NEW Rules of Engagement tie our troops hands in Afghanistan even MORE than they already were

Of all the awful things this administration has done over the years, this has to be near the top of the list. After all, why are we even there if we have to run a stupid checklist before we can kill a Taliban? And why are we letting the Taliban help set the rules of engagement?

WASHINGTON TIMES – The new U.S.-Afghanistan security agreement adds restrictions on already bureaucratic rules of engagement for American troops by making Afghan dwellings virtual safe havens for the enemy, combat veterans say.

The rules of engagement place the burden on U.S. air and ground troops to confirm with certainty that a Taliban fighter is armed before they can fire — even if they are 100 percent sure the target is the enemy. In some cases, aerial gunships have been denied permission to fire even though they reported that targets on the move were armed.

The proposed Bilateral Security Agreement announced Wednesday by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Secretary of State John F. Kerry all but prohibits U.S. troops from entering dwellings during combat. President Obama made the vow directly to Mr. Karzai.

“U.S. forces shall not enter Afghan homes for the purposes of military operations, except under extraordinary circumstances involving urgent risk to life and limb of U.S. nationals,” Mr. Obama pledged in a letter to the Afghan leader.

Even before the security agreement’s rules of engagement were drafted, troops complained about meeting the requirements of an increasingly burdensome checklist before they can fire. The rules grew stricter in 2010 after a series of mistaken U.S. bombings killed civilians and special operations troops raided villages and homes at night.

The rules of engagement today also place restrictions on dwelling assaults, but Mr. Obama’s language of “extraordinary circumstances involving urgent risk of life and limb” sets the bar much higher.

Said retired Army Col. Ken Allard, now a military analyst: “Call me crazy, but what on earth is the point of remaining there under these [rules of engagement], much less subjecting American soldiers to another set of restrictions that make sense only in proportion to your distance from the combat zone?”

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236 thoughts on “NEW Rules of Engagement tie our troops hands in Afghanistan even MORE than they already were

  1. Kerry was a traitor almost 50 years ago, and he’s still subverting the Constitution. He fits in the democrat party.

  2. the tree of Liberty sometimes needs to be replenished with the blood of Tyrants, It is time for the United States to take back it’s country & bring our Soldiers home to stand by the citizens as we rid our country of treasonous higharchy….

  3. Since 2009, Obama has been involved in the deliberate and well orchestrated dismantling of the United States Military, by ‘Islamizing’ military protocol to conduct operations in accordance to some Q’ranic discipline, that exists only for our troops, the 74% increase in K.I.A.’s should come as no surprise however, there is no excuse to accept this willful sacrifice of our troops for the express purpose of satisfying some psychotic impulse, to reward our enemies, by giving them the opportunity to “even the playing field” as this Ideological Supremacist is so fond of saying when his ‘teleprompter’ acts up. Or could this be way he actually believes a country at war, should behave? It is if your mission involves the mass murder of the U.S. Military, while projecting a ‘sensitive side to combat’ something that in days when reality was the “rule of law” would be called “treason, aid and comfort to the enemy” this and the facts that are becoming evident and inexcusable, not to mention impossible to defend, the time is past due, for this enemy of the country to come under the scrutiny of Article 3, Section 3, of the United States Constitution before it is this country that is put under the sanctions reserved for other rogue states, as it stands, we are now a captive nation, evident by examining the traditional allies, leaving the Obama Caliphate, since NATO was duped to hit Libya, and this administration’s attempt to overthrow Syria’s Al’ Assad regime, which has been fighting to protect the Ancient Christian Orthodox Communities, that predate Islam, like Hebrews in the Maghreb, and likely one the main reasons why Egypt removed Muslim Brotherhood ‘mullah’ Mohammed Morsi, with a majority vote that exceeded over 33 million, in contrast to 12 million that were cast to remove Mubarak, incidentally a legal Constitutional Amendment, and not the coup d’ e’tat, this administration has tried to present it as. This fraudulent administration, has been implementing the policies of the Brotherhood, militarily and through the intelligence both international and domestic agencies that have turned their efforts to “internal security” making the country a police state, that will soon surpass the tyrannical control, by the “civilian security forces” while forbidding the very Constitution it used to gain their legislated oppression while it ignores the public’s rights, something that now extends to sovereign nations that were once our allies. It is only a matter of time until the U.S.A., is declared an Islamist Republic under shariah law.

