New sworn affidavit describes Biden/Harris operatives in Nevada filling out illegal mail-in ballots outside polling location

A new sworn affidavit from a poll worker in Clark County, Nevada (the home of Las Vegas) details a voter fraud operation by Biden/Harris operatives in the parking lot of a polling place:

There are three pages in Davis’s tweet, but here’s the important one:

The affidavit explains how Biden/Harris operatives, who parked a Biden/Harris labeled bus in the parking lot of an early voting polling place, would stand out there filling out mail-in ballots against the side of the bus and would then put them in pink and white envelopes. These ballots would then be brought inside the polling place and surrendered to poll workers.

The poll worker witnessed this as he or she exercised by walking around the parking lot during a lunch break. The poll worker noted how the Biden/Harris operatives would form a line to try and block their view as they walked around the parking lot, so they wouldn’t see the illegal filing out of mail-in ballots.

The poll worker reported what they had seen, but was told by an election official that it was simply legal ballot harvesting. The poll worker affirms it was NOT ballot harvesting.

This is absolutely egregious stuff and must be undone by investigators. It cannot be allowed to stand. Also, this suddenly seems more relevant:

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