Newt Gingrich bellyaches to Hannity that Trump’s lack of discipline is losing the election

In a long and torturous segment on meathead moron Sean Hannity’s show, Newt Gingrich rails on Donald Trump for losing an entire week of media by attacking Alicia Machado. He says that his lack of discipline lost him the entire week, shook up his supporters, and could lose him the election.

Hannity sits there like an idiot.

Watch below:

Newt is right, and you can tell by their sour expressions that they’re admitting Trump lost the debate and then lost the PR fight afterward. And it’s nobody’s fault except Trump’s.

Further, as many have pointed out, the fact that these Trump-humpers have to go out in the media to whine about it shows that Trump himself is not open to criticism or correction, even when he’s losing. That’s what happens when you keep lying about reality and create your own alternate universe where you’re always “winning.”

Now if this moron can’t be corrected before the election, can you imagine what a nightmare he’ll be if he becomes the most powerful person on Earth?

We posted a later portion of the segment where, amazingly, Sean Hannity whined that Americans are choosing “style over substance” and rejecting Trump. That’s worth looking at too.

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