  4. Of the 2,189 servicemen and women killed in combat-related activities in Afghanistan since 2001, 1,611 (73%) of those deaths have occurred since Obama took office in January 2009.

    73% of American military deaths in Afghanistan have been under Obama!

    But you don’t hear about these numbers any more, since the MSM is deep in bed with O. Astounding and sad, really. And now he’s making their task even more difficult. At what point is he going to have the generals order the troops to just stand in place and let the Taliban decide if they want to shoot at them?

  5. Bring them home. Screw Karzai. If he doesn’t want too save his own country he’s not going to bring our troops down with him. Bring them home, now. In fact, as long as Obama is in office, I’d elect to bring them home from everywhere. Obama is an inept fool that gets people killed to make himself look good.

  6. Where are all those who reviled Bush the Younger about battle deaths? Bush didn’t tie our guys’ hands like this. Yet while ‘The Kenyan’ does this, which will lead to even more deaths, those irrational Bush-hating freaks still LOVE this vile corrupt man.

    1. Yep, and the media was putting up troop deaths daily on the news, supposedly to “honor” them. Funny, they stopped “honoring” them the day Bush left office. None of them care about the troops. The troops are just like the blacks. They are a group they can use for a political battering ram.

  7. Our soldiers should ignore these new ROE and kill as many enemy personnel as they can, wherever they find them. Demoralize, humiliate and subjugate our enemies. Give new rules to THEM, not to ourselves.

    1. I would agree with that except for one minor detail. They would be brought up on Court Martial. I don’t want any troops being imprisoned by the dictator in chief.

      1. Allen West stood up for his men and protected them and let them protect themselves… and he was drummed out of the Army. As an enlisted man I would much rather have a man like Allen West as my leader than anything resembling Barack Obama. This should be the reason Obama is impeached.

  8. All the more reason to withdraw the troops from that hell hole and let the savages kill each other off!This POTUS,hates the military!Do you think he really cares how many of our young people are killid as a result of his ROE?I don’t!

    1. I don’t think he cares for the United States itself, either. He disregards our laws and our Constitution on a daily basis…..and he admitted he did not like the Constitution. I agree to just let the savages kill each other off. Let them continue the war they’ve waged against each other endlessly for centuries. We were fools (as a nation) to think we could change anything.

      1. Should have just flown over,bombed the terrorist training camps flat and came home.Then every time the camps reappear,bomb them again.No boots on the ground.

  9. Pull the troops and bring all troops home. Put them on the borders to protect us if of course they could use their weapons when attacked. We might as well arm our troops with bean bags and tell them not to throw unless they know that the enemy is fixing to attack. What rock did these people crawl out from under?

  10. It really burns my azz when I hear some Libtard talk about “PEACE PRIZE WINNER” I call it like I see it. He says hes really good at killing people. What branch of the military was the faggot in? These azzholes are doing the same crap they did in Nam. If azzhole obombya stopped gutting the military we might have a chance over there. However, we are only over there now to protect the heroin and steal all the lithium we can. This government is the most corrupt government in the history of the world. The offences this traitor has committed are too various to list. YES WE CAN? KISS MY AZZ. Libtards got to put down those psychotropic drugs and open their STUPID eyes to what is really going on.

  11. I can’t think of anything that’s not too rude and vulgar to post here about my feelings toward the president and his minions, risking the lives of our troops in such a cavalier manner.

  12. Demoralizing our troops, demoralizing the American people…ignoring our Constitution, deflating the economy, opening our borders and silencing the people…it is all part of Otyrant’s plan to collapse America.

    Obama was raised to despise Imperial colonialism…he views America as allied with Imperialism…he ascribes to the ideology that wants to bring down Imperialism.

