Newt Gingrich in Center Seat on Special Report

Honestly I’ve not had a chance to watch this yet, but I’m going to after I post it. But from what I’ve seen on twitter, Newt did a great job (via Sheya):

Just curious, what’s the over/under on how long Newt survives when he gets attacked like The Herman Cain?

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76 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich in Center Seat on Special Report

  1. Newt (to our knowledge) doesnt have any scandals except those similar to Bill Clinton. I’ve met newt (for 5 mins) and heard him speak and he wont be caught without an answer nor will he blunder his defense like Cain has.

  2. This was such an insightful, well articulated interview. We want to defeat Obama, Newt can do it! Romney is another McCain, we must not allow the RINO’s and the dem’s to decide for us. The dems know that if Romney wins, that the enthusiasm and energy that comes from conservatives will wither to nothing. Keep speaking up and staying involved!

  3. Maybe the audio on this week CENTER SEAT was better than last week’s. I actually understood what Gingrich was saying.

    RS8766: URTHEBEST ty

  4. Newt is savvy but I’m a Cain backer. He’ll be attacked from both will not work for either of them though. I hope he’s talking about being Agnostic towards Global Warming and I didn’t misunderstand. I want a Christian man in Office. Most Conservatives do!

    1. Donna thank you for posting the “agnostic” question so clearly.

      A lot of people here and on The Blaze are concerned over Gingrich’s statement, “I’m agnostic.” The statement occurs in the video above at exactly the 9:00 mark.

      Gingrich is a Christian. Gingrich is not an agnostic, that is, one who neither believes in God nor disbelieves but is willing to delay the decision as additional evidence is revealed.

      Gingrich, in his, unique, Georgia professor style, stubbed his toe. Speaking metaphorically he meant to complete the sentence by saying, “I am agnostic on global warming.”

      Under the glare of the lights and concentrated attention, Newt did not finish his thought and, like a professor, expects that everyone will understand his use of the word “agnostic” to describe his position on global warming. He is taking a wait and see attitude. He neither accepts the global warmists’ theories nor does he reject them out of hand.

      Newt Gingrich is not an agnostic. Newt mis-spoke as candidates sometimes do…
      Sometimes “professor” Gingrich reminds me of Mark Twain’s fictional character “Puddinhead Wilson” from a novel of the same name. The plot begins when a young lawyer, David Wilson, moves to a small town and a chance remark of his causes locals to brand him a “pudd’nhead” – a nitwit.

  5. First of all, Center Seat is a great example of what the media should be doing for the public, our problems cannot be solved in 30 sec soundbites, the viewers got a chance to hear from one candidate on a number of important issues. The fact that Romney is avoiding Center Seat speaks volumes…

    Secondly, thanks to Scoop for posting this for us, I was working and missed this segment on Fox.

    Now, as far as Newt goes, there is a lot I like and I understand that I will never fully agree with any one candidate but I have concerns especially after reading this article from American Spectator, Newtonian Physics
    I recommend it and would appreciate your comments after reading it.

    I have yet to settle on a candidate but will continue to seek out information. The sad thing is unless you live in an early primary state, you really don’t have much say so much can change by the time my state holds elections.

    1. The article entitled, “Newtonian Physics- Can what falls so far rise back” details Gingrich’s irascible personality, his false assumptions about power and his over-estimation of self. And, like Isaac Newton’s attitude, the article correctly assumes that an apple, once fallen, will never of its own volition suddenly zoom up and reattach itself to the tree.

      Isaac Newton and the article’s author assume a 3-dimensional universe. Apples always fall to earth, moons always orbit planets and objects remain in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an external force.

      The author, seeking to sway his audience, employs a rhetorical device which Herman Cain calls, “comparing apples and oranges.” A man is not an apple which having fallen, cannot, of its own volition, rise. A man is not an “object,” whose motion and direction are immutable unless there is an “external” force. Simply put, a man is not entirely ruled by the forces that rule objects which do not have consciousness.

