New York Times caught shaping pro-Obama, anti-GOP narrative in latest O’Keefe video

Here we have evidence that the New York Times isn’t just a biased newspaper, it is literally a left-wing propaganda outlet.

I wouldn’t even trust this birdcage liner for the weather forecast anymore.

Via Project Veritas.

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26 thoughts on “New York Times caught shaping pro-Obama, anti-GOP narrative in latest O’Keefe video

  1. Unbelievable the vanity of these journos, these “professors”! I can judge “one” newspaper’s POV from the rest of what I read, newspaper or not! Why didn’t they help Hillary win? Do they actually overestimate their power? I think so.

    Are they corrupt? Mephistopheles-like overdevelpment their left-brains w/out a hint of coming to terms with greater meaning of life…secularist egomaniacs in love with themselves…..Nerds who would love to be in Hollywood who make a soap opera of the reality they are supposed to report objectively…Wow!

  2. I had trouble watching the ‘full uncut tapes’ as he referred to in the end. These videos were pretty edited.

  3. Aside from the fact that this makes me livid, the really funny part is that he thinks the NYT has successfully pulled the wool over our eyes with their tactics such that we have no idea they’re a bunch of liberal elites.

    I mean, REALLY? They think they’re operating under the radar? And they think they’re SMART PEOPLE?

    1. Unfortunately, they DO pull the wool over the eyes of many people and not just the NYT but all of the media. I have been thinking about how serious this is because it explains the polling on the ows vs teaparty movements. First, polls show that the bulk of the American people consider themselves center/right politically. Ok, but, when they poll on the teaparty you get as many people not liking the teaparty as liking them, and sometimes there are more not liking the teaparty as liking them. Then, I saw a recent poll showing that more people support ows than do not support ows. How could this be as more people have political beliefs aligned with the teaparty than with ows? How this could be can only be explained by the new coverage of these groups; primarily negative for teaparty and positive for ows. Despite the fact that Americans say the press has too much influence, making one believe they are aware of the bias, they are still affected by the bias…and apparently are oblivious to it. Very discouraging.

    2. Agreed… that was the comment that floored me the most… how did he put it… oh yeah… 95% of Americans are locked out of knowing who they are as journalists. The take home from this comment is that 95% of the media out there peddle one ideology… one view… one meme. You can have 95 liberal newspapers… be it NYT or WaPo, or LATimes… they all say the same thing… and they want it this way. They want to ensure that people THINK they are getting different news from reading different newspapers or watching “different” TV broadcasters… but in reality they are watching all the same thing. And the “elites” he’s talking about just love it like this.

      He’s admitting that the danger comes when the great unwashed 95%ers of Americans begin to hear a different story, a different take, a different interpretation that differs from the story peddled by the elites… that’s when their little game is over… and they can’t have that.

      Are they stupid OR WHAT? They still believe they have 95% of America wrapped up… that’s how stupid and myopic they are. They actually believe their own press. Being typical self-manufactured elites… they actually believe they control the message. They have no clue that whole swaths of American don’t buy what they are selling.. yet they are too stupid and self-absorbed and un-self-aware in their liberal myopia to see the broader contradicting truths out there.

      Glaringly un-self-aware and self-duped. When they think like this… they will make really stupid mistakes yet they will neither see their mistakes as stupid, nor even as mistakes for that matter.

      But stupid people are still dangerous.. and I fear we are in a race against time to begin to turn this around.

  4. NYT is the king of left wing propaganda, and any evidence that brings this to light helps discredit them further as a “news” outlet, hopefully freeing a few more readers to think for themselves.

    But… the elephant in the room for the last 4 decades is: when will conservatives create an equally powerful network of news organizations to combat the left wing dominance in the mass media?

    While the impact of FOX has been significant, and sites like this one, the day we see conservative versions of NBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, et al, is the day a horrible president, like Obama, NEVER gets elected.

    If fairness truly existed in the news, Obama’s approval rating might drop to 28%… roughly the percentage of his die hard socialist fan base. His current 44% approval rating is the proud result of the left wing media propping him up daily, lying for him, deflecting criticism, campaigning for him… brainwashing the uninformed electorate is the goal of NYT, and the rest of the lefty press, and if Obama gets elected again, they will have helped destroy this country.

    1. The very last thing conservatives should want to do, even if it sounds appealing to our revenging angels, is to create our own version of the current MSM. That would be the total end of truth and we would be giving up the high ground that this country was founded on and what made this country the greatest in history.

      We have to know, understand and acknowledge the enemies of our country, whether they be from the outside or from within and defeat them with truth not lies if we are to survive.

  5. They should not even use the protection of the 1st. amendment to excuse their seditious reporting. I guess being elite and favored by anti-American agitators gives them license but that still isn’t legal legitimacy in my view.

  6. Elite: “an exceptional and/or privileged group that wields considerable power within its sphere of influence.”

    Once they think of themselves as “the elite” they are no longer content to just report the news, they have to wield their perceived power to shape the news and thereby shape the world to match their own perverted views.

  7. If they even need to, they will spin this every which way but loose.
    But, who is going to cover this in any meaningful way so the population at large understands what’s going on?

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