Newt Gingrich on Fox News Sunday

Newt reiterated this morning that he’s staying in the race even though his position with Santorum has more than flipped from what it was earlier in this race. Wallace asks Gingrich that if he told Santorum to get out of the race back then, why shouldn’t he get out now since everything has flipped. Newt’s response was that Santorum was right not to get out and Newt now agrees with him. Ha!

They go on to talk about Romney potentially losing Michigan, Newt’s Super PAC and his relationship with his billionaire backer Sheldon Adelson, and more.

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118 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich on Fox News Sunday

  1. Newt is the only candidate who understands Islam. He will not be politically correct, and
    evasive in his dealings with the muslims. He has called them on their Islamaphobia charges
    before. For this reason alone, he deserves the presidency.

  2. I still like Newt. He’s a serious candidate with a solid track record. Checkered, yes, but solid. He’s got real, practical ideas for dealing with the problems facing America and is not engaged in a popularity contest.

    What bugs me in this interview is at the beginning where it sounds like he’s got a double-standard where everybody else should drop out, but not himself when he meets those same criteria. Dumb move on that one.

    1. I like your comment because of what you said about his “solid record” but I didn’t interpret that he wants others to drop out as you say…so I disagree there.
      I would love to see paul AND santorum drop out and endorse Newt but I doubt that will happen.

  3. I still believe that Newt is the man for the job. I just got a video from a friend that has Obama asking that “black Americans” support him. He makes the election a “race issue” himself. The man has to go. Newt can do it if the republicans stop trashing each other and ruining the image of the republican party. They are just giving Obama a bigger chance of winning. Check out this video:

    Obamas latest speech is as usual with a forked tongue. He states how many jobs he created, but NEVER mentions how many jobs were lost during his administration. AND with gas prices soaring, another big issue will probably hurt Obama. I will vote for any republican who runs against him, even Mickey Mouse.

  4. I think that if Romney loses MI, then establishment will begin to panic. Im glad that both stayed in. If either candidate dropped out then Mitt would would solely focus on them and he would surely win the nomination. Here we see candidates pick up states that are not going to Romney. This would lead to a brokered convention. The delegates would have several options. One is to select Newt or Rick. Two is to select another candidate, could be establishment or not establishment.

        1. sorry…. I may have gotten a little carried away…I was just coming off of a 12 hour night shift and was a little cross.
          But I really do get irritated when they call my Newt a sleaze or weasel or other derogatory thing when mitt romney is the one that releases a stink bomb of lies on anyone who dares to appeal to voters over him.
          To me he is no better than obama.

          *in her best Scarlett O’hara accent*…
          “I hate him”

  5. There’s something else I meant to post about Gingrich. I really think that he killed his Florida chance with his debate performance there. By saying he didn’t know what to do with someone who is blatantly lying, he pulled the rug out from his own feet, because we all know Obama is going to lie like crazy. (All ready is).

    But this is one thing I would say about Newt: if he got elected, I have NO DOUBT in my mind that BIG things would happen, and YES, we would have a freakin’ moon base to boot! 🙂

  6. What’s sad is on Fox they are still spreading the propaganda that independents just will not go for a conservative. They said it again on Fox News Sunday today, and as Rush points out, they’re going to go for Pelosi / Obama instead of Gingrich or Santorum? Rubbish.

  7. Seriously, Why is Mitt or Santorum even in consideration, when we clearly have a man “GINGRICH” with all his where with-all, his brilliant mind and wait for-it………….. a real coarse of action, with proven idea’s and actual solution’s?

    What happened with Santorum was to simply stop Romney, which was very affective– but I don’t see Rick bringing “O” down either. Sure Newt’s campaign at this point looks dim, but don’t count him out just yet.

    Like Sarah has stated– she wants these candidates “Rick & Mittins” are who she’s referring too BTW: to start talking about their message and what they will do to get our country back? and to stop this infighting AKA: ROMNEY……!

