New York Times finds new way to attack Gov DeSantis and it’s ridiculous

The New York Times has found a new way to attack Governor DeSantis and it has everything to do with his disdain for the garbage media.

The article highlights a young ABC News reporter who found himself ignored and derided by DeSantis and his campaign, so much so that on election night the reporter went to more hospitable grounds: Mar-a-Lago. Seriously.

Like I said, ridiculous.

Who knew ABC news was nonpartisan? Only the New York Times. LOL.

Here’s a few excerpts:

Assigned to cover the re-election campaign of Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, Miles Cohen, a young ABC News reporter, found himself stymied. The governor would not grant him an interview. Aides barred him from some campaign events and interrupted his conversations with supporters.

When Mr. Cohen was finally able to ask a question about the governor’s handling of Hurricane Ian, Mr. DeSantis shouted him down — “Stop, stop, stop” — and scolded the media for “trying to cast aspersions.” The DeSantis campaign then taunted Mr. Cohen on Twitter, prompting a torrent of online vitriol.

So on election night, Mr. Cohen decamped to a friendlier environment for the news media: Mar-a-Lago, where former President Donald J. Trump greeted reporters by name. “He came up to us, asked how the sandwiches were and took 20 questions,” Mr. Cohen recalled.

Mr. Trump, who heckled the “fake news” in his speech that evening, elevated media-bashing into a high art for Republicans. But ahead of the next presidential race, potential candidates like Mr. DeSantis are taking a more radical approach: not just attacking nonpartisan news outlets, but ignoring them altogether.

Although he courted right-wing podcasters and conservative Fox News hosts, Mr. DeSantis did not grant an extensive interview to a national nonpartisan news organization during his 2022 re-election bid — and he coasted to victory, with Rupert Murdoch’s media empire now promoting him as a 2024 contender.

This article bashing DeSantis over his disdain for the garbage media isn’t about his big win in Florida. They are contending that if he runs for president in 2024, he can’t ignore them forever because he’ll need the media’s help to reach voters:

In Florida, Mr. DeSantis occasionally spoke with local TV affiliates and entertained shouted-out questions from the state’s press corps. But a national contest would require him to introduce himself to a broader audience, and while a primary race would focus on Republican voters, it is often independents and centrists who decide the fine margins of the Electoral College. Although partisan podcasts and niche news sites are increasingly popular, few outlets can match the reach of traditional broadcast and cable networks.

“You can’t just talk to the friendly press and run TV ads and expect to win a nomination,” said Alex Conant, a partner at the consulting firm Firehouse Strategies who served as communications director to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

“If you’re going to get elected president, you have to talk to people who have never watched Fox News,” said Mr. Conant, who believes the Republican Party’s underwhelming performance in the 2022 midterms was partly due to an overreliance on speaking only to its base.

Representatives of Mr. DeSantis did not return a request for comment.

And then lastly, they end with this:

Even an anti-media message, it turns out, may need the media’s help.

Talk about an ego. The media is angry that he ignores them and they insist that he better change or he won’t get elected without them.

By the way, here’s the ABC reporter that went to Trump’s home to eat sandwiches on election night instead of covering DeSantis big win:

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