    Have you ever heard Obama say he loves America….and sound like he means it? Has it not come across loud and clear that Obama is anti American!

    Wake up America we have the devil incarnate in the WH…and more waiting in line to take his place. Socialist Progressives will cause the dark ages for America.

    1. AMEN
      and where the hell is the GOP????????????????
      they should be screaming about this forget about the money for defense stand up for the damn soldiers
      God I cannot take much more of this idiot jerk empty suit obamaer
      and sorry but the GOP is failing us and betraying us…and they are liars too
      I fear for my country and all of us
      it is gonna get ugly

      1. When Aaron Vaughn’s parents tried to alert the Nation on how Obama’s ROE caused the deaths of Seal Team VI in Afghanistan…I thought the whole country would be as outraged as I was. The LMSM barely covered it…ignoring the Vaughn family pleas right before the election, was beyond disgusting.

        We have to demand Conservatives, make the restoring of the Constitution and serving the people their main focus and priority or they are out of office….hold their feet to the fire. If we have any hope of saving America.

      2. Dems control the Senate. What do you expect the GOP to do when the DIMS control the Senate and Executive branch? Quit your whining.

  13. Bring the troops home.. Let those goat herders kill each other if they want.. Afghanistan gives the world heroin, It takes our treasured sons and daughters and gives nothing… Obama lied and many more Americans will die !!!!

  14. I was just talking to my grandson today & he just came back from Afghanistan. He told me Obama’s ROE are getting our soldiers killed. Moral is at an all time low because of these ROE orders. Our soldiers can’t return fire unless fired upon that means one of our troops has already been wounded or killed because they couldn’t fire when they saw the enemy with weapons. A shot fired means a bullet or many are coming your way & you can’t dodge fast enough to get out of the way if you are the intended target. Obama doesn’t have a clue about much of anything & is the most incompetent person ever in the office. He is even lousy at Golf & can’t make an intelligent speech without a teleprompter. When he tries, he sounds like Porky Pig!

    1. where are the commanders?????????????? gutless like the GOP refusing to speak up for our great soldiers
      this disgusts me beyond belief
      our soldiers deserve better we are letting them down
      is anything going to get this country fired UP and stand together and demand enough…….?????????????????
      Am I the only one who cannot take much more?

  15. “U.S. forces shall not enter Afghan homes for the purposes of military operations, except under extraordinary circumstances involving urgent risk to life and limb of U.S. nationals,” Mr. Obama pledged in a letter to the Afghan leader.

    Someone should ask Mr. Obama to write a letter and pledge that the US government (including the IRS) will not enter American homes. I’m sure he would refuse, but how would he justify giving Afghans more rights than Americans?

    On the bright side, should Karzai be kidnapped and held hostage, we can do nothing to help him, even if we know where he is being held, because he is not a “U.S. national.”

    1. how about keeping illegals out of our country including the ones who are here? Why do we citizens seem unable to toss these bums and the illegals out?

  16. Two things: 1) Why are our people even there? There’s no purpose to it anymore. Get them out of there and stop letting them be murdered by these animals. 2) Why the hell is Obama still king? How many more Americans have to die before he is dethroned?
    Until we rid ourselves of this monster, America will be digested by evil and ignorance, piece-by-piece.
    I’m so mad right now, I’ll just stop here. Because what is on my heart will get me in big trouble.

  17. Check out today’s polls….Obama’s ratings going down the crapper! Americans are finally waking up to his failures. Funny how it took Obamacare for people to see the light. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying, IRS corruption hadn’t awakened the sleeping people until it hit them in their pockets! This community organizer is going to organize us into the dust unless we fight back!

  18. LISTEN UP PEOPLE, send this to every one you know. Before this COMMIE gets out of office,he will declair MARTIAL LAW and keep the job . This guy wants to be KING Obama and take this country down. If the AMERICAN PEOPLE will stand up and fight now we might get to keep this great country.I am an old MARINE VIETNAM VETERAN but I still have a little fight left in me. We need to stand up and even take up arms if need be and fight for OUR country and send him back where he came from.
    Now I’m off my soap box will you get on yours?????