    Also too, she did state that whom ever our nominee is, we need to get behind them, even if we have to drag them across the finish line. hmmm, I wonder who she was referring too when she made those comment’s at Cpac? “Newt” no doubt about-it!

    Now we’re hearing about a brokered convention and Jeb Bush getting-in? *rolleyes* “if” that happens, Sarah all the way!

    So, at this point these primaries are any-one’s guess, however I’m hoping Newt will make a come back and become our nominee. As much as many have stated Newt has to much baggage etc. Well, even with all his negative baggage– Newt has a proven record and will get thing’s done and put America on the right track. The even bigger bonus to Newt’s win, he will appoint Sarah a cabinet position……… man!

    A win, win and great start. Keeping finger’s crossed.

    1. There has been no vetting of Santorum. His surge is not because of his “glowing” credentials, it’s because Romney slung millions of dollars of mud at Gingrich and no one wanted Romney to begin with. I am beginning to think Santorum supporters are just decoys to help Romney.

      1. ITA, and we’ll see if Romney will sling that mud back at Santorum with a vengence and if Mitt doesn’t, then BINGO– wodiej you would be correct. Romney wants to be POTUS for all the wrong reasons and the Establishment just wants to be the Establishment:

        It’s down to this: It’s either for our Freedom Newt/Sarah or for the status-quo Romney/ his lackeys………or Santorum.

        Next– is the big fight, who can and will take-it to “O”

  8. All other issues except for the Spiraling Debt are side issues..We do not need Gentle Touchy touchy feel good Conservative Republicans, we do not need an over the hill libertarian, we do not need this slimy forked tongue lying ObamaNation. What we need is a Snarling Bull Dog , reared in DC’s Junkyard teamed with a Lipstick wearing Griz hunting Pit Bull to rend asunder this monstrosity roaming unhindered in the Heartland. This pack needs to rip out pork waste, run off interloping scavengers, rip to shreds Lying Bloated Fat Cats and out Howl the howling of Pampered Poodles and corner that deceitful Fast and Furious Doberman for prosecution. In general make a Dogs Breakfast of this ObamaNation.

    1. Yea! I agree whole heartedly. We need to do everything we can to stop wasting money — I can’t even call it spending because that assumes wise use of money.

      I think Newt Gingrich is the only candidate to turn America around.

      I care about the things Gingrich has done for America, as compared to what the other candidates have done as legislators.

      I care that, as the Speaker of the House, he and the rest of the Republicans got things done. They balanced the budget for four years in a row with a Democrat for president. Soon we will have four years in a row with NO budget.

      I care that they reformed entitlements(welfare) when it was considered (and still is) the third rail of politics.

      Not only did he know what to do but he did/does it. For that he was pilloried by the Democrats and the media with false ethics violations. That was his third rail electrocution for handling welfare reform. And still he is unafraid. He continues to do what is right and he is the conservative candidate we need.

      I care that he can destroy every lame stream media meme with derision. Unfortunately Santorum brings seriousness to events that require in-your-face derision. While Santorum can knock down the media. Gingrich flattens them in a knockout punch.

      After all, every Republican candidate is running against the media not Obama. Whether you like it or not Santorum consistently brings a knife to the gunfight that is the lame stream media.

      I believe what Gingrich says because I know he has accomplished the work in the past. For each Republican candidate, I want to see their work — their record for conservative fiscal responsibility.

      And with his record Newt Gingrich wins my vote hands down.

      And any other real or imagined deficit he has as a candidate DOES NOT matter.

      1. Thank you for the response the only differ I have with your reply is Social Security was never intended as an Entitlement. for those who pay into it. Congress hijacked the SS fund and added a krap load of non contributors while STEALING additional money from it. Final Insult to the contributing workers is the inclusion of SS into the Health and Human services cesspool. No SS is not an entitlement it is bought and paid for by its contributors. Get everyone else the hell off of it.

        1. Social Security is not an entitlement nor is it welfare. My statement never mentioned anything about Social Security. You conflated my statement about welfare to include Social Security. Both you and I know that Social Security is NOT welfare. They are two completely separate issues.