      So, it is an article with a silly premise (Men are like apples) which, while attempting to smear a man with his own history, actually accomplishes the opposite. The article shows that Gingrich has true experience with both successful strategies and strategies which have failed. Gingrich is the Man. 2012 is the season.

      Thank you for the invitation to review.

  6. I think the over/under is good for Newt. The advantage for him is everyone knows he’s had this in his past! He doesn’t shrink from it. He simply says that he is older/wiser and that it is in the past. So, they can troll out Gloria Allred’s client list all day on him and he’ll just sit back and say “Yep, unfortunate. In the past, next?”

  7. I’ve found this to be funny on how the MSM had Newt written off back in the summer. Now, he’s in 3rd place and moving up quickly.

    I do believe Mr. Cain will lose the support. Not because we think he is guilty, but the shadow of doubt has been firmly put in our minds. It’s unfortunate, but true.

    As for Newt, I’ve always liked him even with his baggage. We all are not perfect and anyone who doesn’t feel compel to forgive, then I feel sorry for you.

    In the summer I was all convinced that Perry was our man – but unfortunately he isn’t made to be President. It takes character and most importantly it takes smarts to handle the press – not to mention to be above the fray.

    This election is not going to be about ideology, but to get our country back from a Marxist who wants to destroy the very foundation of our life.

    For several weeks I’ve been watching Newt’s speeches and listening to his solutions. I like them and agree with almost everything he says. Last night on center seat he handled himself very well and answered all the questions. He’ll have my vote.

    One last thought, I’m without sin myself and recognize my faults. Would you forgive me?

  8. Williams asked a stupid question. If Newt thought his so-called baggage was an insurmountable obstacle, then he wouldn’t be running. Voters aren’t talking about Newt’s so-called baggage nearly as much as Leftist journalists are.

  9. Google Gingrich one world order or counsil of foreign relations. Newt is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Please,research him & then decide if he’s good for America.

  10. That is a very good question RS. Hopefully, in forums like this, he will be able to explain the so called “baggage” history satisfactorily. And, it is all history. Newt has no recent skeletons in the closet and has been working diligently on American Solutions. There is no doubt he will be attacked, some fair, but most unfairly. I am convinced Gingrich is the most capable of taking on the challenges we face and he has my vote. I will vote for any of the candidates that win the nomination…I hope it is Newt.

  11. I believe Newt is the best candidate of those currently running. I never thought I’d say that, but he has proven himself throughout the campaign.

  12. Has anyone heard Cain get these kinds of questions? And has anyone heard him give these kind of clear and decisive answers? If not, how could anyone really think he has what it takes to be Commander In Chief?

    1. I haven’t heard any of the candidates, much less Cain, get these type questions. On the rare occasion they do they respond with some sort of equivocation. Gingrich seems to be talking from conviction, knowledge, experience and is not concerned about being politically correct. This is what I think…take it or leave it. I’m taking it.

  13. Let’s face it, Newt is a polished politican, and a nice man. However, he has shown us over and over, he is a deal maker, not a leader.I do not even want him as VP. Perry is still shining, but the media and DNC is stomping him into the mud. I only hope, the USA can, see thru the mud,and pick the only guy who can beat OB, and still make a good effort at removing 30 years of DEM destruction. Oil, economy, and border. Up with freedom! Long may she rein.

    1. Edgar,


      1. I detest deal makers. I hate unprincipaled leaders, who say one thing, and then do another. I hate POTUSs who take the meat out of a hard fought for congressional deal. Good old FDR and HT who won the war, then gave the victory back. May their guilty beating hearts make them afraid enough of the USA public to not betray us, yet again.

  14. I’m sure Newt will be attacked. But he is smarter than the media and he fights back…

    Newt just needs to keep from being nasty, because that turns people off, and he’ll be okay.

