New Romney video defends Bain work at GST Steele

This is actually a good video that features a former VP of GST Steele defending the work that Bain did for their company, saying that Bain provided them a life line and a blood infusion, exactly the opposite of the way the Obama campaign is characterizing it:

(via Politico)

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5 thoughts on “New Romney video defends Bain work at GST Steele

  1. Fantastic ad and it’s exactly the way I have always looked at it. There are a lot of conservatives, even on this site, who believe Bain sucks the life out of companies. My question has always been “if Bain is a villain that pillages companies, why would any company in their right mind seek out Bain’s help”? They wouldn’t.

    Any investor wants to protect their investment, and Bain is no different. They aren’t going to hand over $100 million to a failing company to burn unless they have a contract protecting their money….and if they don’t see the possibility of saving the company. The accusation that Bain destroys companies intentionally is an outright lie.

  2. Good ad… maybe a tad too long… but good nonetheless.

    Where do these ads get placed… on mainstream media? Are the mainstream airing them?

  3. Now if they only could’ve added the line

    “private equity saves and creates jobs”

    it could be a great ad & hit the marxist candidate right in between the eyes

  4. Good ad. I think the analogy “blood donor” as opposed to “blood sucking” will stick with average viewers and make them think ….

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