          When Gingrich was Speaker of the House, the Congress did what at that time was called welfare system reform, now called entitlement reform

    1. That’s the right thinking!!!! Lets start to believe in the true strength of conservatives. Lets start to believe that these RINO’s are so weak that Romney DOES NOT matter. Lets start to believe that we can have a choice of two conservative candidates. Gingrich or Santorum. What a wonderfully difficult choice that would be.

  9. People forget that this race is totally different than previous elections. More people are involved and the vetting is more intense. The race is still fluid and who knows, we might have a brokered convention.

    It is good that we’re are almost at the end of February and we still have candidates. We should continue to split the vote. Can you imagine the media and the RINOs having their way and forcing their presumptuous nominee? This only makes each candidate stronger. There is nothing wrong with that.

    I say, Newt should stay in until the bitter end. And, may the best man win. I’m hoping it’s Newt, but I’ll take sticky Ricky too.

      1. Very well explained:
        ‘The Republican National Convention process is almost entirely controlled by the inside-the-Beltway Republican establishment. Therefore, the last thing Tea Partiers and grassroots movement conservatives should hope for is a “brokered” convention. Such an arrangement would handover the selection of the Republican nominee to the establishment powerbrokers who are, for the most part, backing Romney and his business-as-usual policies.’

  10. While Newt dropping out the race would doubtless bring Santorum more votes, Newt and Santorum hounding Romney from both sides is effectively wearing him down.

    1. I am beginning to think it is the best way to keep RINOmeny from being the candidate.

      In ma ma ma ma ma my opinion he will not come out ahead at a brokered convention.

    1. Intrade…

      Notoriously reactive
      Blows with the wind

      Just watch it during the next primary and see how it fluctuates based on the MSM poll reporting if you don’t believe me.

        1. Don’t give too much credence to all these polls. They are used to manipulate the electorate, and some of the samples are so small they are meaningless!

  11. Look. It really does not matter. What is happening is not about the politicians, in my opinion, and “them” dropping out. To me it is more about the media cannot MAKE the news THEY want when you have strong and stubborn people like Newt, Rick, and Ron. The media, to include FNC had it all fig’erred! Mitt was the choice. That is what the talk heads like Krauthammer, Steve Hayes, Krystol, Hume, Baer, Ailes, OReilly, etc wanted, oh yes, Hannity too. The decision was made to walk back any conservative chatter, (Tea Party), and take on the liberal Mitt with the aid of the other liberal republicans (better known as rinos, establishment, bluebloods). And we the people are speaking out. It doesn’t matter that the so called conservatives are split. And Mitt is not just laying back. He is playing the nastiest, dirtiest game in years. And he is still only 30% there. With 3 fronts, Mitt has to practice on all. If there was one, he would be insufferable. I want a raucus convention! Either Santorum or Newt will win, unless Sarah jumps in. Even if Jeb jumps in, he will not win. He is the same as Mitt.

    1. People are tired of big money establishment politicians.

      HERE is a story that will curl your hair:

      There are more of these kinds of stories.

      Romney is in the thick of this kind of thing.

      He got HUGE (US taxpayer money) bail-outs for both Bain Capital and the Olympics:

      “Romney has a history of surviving poor decision-making by gulping down federal largesse. He’s built up an impressive mythology about someone who makes things work.”

      “Most U.S. tax dollars per athlete. Federal spending for the Salt Lake City Games will average $625,000 for each of the 2,400 athletes who will compete. (Not a penny of it will go to the athletes.) That’s a 996% increase from the $57,000 average for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It’s a staggering 5,582% jump from the $11,000 average for the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.”

      “And for the upcoming 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the estimated cost to American taxpayers is 1.3 billion dollars. That’s outrageous Mr. President. And it’s a disgrace,” McCain said. (2001)

      BAIN – Bain Capital was also beneficiary of US taxpayer dollar BAILOUT –

      1. And the only reason Romney got involved with the Olympics was because it was in Salt Lake City and the Mormon Church was heavily invested… so he was protecting their investments!

