New York Post Editorial Board RIPS Ocasio-Cortez for her “border-camp theater”

The New York Post is out with an editorial that rips into the “border-camp theater” of AOC in the last couple days surrounding the immigration facilities and completely calls her out for it.

It begins by pointing out the obvious…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is horrified at what she’s seen on her visit to a holding facility for illegal immigrants — just a week after she voted against emergency funding to improve conditions at what she’d taken to calling “concentration camps.”

This after months when Democrats insisted that talk of a border crisis was just a Trump administration contrivance, and refused to even vote on its requests for funds.

It took Democrats forever to even acknowledge the crisis this year and when they finally did, they still waited until the very last minute to send funding. And even then there wasn’t any changes to the policies that invited this mess.

And atop all of that, AOC still voted against both the House and the Senate bill. And if you recall, she supported the employee protest of Wayfair for wanting to supply beds so the migrants would have something to sleep on. And yet tonight she’s still calling them concentration camps.

It continues…

AOC has a great gift for theater, as in her claim that detained women are forced to drink from toilets — which apparently refers to standard plumbing units for these facilities, which hold both a sink and toilet.

This was almost as inspired as her stunt last fall, getting photographed with tears while supposedly viewing kids held in cages — when a wider shot revealed that she was actually looking at an empty lot.

Kabuki theater, I might add.

All the outrage is supposed to lead the American public to blame President Trump. Even when Democrats admit that overcrowding at these “camps” dates at least to the Obama era, they pretend the US government is the cause of the chaos.

Yet Washington didn’t tell these migrants to travel across thousands of miles of Mexico to then cross the US border illegally. It’s the governments down in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to blame for conditions there, as El Salvador’s new president, Nayib Bukele, told the BBC on Monday.

If anyone’s encouraging them to come, it’s people out to provoke a crisis — immigration activists who think it will promote their desired reforms; drug cartels that profit from the border chaos; politicians back home, milking their own agendas.

Yes, we remember very well the Democrat activist groups in the very late fall of last year organizing these migrant caravans to invade Guatemala and Mexico and march to the border. They wanted a crisis and now they got it.

But Democrats also want the crisis, which is why they refuse to change the asylum policies that encourages these organizers to send people here.

The NY Post ends it this way, pointing out just how radically far left Democrats have gone and how AOC and her ilk are using this crisis to distract from their radical policies:

The grassroots of the Democratic Party has gone full-bore #AbolishICE. The 2020 contenders are rushing out plans for waving the migrants through, and vowing to provide them with free health care, too. But that’s not US law now, nor remotely what most Americans want — since it would plainly invite far larger waves, from across the globe.

AOC’s theatrics aim to play on American hearts — and distract American minds from her absurd prescriptions. At bottom, she’s just exploiting the suffering she claims to deplore.

Absolutely correct. It’s nice to see the editorial board of a New York paper finally get something right.

Hopefully the people in AOC’s district will read this and reject her next year.

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