  15. Damn. The Panel ambushed him. They treated Newt much harsher than the others. Trust me. I watched all of the candidates in the Center Seat. Why is the right (not just the pseudo-right) so against Newt now?

    1. Absolute fact. And I love how mister Romney that coward is not going to be on the show at all. What a priss.

    1. However, Juan was the best friend Cain had yesterday, at least at Fox. He defended Cain vigorously, in two different time-slots that I saw.

  16. TRS – yes – “a great job”…

    Yes, Gingrich knows.

    Issue after issue, in this 30 minute interview, Gingrich shows that he is conversant with the important issues facing USA.

    At 14min. 40sec. – a question about “personal baggage” –

    Baggage is baggage, yes, but, as I’ve written in defense of Cain against the Cain haters, right and left, about, so far, bogus personal issues and the important 9-9-9 issue, I feel compelled to write something similar about Gingrich.

    As Gingrich says in response to the question about “personal baggage,” he is 68 year old and the question is about something that happened 31 years ago.

    Gingrich is not a clinton
    Gingrich does not clintonize
    Gingrich does not hide behind a disguise… a lie
    Gingrich does not obfuscate
    Gingrich does not dissemble


  17. The baggage on Newt has it’s own chute at the airport.

    If they want to , they can rough him up easily. But Newt is an inside-the-beltway clubber, so maybe he’ll get a pass.

    1. WOW! The one thing I learned from this is about the media and not Newt-

      At about 14 minutes, Juan Williams asked him about his dead wife and Newt explained that it simply wasn’t true…..then Williams asked, “well, what about the baggage?” What F’N nerve!!! What he’s basically confessing is…What about the lies we [the liberals in the media] made up and/or helped push?

      No guilt about it, just how are you going to do damage control……what an awful creature the media is.

      1. Wow. “We compiled this massive amount of crap we’re gonna dog you with, how will you be handling it?”

      2. And I think Bill O has way too much influence at FOX to pull Juan Williams into the FOX tribe. I was sympathetic to Williams over the NPR fiasco, but it’s obvious you can take the man out of liberal, but you can’t take the liberal out of the man.

  18. Anyone notice at 9:00 he says “I’m Agnostic”…but he has been talking everywhere else that since he was last in politics, one of the things that has changed is he became Catholic. Am I missing something here?

        1. Great. The supposed “science” is a massive fraud, and he’s agnostic?

          And there’s been no warming in years. He needs to get serious and get up to speed on this.

          1. Yeah…

            Doesn’t Gingrich know that Limbaugh has already given the final word about the fraud of global warming… to all of us radio listeners.


            Where’s Gingrich gettin’ his info if not from Rush?

            Now, of course, the above is just funnin’ about Limbaugh and Gingrich, but, seriously now, “agnostic” about the science, that is a surprise.

            I agree with Limbaugh about the sun being the source of global warming, not human related activity… whether it’s car production or cattlemen and cow methane.

            If humans can not control the sun, humans can not control global warming… and cows… that pass gas all day ’cause they have nothing better to do.


      1. You are correct about his agnosticism regarding climate change. That is not the first time I have heard Mr. Gingrich use that term and not be referring to religion. He can get away with it. He’s Irish.


      2. You are correct ABC. His “agnostic” comment was specifically about the cause of global warming.
        Nothing to do with his belief in God.

    1. He meant agnostic with regard to the cause and state of global warming. I didn’t know he was an amateur paleontologist. That explains a lot! He mentioned the ‘last major cooling cycle’ was 11,000 years ago where the gulf stream ‘completely stopped for 600 years. This is iron clad confirmation that he does not believe in the Bible’s timeline for history because Noah’s flood was only ~4400 years ago. The Bible says that death entered the world through the sin of Adam and Eve, yet as a paleontologist he believes all the animal fossils in the rocks died and were burried long before ‘Adam and Eve’ came on the scene. If he had a come to Jesus moment (and not just a come to Church moment) then he has recognized this: Jesus died to save man from the death brought into the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the garden. If death and suffering had always been part of ‘nature’ with millions of years of ‘tooth and claw’, then why did Jesus die?