    1. I too am a Retired Vietnam Vet and can assure you I will defend the oath I took. Can’t put anything to our Reps, seems like they are all afraid of him and have no backbone, just a bunch of money grabbing wussies.

    2. Robert ,how do you feel about this theory?

      I read a piece on Yahoo news that said Obama
      told the Egyptian leader, in confidence, that he was still a Muslim., and was
      still sympathetic to the Muslim agenda….Makes me wonder……if we did
      impeach him, and the thought of it doesn’t seem to really bother him, would he
      show up again as a leader in the middle east? He is shipping enough money,
      arms, foreign aid programs, etc…, to rebuild the cities, he has people from
      his agenda filtered all through our government body…he is trying to disarm us
      on every level, turning our friends into enemies, borrowing so much from China
      that it would bankrupt us if they recalled it, dividing the races, dividing the
      classes….is he weakening America enough that he can enact a takeover as
      bounty for being made top dog over there? We better wake up, because if you
      even have reason to think that this could be true….then we have a problem. We
      may truly have the last piece of the puzzle to what Obama really is after, WE
      are the only thing standing in his way, we are the ultimate VICTORY! he was a
      virtual unknown….but if he can pull this off, and “Bring down the
      infidel”…Bam, he would have it all….he would be the 12th Imam…
      many questions does that answer.

      1. The first alarm bell should have been when when a candidate with a name like Barack Obama was running for office.

    3. Bob, i have been on the same soap box for years.. telling friends and family and they have been passing it along.. We are all sick of this tyrant, rest assured sir, this man, his administration and the thugs that work for him.. their days are numbered..
      Thank you for your service..

    4. Robert tell me where to start in NC and I will get started, Who do I call, How do I get this ball rolling…….Tell us in each state how to do it and I will be glad to start the paper work…….I have been asking Allen West for weeks and no reply no return on my question………Help us.

  19. That’s what happens when you have non-military pukes making the rules. It’s not much better when the bench warmer generals get involved.

    1. That’s what happens when the President of the United States hates America and its Citizens, including the Military, which he is Purging, Obama wants the security for the troops to be weakened so they will be done away with….. He also has signed the troops up until 2024, to make sure there will less of them to come to the aid of this Country, when the Muslims lay claim to this Country by 2018 or before…Obama isn’t the only problem here, it is also the Muslims in charge of him, like Valerie Jarret, who give him orders…It seems there are pockets or cells of radical Muslims all over this Country just waiting to take over, hope he gets impeached real soon….

    1. Those aren’t our military forces. They’re mostly hired from private companies since our military forces can’t be counted on to treat US citizens like shit.

  20. What commander in chief would put his troops in such harms way as this creep has done. He consistently refers them as his army, this guy has gone too far.

    1. I was a GRUNT in Nam and know what it is like when the cowards in d.c. run the military during war time.Let those sorry S.O.Bes walk point, starting with our muslim King.

  21. bring our troops home get everybody out of there we leave them to their own demise our troops are not Afghan police officers.with all these restrictions all is doing is placeing our troops in more danger this is administration is so damn ignorant. we all know if it was their sons or daughters over there that they wouldn’t be doing all this

    1. He has to keep them over there, and has promised to do exactly that for the next 4 years. That is America’s army not his. So he doesn’t want to bring them home.

  22. Bring them home. Bring them home now! Our troops deserve far better then to be target practice for the Taliban. God forbid they defend themselves and kill the enemy. They wind up in prison. These ROE’s are bullshit.

  23. My cousin is in infantry and just returned from Afghanistan not too long ago. Morale is horrible over there already. All Obama will accomplish is filling our men with hate and resentment. Raising the stakes that some of our men might go rogue on some of these cave dwellers. What an awful thing to do to them.

  24. obama’s hackers are back. ONce again I get “404 Error Page Not Found” and that smirking animation of obama, when I try to reply from my email.