    1. If you haven’t seen this… watch Victory or Death – Newt’s speech in 2009 before he even decided to run for President.

      This is part 1.. there are 5 parts – and it is incredible!!! This is what sold me on his candidacy.

      1. thanks, that was good. I don’t believe all of this sudden support for Santorum is solid. I think Romney supporters including the establishment are propping up Santorum to try to force Gingrich out. If he drops out, Santorums numbers will drop like a lead balloon. There is no other rational explanation unless people simply aren’t concerned with who is best to fix the mess we’re in.

      2. I watched that to and it was excellent and quite moving. I’m a real pushover when someone can speak that eloquently and sincerely about America history. There are still more patriotic Americans than there are squishes and even some of the squishes might rethink their position if we had someone like Newt to explain where we started and where we should be going. I think some Americans have just given up. It’s easy to become jaded when your own government is the one trying to do you in.

  12. Here we are again. Wallace spends 8.5 minutes out of 13 to ask who should have dropped out, who will drop out and when will they drop out. Get to the policies, please. Leave the gotcha questions at home.

    Drill here, drill now. Now that’s what I’m talking about. With an aggressive energy policy, it would put so much more revenue into our coffers, that it would dwarf the tax cuts. But they never seem to realize that. Also, with the increase in oil production here, it doesn’t matter what Saudi Arabia does with production. We make our own.

    We need an increase in refineries as well and that produces a ton of jobs, which, by the way, puts even more revenue into the coffers. So, oil production along with reduced unemployment would put our country into a tremendous boon era the likes of Reaganomics.

    1. Distractions, anything to minimize the time to get his message out.

      Far be it for Fox to talk about the issues, since the remaining candidates are AFRAID to stand their ground on a debate stage.

      That tells me they know their message looses side by side with Newts’.

    2. Not to mention repealing Obamacare, Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd Frank… eliminating the death tax and corporate tax… an optional 15% flat tax… Newt’s solutions go on and on. As he said, he will undo 40% of the harm Obama has done on Day One and the economy will begin to turn around the moment Obama leaves Washington for Chicago!

    3. I agree. When I seen it was Chris Wallace I didn’t even bother watching it. He’s a liberal and part of the LSM.

  13. Now I know where Newt stands on tax policy and corporate tax rate and what Santorum’s pre- natal testing policy is.

  14. Man I hope Romney loses Michigan and gets the gop establishment freaking out. But it pisses me off that whenever their nominee is seriously threaten by Newt or Rick, they treat them as not being good enough for the nomination. Do they really think a Jeb Bush could save the GOP as toxic as the Bush name is. Bush is a very unpopular, Jeb is lucky is last name isn’t Nixon.

    1. The RCP average has RS at +6.5, RINOmney probably is fueling and loading his b52s with his carpet bombs as I type.

      I’d come closer to voting for a Jeb Nixon than I would a Jeb Bush.

  15. If you go to the very first picture you see is of Obama with his butt to the camera, bowing to King Saud. The caption is “Stop bowing. Start Drilling.”


    1. Amen! Newt is brilliant – and nobody that spends some time really listening to him can refute that. He has substantive explanations for everything that has been twisted or mocked. Nobody can hold a candle to him when it comes to intellect, imagination, or solutions!

      1. I agree and I am just not buying all of this supposed, sudden support for Santorum. A couple months ago he was getting 5-6% support. Gingrich needs to stay in and duke this out.

  16. Regarding Jeb Bush: Does anyone think he could actually make a run that would be more successful than the candidates already in the field? I’d like to hear some of your opinions.

    My thoughts are that if the “Republican Establishment” convinced Jeb Bush to get in the race it would be a disaster on par with Romney. It would alienate those who are and have been working for the other candidates, plus I think the general public has had more than enough of the “Bush Dynasty”. Thoughts?

    Edited to add:

    GO NEWT GO!!

