Newt: Dumbest thing I’ve done in last couple years is sit on a couch with Pelosi

Newt admitted today that sitting on a couch with Pelosi was the dumbest thing he’s done in the least few years. The problem it’s caused him is that people thing he’s now for Cap and Trade which he says is absolutely not true:

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84 thoughts on “Newt: Dumbest thing I’ve done in last couple years is sit on a couch with Pelosi

  1. It takes a person of honor to publicly admit a mistake. Hmm…just how many boo-boos has the POTUS acknowledged?

  2. If a person makes a mistake? Damn him as dumb. If he admits a mistake? Damn Him. See he is dumb. If he is brilliant. Damn Him, Don’t trust him. If he shows he is brilliant and has thoughts for the future..Damn Him…now I ask each of you, does your car have a steering wheel in each seat capacity? Damn that thing, because you can’t control it! Newt like each of us will have to change some thinking over the last 20 years…My Gosh look how the world has changed. The rules cannot apply that did…All of you with Crystal Balls where have you been while this America has unraveled? Admit, he is an elder statesman, he is brilliant, he has made mistakes,,,but wow you perfect people! Lead, follow or get out of the way….he has much to offer! His is not my 1st. choice, but I can see him being a strong tool in the Presidents’ tool box. There are 3 on top, one of these days we hope they will pare down and support the top, or they will all be bled of funds while Obama does NOTHING BUT KISS THE ARABS, AND PLAY GOLF! When he is ready to begin in earnest, our candidates will be out of the run for money..or respect…why? We asked them to spend during the lull time (now). In todays’ world, instead of starting early we should start 45 days prior to election…We do not ride horses or trains to get a message, they are here and in our homes 24/7/365! Stupid is as stupid does..”He is playing golf.” and causing mischief….

  3. This admin has no record of picking winnere….and most Americans have a record of picking losers in 2008, what does that say about Americans?

  4. 1987 was 24 years ago, yes he definately made mistakes in his career, but there’s a lot more than just his mistakes. In the 80’s he was *also* one of the fiercest defenders of Reagan in Congress.
    I hear everyone talk about Reagan as if he were the best president in the past 50+ years, or 100? Well this is the same Reagan that was once a Democrat and a hollywood union drone. Then as president he stuck US Marines in Lebanon in a very foolish UN backed mission, then he traded arms for hostages with Iran. Yet, Reagan was still indeed one of the best presidents we have had in a century.
    Just trying to keep a little perspective, there is no perfect conservative out there.

    1. Great points. I also believe that it is extremely rare to find someone who was ‘born’ conservative. We were all once immature and thought free stuff was cool or bought into the labels placed on the Republican party.
      For most of us, I think it takes living in the real world for a while to realize how things really work.
      Certainly Newt has some baggage, but he sure does sound great now…I am going to have to seriously consider him.

      1. Just last week Newt was talking about government directed health care.

        He is simply not a Conservative, nor has he shown to be much of a leader.

        He is an idea man…but that is about it.

    2. Oliver North, not Ronald Reagan was mastermind of the Iran/Contra affair. When Reagan learned of it, he didn’t cover it up. Instead, he publicly made the details known and fully cooperated with congressional investigators, most of whom were Democrats.

      It only our present Commander-in-Chief could be so transparent…

  5. Newt has learned humility in recent years, I know he has a strong ego and it sucks to admit when you get something wrong and follow a bad idea to a dead end, but he does own-up fairly well. Compare this to Romney who never really admits any mistake, especially Romneycare.
    I have to say I’m ok with Newt or Cain at this point.

    1. Does anybody here know at least one thing specify that Newt will do if President other than expand government and control markets? He’s giving is a con on his energy plan.

      Cain is the only candidate that understands what destruction a gov regulation does to a company. The others just have a perspective of passing them.

      Cain 2012

  6. fwiw: when gingrich goes astray i think it’s due to intellectually based presumptions and not that of political expediency.

    i see this happen with deep thinkers for better or worse; that they contemplate a matter on levels most others don’t thus sometimes getting bogged down in a philosophical perspective in pursuit of the theoretically ideal.

    if this is so it may be an important distinction, however small, between being wrong because he’s just wrong, and wrong because he’s a closet progressive.

    1. Yikes….I don’t even know if he would be trust worthy enough for the VP spot after hearing that.

      He is unequivocally for an individual health mandate.

      1. Exactly, he even uses Romney’s own verbiage on this issue. “Free rider” “we all have a responsibility to pay for healthcare.”

        Sounds dangerously close to what Pelosi and Obama have been saying as well.