    I wish someone would FIND those hackers and do something horrible to them. I’m about sick of that smirking animation. If any of them are reading this, you better hope it isn’t me who finds you, worthless punks.

  25. I pray for permission. It doesn’t come. “Ember” did better: “God have mercy on B Hussein’s rotten soul.” Thank you, Ember. Very sorry, Lord. Momentary insanity.

  26. Another example of why the politicians should never be involved in running a war. This administration, like LBJ and Nixon in Vietnam, do not understand the role of the “Dogs of War” (military) in the larger scheme of things. The military should be sent in (unleashed) only when all diplomatic/political solutions have proven ineffective and your adversary is adamantly bent on massive death and destruction. At this point, the military should be in total command and should affect through the unrestricted and unrelenting use of deadly force the complete and utter surrender of the opposing factions, after which and only then should the politicians/diplomats be allowed to re-enter the picture to submit the terms of surrender and to once again screw things up.

    1. Agree 100%. Once the decision is made to use military force the politicians need to clearly state the goals then walk away and let the generals do their damn jobs. They are much more capable than any politician. Any military operation has the potential for civilian casualties. This seems to be driving Obama to restrict our soldiers ability to defend themselves let alone accomplish a military goal. Yet he had no problem specifically targeting and killing a 16 year old American with a drone strike in Yemen.

  27. This is upsetting. That our troops are leaving their lives behind to go stand up for America only to be paid an insulting amt, have their healthcare cut to bare bones and then be restricted by the WH on what they can do in dangerous situations??? That man has no honor or love of country. God have mercy on his rotten soul.

  28. Obamaladen wants our troops killed period. He despises what those honorable souls stand for and you need no more evidence than how they’re treated when they return, horrendous medical treatment, false PTSD characterizations stripping them of their 2nd amendment rights, Extortion 17, etc.

  29. Anymore troops that die in Afghanistan , I would blame Pinocchio who has tied our troops hands . It’s just out and out MURDER . I blame him PERIOD .

  30. This is obviously the policy of the muslim in the White House. He is our deadly enemy. He has no conscience, no heart, no soul.

    Either practice “scorched earth” warfare or bring our troops home. I say bring them home and then send them to D.C. to … vote.

    I want so badly to use obscene language to obama and the scum that help him betray our military. Foul monsters, when you stand before the one true God He will sentence you to Justice, Extra Crispy.

  31. if I wanted to destroy this US military…. I would tie them down in a “war of necessity” in some barren land surrounded by the enemy…. and not let them shoot back.

  32. This president is a murderer, no doubt about it. Anyone who supports him is a murderer as well. I no longer will be able to tolerate any liberal in my presence. This policy is more than my veteran blood can bear. My brothers and sisters are being asked to risk their lives for a president’s misguided and foolish policies, not for their country or the US Constitution, which we make an oath to protect. These ROE orders are immoral and beneath the office of the President of the United States. The blood that was shed throughout my 23 years of service has been wasted because of the failures and hate of our despicable president. There is no person on this planet that I despise more than Barack Obama–no one has done more damage to lives of the American people than this president and the robotic imbeciles who continue to support him. God help me not to let the hatred I have for this low-life human debris called liberals remove the love that restrains me from acting like them. It is the love of God that keeps me sane and focused and will hopefully give me the insights for discovering the proper way to minimize and defeat every last one of them. At this point, I will verbally assault any one of them who crosses my path spreading their vile filth, so help me God.

    1. wait wait…in one sentence you ask god to give you patience to tolerate the liberals, then you end it by asking him for strength in verbally assaulting those libs!

      1. I never said anything about “patience to tolerate liberals”. Those are your words. I have no more patience or tolerance for these lying self-righteous haters of God and Country than Jesus had for the Pharisees, Sadducees, High Priests, the Chief Priest, and the teachers of the Law in His day, who destroyed the truth and misrepresented the Scriptures to the people. Modern day liberals are the Pharisees, etc. of our day, both religious and secular. If you would better understand my thoughts if the word “confront” replaces the word “assault,” I accept that amendment. Thank you for your response.