      No, I suspect Newt has had some change in his heart and life, but it hasn’t made it all the way through his head. He was an intillectual before he was a believer, and it is always hard to give up the true agnostic’s beautiful storyline woven from stardust to butterflies (that has taken over 400 years to contrive rationally without God).

      And I have hope for him yet. When he faces God it is Jesus face that he will see first, and Newt might have some splainin’ to do.

      John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

      John 1:2 The same was in the beginning with God.

      John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

      John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

      John 1:5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

      1. A monkey that can create jobs can beat Obama! Give me a break. Newt asked for God’s forgiveness for his sins of 17 years ago. What is your problem?

        1. How about the ones of just a few years ago? Marriage number 3 due to cheating. That’s a big one for me as an evangelical. I used to be Newt’s biggest fan, but really was disappointed over his personal issues, not to mention some of his flip flopping and goofy across-the-aisle stunts.

            1. I suspect that it’s not that he can’t forgive… it’s that you use past repeated behaviour as an indication for future behaviour. Three years ago is not that long ago. So why give a free pass for something that could occur again in the future.

              BTW… I just love all this apoplexy over conservatives’ pecadillos and human failings… (all mild and yet to be substantiated) yet when will there be any mention of Obama’s drug use? Or mention of his homosexual relationships via Jeremiah’s Wright’s church in the DLC (Down Low Club) and his tryst with Larry Sinclair while married to Michelle. Or the possible four murders connected to his campaign… 2-3 of which occured under the umbrella of Wright’s church.

              Oh silly me… forgot… the MSM has O’s back… natch!

        2. Yes and he’s been one of the main voices against the people who want the word God stricken from everywhere they can find. He’s a christen and if Jesus has forgiven him his past sins we should too and the biggest falsehood about him asking for a divorce from his cancer ridden wife in the hospital has been totally debunked. For one thing she didn’t have cancer and was in the hospital to have a benign growth removed and second the divorce was already instituted. If you go and read his biography Wikipedia it’s one of the most impressive resumes any person could have. What he’s accomplished in his lifetime is truly remarkable.

  19. Newt always seems to get prime time TV interviews . Must be nice to be a member of the Good Ol boys club of Dee Cee .

  20. Notice how respectful the panel is toward Newt. They realize just how insightful and knowledgeable this man is on every subject. Even Dr. K is hanging on every word!
    Newt is most certainly alive and kicking!

      1. Your Dam## right they did and so does anyone who sits down with him. He’ll eat the liberal press and Obama for breakfast every day if he’s the nominee.
        Americans will finally get to see our side winning.

  21. A good interview overall. Newt made some funnies! But, I think Juan must have gotten to him around 22 minutes of the way through because Newt said that France wanted Greeks to be like Germans…? Does Vichy France still exist?

  22. Liked his answer on drill here drill now. Hated the clip with Stretch about global change, and wasn’t impressed a whole lot. Loved his answer on Iran and the other foreign policies. Loved his answers about Iraq. Repeal obamascare is wonderful. Admitting about the individual mandate was great.
    There was a lot here and Newt did great. I’d still stick with Cain, with Newt in VP though.

    1. Agree. If Newt were his VP right now, he would be getting much better advice on this harassment BS.
      Newt is my second choice. I’m applying the Reagan rule with him. I agree with MOST of what he says, and on things like AGW–I don’t think he will touch or advance. I actually think he’ll go after the EPA regulations anyway under the auspice of freeing up the economy.

  23. Greeneyedlady: “The euro was the dumbest idea since the ‘pet rock'” lol

    Newt did a good job.. like how he admits the individual mandate is a bad idea and does not support it..

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