    2. This is VERY BAD. Comparing the mandate to required car insurance is intentionally manipulative and one of the Statists’ major deceptions.

      We are only required to carry LIABILITY insurance to pay for accident damages we inflict other people. We are not required to car collision or comprehensive for our own car repairs.


      This video is much much more than a flip flop. This is the biggest and most blatant insight into the the duplicitous manipulative side of Gingrich I have seen.

  7. I forgive him for it, but I can’t help but wonder if he would defer to the establishment if he were elected President…

    1. I’m in his camp right now, but I still wonder that too unfortunately. I think we have to face the fact that they ALL defer when they get there. It’s our responsibilty to hold their feet to the fire to minimize it.

  8. I’m wondering a bit here and I’d like some of you to help me out because I don’t think its just me.

    It seems like the general comments I’ve read here at TRS regarding Gingrich were *generally* quite positive up until the last day or so. But now that he’s come up in the polls and is running second (or in some cases first, depending on which poll you look at) the comments have become much more negative about him.

    Is it a case that when Gingrich was trailing in the polls he wasn’t a big deal, but now that people are actually considering him it’s a threat? What gives??

      1. Because we finally realize we get lied to time after time just so they can get our vote. If you were in office and wanted to do everything right by your country they would make fools out of you to. That is exactly how they and the media protect what they have built for themselves. But all you supposedly educated wizards that think you know everything still don’t get it. I like being able to tie my own shoes and satisfied with common sense. I thank God for that.

    1. Newt is great, just not for POTUS.

      Also, now that he is polling better, people are revisiting his record…and it ain’t pretty…

    2. I will admit to my position evolving significantly on both Perry and Gingrich. In both cases I liked what I heard at first (especially with Newt’s recent and eloquent core Constitutional narrative). As soon as I started digging however their records did not match their most recent passions. They are political animals in a one party system.

      I suspect others may be discovering this too. I does not surprise me – in fact it is to be expected with most who survive the cesspool of politics.

      What disturbs me far more is how quickly we seem to abandon true conservatives in favor of the born-again conservatives. It often seems to be simply out of fear of them being “unelectable” because they stay true to core constitutional participles and small government.

  9. Newt made his bed, let him now lay in it. Newt is super smart. But he talks with the silver tongue, Research this man & then make a comment.

  10. Although yes Newt is a very smart guy, he still sat down with the enemy who suckered him into doing so.

    When will these guys ever learn how these people operate!

  11. Newt is a fluke. Google him & one world order CFR.Fairness Doctrine etc. This man is one world order personified. He has no right to represent us,nor does he have the rite to tell us our problems & solutions. Don’t bgelieve me,research him.

  12. Other than cap and tax Newt has some explaining to do on why he supported a RINO over a true Conservative in the 2008 election. We do NOT need another establishment republican that says great things and then does nothing! I want a game changer and Cain is that guy in my opinion. Cut Government NOW! Cut Cut Cut! The Dept of energy = elimination. Dept of Education, Labor, Commerce, Agriculture as well as the E.P.A. End them all! Then we can look at waste and cut that too. I doubt very much that Newt will cut anything of signifigance.

    Cain/Bachmann 2012!

  13. It’s not just this single issue, and I am not going to ignore any of Newt’s policy positions just because he is a good debater and knows how to blast the media…

    “I’m against Obamacare, which is imposing radical change. And I would be against a conservative imposing radical change.” ~Newt

    “We do agree, our country must take action to address climate change” ~Newt on the couch of Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.

    “Well, let’s see, first of all, I was really attracted to working with Reverend Sharpton because he took the position that education is the number one civil right of the 21st century. Without education, you can’t have a decent job, you can’t be an effective citizen. You really are crippled in your ability to be an American. “ – Newt.

    “We are not going to deport 11 million people,” Gingrich said Thursday as he kicked off his first forum on Latino issues. “There has to be some zone between deportation and amnesty.”

    GINGRICH: Exercise a no-fly zone this evening, communicate to the Libyan military that Gadhafi was gone and that the sooner they switch sides, the more likely they were to survive, provided help to the rebels to replace him. …The United States doesn’t need anybody’s permission. We don’t need to have NATO, who frankly, won’t bring much to the fight. We don’t need to have the United Nations. All we have to say is that we think that slaughtering your own citizens is unacceptable and that we’re intervening. And we don’t have to send troops. All we have to do is suppress his air force, which we could do in minutes.

    On September 25, 2008 Congressman Gingrich appeared on Hannity and Colmes and called the proposed TARP legislation socialism and stated that it should be defeated in it’s form.

