100% of the time, so politicians lie to get elected and once in office they do what they really intended to do in the first place.

    3. yup – it is exactly how he destroyed Santorum and Gingrich.

      He is running against a marxist who has broken the law, bypassed congress and the courts, abandoned our allies, embraced our enemies, and the best Romeny can come up with is “liar, liar, pantsuit on fire”?

    1. Romey’s just targeting hilary supporters and disenfranchised democrats, which is semi-smart… if they leave obama and vote romney that’s a 2 vote swing. even if they just leave obama it’s good for romney… i’m just not sure how much success he’ll have.

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