  33. I remember Johnson’s (D) ‘Rules Of Engagement’. His incessant meddling in the jobs of Generals, accounted for a lot of my ‘Brothers’ the names on ‘The Wall’. 🙁

  34. This is what happens when you don’t end a war within your administration. Next guy comes and goes a different direction. Neocons beware. Avoid them like the plague.

    1. No. This is what happens when an idiot is commanding an army. “…a different direction.” is changing strategy, not changing sides. Obama has no strategy, no intelligence or common sense, and absolutely no business doing anything to impact our foreign policy.

  35. Reminiscent of the Marine barracks in Lebanon being blown up 1983. Who was at fault then? John F Kerry when he put the limit on troop armament.

    Today is no different, he would have them all with clubs only if it weren’t so obvious. When will the people of this country wake up. They won’t, they’re already dead, they just don’t know it yet. Present company excluded of course.

    1. These ROE are pretty darn obvious to me. I suspect the soldiers feel the same way. The last true Americans in the military are being slaughtered with their hands tied behind their backs, and their ALLEGED president is responsible. It is evil and inexcusable.

      And both houses of congress are equally to blame for not STOPPING OBAMA ANY WAY NECESSARY. obama is an evil outlaw who has no regard for law and obviously hates America. We need him GONE, right NOW.

  36. And he wonders why a lot more Americans have died in Afghanistan under his watch than under Bush, and with greater frequency.

    1. He KNOWS why. This is the scum who heard about Benghazi, went to bed while the firefight was on, and went campaigning the next morning.

  37. I wonder when the fragging will start in Afghanistan? Not hard to see why the troops were disarmed at the door the last time Obama visited.

    1. It’s too bad we can’t …. no, better not say that.

      I wonder if we can convince alquaida that obama rubs his hands with bacon grease before he shakes hands with a muslim.

  38. There has been reports of officers being retired in high numbers. I suspect most of them retiring are ready to GET OUT. The same thing is most likely happening within the enlisted and NCO groups. A lot of good talent being lost due to these imbeciles in the White House and DOD.

    1. I hear about these things and I can only think about all of those years of experience and training lost, and how the NCO ranks had to be rebuilt after Vietnam.

      Unfortunately, when you have 8 years of Democrat Presidents, the military is always in shambles once a Republican comes back in to office.

        1. That’s good to hear, and you’re not the only one saying it. I’m glad you made it back, and thank you for your service.

    2. My grandson is not going to re-enlist for that very reason! Moral is terrible & many feel like walking away.

  39. Please bring our people home. If the Commander-In-Chief is willing to so further endanger the lives of our courageous men and women who are there,” fighting a war”, at the behest of this country – then to literally tie their hands. If he’s so much more concerned about them, than our military personnel, bring them home – then give the president a one way ticket and let him go live among them.

    1. They should all drop what they’re doing come home, march into the WH and drag jugears out and shoot him and his accompanying band of traitors. It is a dream I have!

  40. This is truly diabolical and probably intended to reduce as many brave, patriotic souls as possible. I cannot believe it could be anything else.
    As others have said, bring them home.

  41. No surprise, when you support terrorist regimes you have to go all the way, so Obama and his party are. Benghazi.

    The tree of tyrants and their limbs are growing even more. Just heard on the radio The IRS is wanting to change rules for 501 c 4 groups, that would be Tea Party type Political groups, IRS wants to change the rules, what political activities they can be involved in.
    Wonder if these wanna be rule changes would apply to Unions and other liberal liberal activities? Answer not necessary, its as obvious as the scares on Obama’s head and in his heart.

  42. I feel for the men and women currently in uniform. Things have changed for the worse under the “little man” in OUR White House. His disdain for America is mind-boggling, and I don’t understand how he not only was elected the first time, but then was re-elected. I am heartsick over what he’s doing to our country and its military services.

  43. This administration is treating the United States, her citizens, everything she was founded on and every constitutional principle as their own personal social experiment. Everything the con man talked about during his drug induced highs in regard to the U.S., he is now implementing.
    I would NEVER encourage anyone to become a part of the military with this American soldier hating gestapo.