    On September 28, 2008 Congressman Gingrich appeared on ABC’s This Week and stated that the question was not whether something needed to be done, but whether it needed to be TARP and whether it needed to be done in the
    next 48 hours. He then states that he would probably reluctantly vote for the legislation.

    Need to hear more? Because there is more.

  14. “I implemented socialism for a useless cause.” That’s an extreme form of what he did.

    So, let’s see “That was dumb. I apologize for ruining your lives, and advocating it.” is an excuse?

  15. May I ask this one thing of Newt? Why in the Sam-Hill did you sit with her on the couch? Why did you make patty-cakes and “reach across the aisle” noises instead of saying ” no thank you!” Why NOW does he admit it was stupid? It was stupid THEN and he was bamboozled into behaving like a center-left RINO.
    Who is to say that he won’t do this again? Once bitten….

    1. He stated before that he felt (and still feels) that conservatives need to be part of the debate regarding these issues, rather than cede them to the other side… I agree, there are MUCH better ways to be a part of the debate than to sit on a couch with Princess Pelosi, but it is what it is…

    2. WHEN!!!!! When will these Republicans learn that the days of compromising with the Left or even working with them ARE OVER!!! These people are ruining our country with Diversity and Equality, and fairness. All for what! More headaches! AAAARGH.

      The time has come for them to sit down shut up and take what you’re fed. Because the Conservative needs at least 16 to 20 years to fix what they broke!

  16. Regardless of the commercial, Newt HAS NEVER supported Cap and Trade. He even testified against it before Congress. Learn the facts. Newt is the new, best hope to challenge Romney.

    1. Newt is a FRAUD like the rest of them . Maybe with the exception of kooky Paul , at least he seems to tells the truth .

      1. I guess it is a choice between kooky and insane. Insane as in expecting different results by doing the same thing (or voting the same way). As Jon Stewart advised kooky Paul – “maybe you should try flip floppiing on some issues”.

  17. According to Drudge , Newt is now 2nd in the polls . Shocking ! /sar …. I see the Liberal & RINO thinks tanks are running smoothly .

    1. I was saying last week that the media ramp up on Newt had already started. It seems to be starting to take it’s affect a bit on this site now.

  18. This is the second time Newt has said this. He said it the other night on Special Report when Steven Hayes brought it up.
    It’s an honest person to admit their mistakes.

    1. No – not an honest person — a wise person. A sly politition like Newt knows when he should “admit” mistakes even if he doesn’t think they are mistakes.

      This is not a judgement on Newt’s answer, but only a correction to your response.

        1. Your right – I used the term wise incorrectly, since true wisdom doesn’t do things for political expediency. The other term I used is more accurate for what I was trying to get accross – SLY.

        2. We seem to go for there lie’s time and time again so they can get into office but they never follow through. That is the only thing I can say about Obama he said he would change things and he sure as heck did that. Ron Paul’s web site is really something to look at he is right on with almost every issue we want but the media and parties have him painted as an Idiot. Thinking for myself he is the most reasonable person out there. I could care less what party they say he is what he thinks and does means more to me than all the others.

  19. Nice dodge Newt. Don’t buy it.

    No, I never thought that in the commercial, sponsored by the Goracle himself, that you meant you were for cap and trade. You were quite clear however that you believed in climate change:
    “We do agree our country must take action to address climate change”

    And you were quite clear that you thought Central Government has a role in the private sector alternate energy market, in order to address climate change:
    “If enough of us demand action form our leaders, we can spark the innovation we need”

    1. Yes – he is a very slick politition. If he were to take on the correct issues, I think he would do well – he does seem to have a good record in certain areas. The problem I find with him is that I can’t trust him – you never really know where he stands.

      1. Amen, Jeff. Too little too late.
        Adulterate (according to Webster’s) means:To corrupt; defile; debase; contaminate; vitiate; sophisticate (as in SOPHISTRY)
        As far as I am concerned, Newt has adulterated his Conservatism so severly that he, honestly, has no compass. It’s broken.

        1. I agree. If he’s the candidate- God forbid- I’ll vote for him, but we REALLY can do better. In my book, he and Romney are on the same footing.

