Newsmax CEO thinks Biden is doing a GREAT job on Ukraine, gives him an ‘A’ grade

The CEO of Newsmax, Christopher Ruddy, thinks Biden is doing a great job on aiding Ukraine with their defensive war against Russia.

So much so he penned an opinion piece saying he believes Biden deserves a grade of ‘A’:

After many blunders, missteps and sometimes extreme policy decisions during his nearly 15 months as president, I believe Joe Biden gets an “A” for his current handling of the Ukraine crisis.

This past Monday Biden signed into law the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022, a measure designed to streamline U.S. support for that country.

The law revives a World War II-era program that helped supply allies in their fight against Nazi Germany, and permits the president to lend or lease defense equipment to Ukraine without the normal bureaucratic red tape.

As Ukraine continues to suffer from an unprovoked Russian invasion of their sovereign territory, and an unimaginable devastation brought against its civilian population, Biden has been standing strong.

Ok first of all even if I believed Biden was doing a good job on Ukraine, as horrible as he’s been I wouldn’t write a column telling everyone about it and giving him an ‘A’. First mistake.

But obviously the readers of The Right Scoop will know I don’t feel that way and strongly believe that some of the responsibility for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine belongs to Biden.

In fact I really don’t believe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would even be happening if it weren’t for Biden illegally halting the sanctions on Russia’s company building their new gas pipeline to appease Germany.

The old pipeline was the only thing keeping Russia out of Ukraine and is the reason why Putin didn’t invade in 2012. It’s also the reason why Congress passed a law during the Trump years issuing strong sanctions on the pipeline in order to stop it, which Trump quickly enforced.

But Biden got into office and quickly stopped the sanctions, allowing Putin to finish building the pipeline in September and here we are watching the consequences of that decision play out.

Which is the second reason why I wouldn’t have written a dumb article like this giving Biden an ‘A’ for a war that is only happening because Biden is a pushover and a coward.

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