  44. God help our troops because our Idiot in chief has it in for them! Nothing surprises me from this despicable administration. There really is no low that is too low for them….they are almost to hell now!

    1. They are in a place lower than hell

      With all the recent cutbacks in the Military and disrespect shown to them

      I can’t imagine any service member supporting this a Hole

  45. It’s fuh King LAW! Either enforce it as is 100% no exemptions no postponements Or REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL it!!!

  46. His Highness ALLOWS…………………….ALLOWS>>>>>>>>>to keep old insurance AH! thank you!!!
    For one year…..
    Meanwhile DNC will take over…….and the sword will fall again…..
    Without ala “you like it, you can keep it” lie he wouldn’t be reelected….
    Who (among thinking people) will believe one word from him, from now on???

    Allows,,,,,,,,the king ALLOWS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A L L O W S ! ! !

    1. What? You don’t like living under tyranny? How about if obammy gives you a free phone or something…then would you like it? 😉

  47. He’s going to work harder. Reminds me of O.J. vowing to spend the rest of his life dedicated to finding the “real killer”. He played a lot of golf also.

  48. Now Obama is trying to throw it back on the insurers. When will the insurance companies wise up and walk away? Their stockholders must be having fits by now.

    1. Yes. There was an article that stated Ocare will eventually be a shell of itself (with changes and “fixes) … essentially, de-facto repeal.

  49. Can someone tell me where King Barack get’s the constitutional authority to make an edict for health insures and states to ignore the law of the land? Isn’t this the argument Democrats have made repeatedly, especially during the CR battle of a month ago.

  50. What I heard: The website is complicated. That is why it didn’t work so well. We are fixing it. People will be happy when it is done. Iran, Immigration, blah, blah, blah. My bad.

  51. Ahh – I should’ve left the room sooner (housewolf business!), then the POS would’ve stopped sooner. Sorry about that, didn’t know it would work shutting him up!

      1. She definitely is – next time, I’ll see to it that she wants out at least fifteen minutes sooner if that’s what it takes to shut him up!

        1. You would have had NO problem with Housewolf had you NOT been subjecting her to Obama. That’ll learn ya next time.

  52. ENOUGH !!

    The GOP should do NOTHING!!

    Let all these A-Holes swing

    I firmly believe that the “single payer system ” will never have any credibility and will therefore never be implemented

    1. I’ll bring the shovel, besides on a Monday who wouldn’t enjoy a good swing with bonfire and marshmallows to boot? We have more than a few fat hotdogs just ready to enjoy the party.

  53. Statement from Ted Cruz:

    “It was only a few weeks ago that President Obama refused to consider any changes to Obamacare, forcing the government to shutdown for 16 days.

      1. The media would probably ignore him or collaborate on some phony line of questioning like they did with the Romney presser on Benghazi.

  54. Immigration reform!
    Does the idiot not get it that immigration reform in the context of this healthcare wreck is not going to make people think yeah, it’ll work …?

      1. No, of course not. You know what they’re like. Anyway, they first must get over their swooning over that POS’ speech.

  55. Ah – here it is again: BUSH!
    ‘The status quo before O’Care wasn’t working’ – he doesn’t even have to say the name.

    Btw – the forty million people have become forty-one during this session, thought you’d like to know …

  56. People in rehab make the claim that they didn’t promise that they’d be “perfect”.

    Go into rehab… then I’ll take that lame bull shit deflection you POS.

    (the promise I won’t be perfect)

    I’m right there with you o’Fumbler

  58. Oh, he doesn’t like to let people down, aww, I’m in tears …
    ‘In terms of the impact on ME …’: now that’s really important, that!

  59. Another problem with the “grandfather clause” is that it effs your Grandfather too.

    It’s also gonna eff a few million folks’ Santa Claus next month.

    I realize I said something like that yesterday, but if you sue me, I’ll counter-sue. I’ll even find an attorney named Sue to counter-sue.