          1. Ok … Cain has not really put out anything substantial except his 999 plan. Has a zillion do-overs already. His abortion stance that everyone let go by sounded an awful lot like Ron Paul’s libertarian stance … keep government out of our personal decisions (same as heroine?). He can still be pro-life with this position. He’s vague on most issues. So what will we really be getting. Sounds like 2008 deja vu to me. HOPE.
            Romney, well, he’s Romney.
            Perry will bomb against Obama.
            Huntsman, not a conservative, buhbye.
            Ron Paul, too many wacky ideas, although some are just brilliant, but on national defense and standing by our allies, I think he is just wrong.
            Santorum … awesome conservative in pretty much every aspect I’ve seen. Always seems to be on the “right” side of the issues. Has put forward strong conservative ideas during his terms. Like his family values platform. No public support.
            Bachmann, solid conservative as well. Again, no support. Doesn’t have a strong A-type personality like Palin to get people to listen to her IMHO.

            Gingrich is a conservative on many, many issues. He has screwed up in the past with multiple affairs, but time has passed and he and Calista seem to be a stong partnership. Forgiven. But what I do know is that out of this entire field, he is a conservative fiscally and socially and believes in the VAST majority of the changes that us “Tea Partiers” want to have changed and is smart enough to bring some solutions. AND beat Obama in a debate. His dirty laundry is already out there.

            If we want to win the WH back, we need someone who can get us back to our core conservatiove values. If we the people have to take our mulligan later on global warming in order to get our country back, then so be it. We are not going to get everything in one fell swoop. It has taken the progressives 100 years to get us where we are. We need to fight back with the BIG issues to save our Constitutional values and then fight for the rest. BIG steps, but the right steps first!

            1. I wish I’d said that…….thanks!

              “Incidentally, this also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of Congress. If the GOP is ultimately saddled with a RINO nominee, but wins the White House — and conservatives take back the Senate and retain the House — important reforms, from Obamacare repeal to regulatory rollback, will still be signed into law. Similarly, if Obama is reelected, but conservatives win Congress, he’ll be unable to inflict much damage. The presidential election might be the most exciting to follow — and presidents might ultimately bear blame and receive credit for whatever happens during their administrations — but the machinations of Congress often matter most.”


              1. I don’t disagree with either of you, and good points were made. Levin puts it this way… We have an opportunity here to put a true conservative in the white house. We don’t have to settle on flip-floppers or people we aren’t sure are true blue conservative. These polls are just polls. Bachmann isn’t out until the end. Santorum, same story. I suppose that the way Levin’s comments apply to me is that I’m not going to throw my support behind someone who’s not the best we can get until this primary is over. There’s another blog on here that RS put up today that covers the concerns a lot of us have with Gingrich.

                1. I agree with Levin….keepin’ my options open. Bachmann grates on my last nerve….condescending attitude and always touting “I did this”. Dunno, just not for me. Santorum, would be the upset of the century.

                2. I don’t think it is condescending, I think she is trying to get people to focus on her record and her conservative credentials instead of the crazy person they try to color her as.

                  I would get behind Santorum! Definitely. He just comes off as angry sometimes.

                3. I love Levin! But unless Bachman or Santorum can get some support, I am going to play the odds AGAINST Romney. Unfortunately, he has enough support that if our “conservative” votes are split between the real conservatives, then he will get the nomination. And my guess is that is exactly what they are hoping for.

                  Levin hasn’t thrown his support to anyone yet, but he has been sticking up for Cain an awful lot. What are his true credentials besides running a pizza joint. I know he was CEO, but he also was part of the Fed Reserve and that has issues with it as well. Plus, as i said, he has no specifics on anything except 999. He is hanging his hat solely on this issue. He punted TWICE to Newt in the Lincoln/Douglas debate. Is he going to do that with Obama in a national debate?

                  That leaves us with Perry, Santorum or Bachman as the true conservatives. None of whom have any traction. I really don’t know much about Perry since he hasn’t done that well in the debates, I haven’t put much stock in him.

                  I DON”T want Romney so unless something drastic changes, I feel I have to go with Newt. At least at this point, it could change. I’m still hoping for a miracle with Palin getting in somehow, but seriously doubt THAT will happen… she’s already missed the deadlines to be on the ballot in a couple of states.

    2. It is a scientific fact that there is climate change. Newt never said it is man-made, which is the argument at hand, not if it exists.

      1. If it is not man-made then why even talk about climate change from the perspective that he was talking about it? It’s worse than a waste of time — it is deceptive.

        1. Very true. We should just accept that it changes and that we’re going to have to just be flexible with earth’s changes. Let’s focus on being good stewards, not turning everybody into dirt worshipers so Gore can get rich.

          1. I especially like the comment on focusing on being good stewards. Rand Paul showed on a senate debate (I think it was yesterday) how well the US was decreasing pollution in all areas decade after decade and how there is no need for more rules that hurt jobs.

  20. I forgive you Newt, but don’t let it happen again! And by the way, stop your adulterous ways! Then maybe we can talk.

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