    So there!!!

    1. No kidding! Shut up already! This is downright embarrassing! Waiting for Val to bring the big hook and yank him off the stage.

        1. Wait till Jan 1st… and people can’t get insured. This is what you call… what’s that phrase again… oh yeah….“a man-made-contingency.”

  60. Uh oh, he’s sending in the military. Probably, he will give the exact detail of the mission including flight path, ordinance and delivery type and time of departure but will in true fashion of a Joe Biden, keep secret the expected return.

  61. “We’re in a big game, the game’s not over” – no indeed it’s not – first results will come in a year’s time.

  62. I’ll take a Seat Belt with my Health Insurance Please, just put it on the government tab, I can’t pay for it right now,

    Give me my old Junk car, I LOVED IT!

    ‘cept it’s been crushed already

  63. Also – Everyone who has been screwed by this idea is being

    INVITED TO A BEER SUMMIT at the White House

    Everything this guy does is a big f*cking JOKE

  64. Back to ‘substandard plans’ … ‘the insurance companies are not going to get into the way of your plans’ – a pretty horrible threat that.

  65. Sewage flows from a… uh… from a sewer.

    Did we seriously expect any good to come from this pos. Just askin’.

  66. Man!
    The LIES are coming fast and furious now!

    I smell another ‘Press Conference’ with NO QUESTIONS FROM THE PRESS!

  67. the only interesting and worthwhile words I want to here from Obama is, I am resigning. Then I’d like to see him dressed from head to toe in orange, the color orange the prison system prefers.

  68. How are the insurance companies going to implement this moron’s ideas this time?
    How Americans can’t see thru to this man’s stupidity and the futile ideas of the left is beyond me.

  69. He’s going to direct the insurance companies to let people keep their insurance policies until after the 2014 elections; it is questionable about whether he can direct a private company to do this, but he will do it anyway and probably get away with it. Sigh. ( this is my opinion only, haven’t heard him yet)

  70. oBumbler, frantically clawing at the door jamb to maintain his hold while valJar pulling and axeldouche pushing try to get him out of his bedroom where he has been laying in the tub with the lights out crying his eyes out.


    1. Yeah, you probably know how close you are to the truth. This is the kiss of death for this bill. More and more people are starting to figure it out and credible people are beginning to call for impeachment. Not that we aren’t credible, but Impeachment would be the easy way out for him. I hope that house in Hawaii is getting fixed up and furnished soon as it might be needed if we don’t put him in jail.

  71. A solemn calm settled over the crowd of onlookers as his MADjesty made his way to the podium to speak. A child wept on the front row. A mom clung tightly to her newborn baby realizing that “hope and change” had finally arrived to her single household. A struggling college student smiled ear to ear as she realized that all of her problems had finally been solved. She would be receiving the free contraception she so desperately needed to make it through 4 years of beer pong parties. Hope stood before them all. Change had come. His HINDness began to speak…

    “Hello….I’m, uhhhhhhhh…Barack…….uhhhhhhh Obama.

      1. Funny that. I can see the iron bars now.

        I can also see articles of impeachment, to match those that will be filed against Holder shortly. Those have already been drawn up.

        1. ♪ ♫
          My baloney has a last name, it’s O-b-a-m-a
          My boloney has a first name too which dimcrats love to bray
          Oh it loves to cheat me every day
          And if you ask me why I’ll saaaay
          Cuz Obie has a special way with A-m-n-e-s-i-a
          ♪ ♫

  72. It will be something like this “Here’s the deal, no one said this would be easy. But make no mistake I’m committed to making this work. Look, you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water do you? *pause for subtle laugh* It will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Let me be clear, together we can overcome these obstacles and win the future, for us and our children. *wait for applause*”

  73. I guess I have to stop reading and commenting and watch Obama. If he supports a legislative fix, that will be the end of Obamacare. Thus, I think King Barack will issue an edict to the evil insurance companies for canceling 5 million healthcare plans and then, demand them to reissue all canceled health plans which of course would mean breaking the PPACA mandates.

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