    1. The republican establishment needs to join the democratic party or get on board with the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We the people are sick & tired of being treated like cattle feed. We are tired of people in power regulating our lives. We are ready to kick some a–, if any one or nation dares to try and take away our freedom. We do not want to be owned by anyone. We want our freedom back. We want to work hard, drive SUV’S, go on vacations. We want to spend our own money. We do not want to support the takers anymore.

      America wants to be free. We will be free. We need to get the dead wood in Washington out of the way.

      “oops – sorry I got carried away.

    2. One would think that, if Bush got in the race, people would realize that it’s just the GOP establishment desparately trying for a replacement for their failing Romney.

      I believe that they are slowly, very slowly, learning that ‘We the People’ can’t be manipulated the way we used to be and more and more are coming to that realization. Unfortunately, most GOP establishment types are as dumb as donkeys.

        1. Yeah, that’s who I’m talking about – the RINOs. Sounding more and more like a new party about to form to me.

    3. Seven, I agree, the establishment gop is doing enough disaster with out bringing in another Bush.

      To embellish on comments I made to RE Tyrrell jr in American Spectator “It’s time for Newt to Go”.

      If the establishment GOPers are successful at pushing the conservatives aside and putting up another RINO as the candidate. Then they shouldn’t be surprised in 2014 when the TEA Party will not be running in the GOP Primaries, but will be running against the rinoGOPers in the general elections on their own TEA Ticket.

      Let the rinoGOPers put up their Dolts, McCaints, Rinomenies against TEA party Wests, Gingrichs, Santorums, and the like.

      I think the biggest mistake Reagan made for conservatism was to have Bush as his Veep, at least in the second term. If he had brought a conservative on board and helped weaken the Rockefeller wing then, I think the conservative wing would be much stronger now.

      1. We need a string of real conservatives in the White House to make the necessary changes and then preserve the gains that are made. Otherwise, the liberals/progressives/RINO’s will get in there and undo any good that has been done, which is what has happened in the past.

    4. Jeb Bush would be better than Romney, but I am not sure that America is ready to elect another Bush… and he may not be able to beat Obama. I would also have questions about his views on illegal immigration, etc. He is not as conservative as Newt – obviously, because he is acceptable to the establishment and they don’t like conservatives. They don’t want anyone who is going to change Washington too much – they are pretty comfortable with the way things are – so they are terrified of Newt!

      Newt is tenacious, fearless, and he knows how to fight the Democrats for conservative reforms – he has done it before! If we can give him a Republican majority he will turn Washington upside down, which is what it will take to restore our republic!

  17. Thank You RS for posting this video.

    If you are honest, Newt truly is the type of man we need in White House as President.
    It is really a shame that the media has elected to black out his campaign appearances and speeches for the public to hear & see.

    I like Santorum. I think he would be great as a VP. He needs the learning curve, and Newt is the one to teach him how to lead.

    Newt has proven that he is able to lead.

    Newt 2012

      1. Agreed – at this point we need a real pit bull… and Newt is the only
        one running who fits that description.

    1. I certainly do think Newt would be a great president!

      I’m not sure he’ll get another shot at taking the lead for the nomination, but I’d be happy if he did. It’s a shame there’s so damn much politics in politics….

    2. There are plenty of videos online for Newt… on Right Scoop,, YouTube, etc. We have to send them out by email and make sure they go viral – that is the only way to combat the media/establishment black out! Romney and Santorum don’t even have the guts to debate him in Georgia before Super Tuesday and CNN had to cancel that debate.

      Newt is all substance and does not translate well into headlines and 30-second soundbites – so we have to help him get his message out there!

      Start with this one!

      1. This is what I do all the time. I’ve put relevant interviews and even ads up on my Facebook page (glad to have a real use for it). I also send the same to all on my email list. I also donate whatever small amount I can. If everyone everywhere who supports Gingrich would do the same it would be very effective.

        Smart move by Santorum and Romney. They know debates are where Newt gets his big push. That goes to show you when people hear what Newt has to say they back him.

  18. If Romney drops out of the race after a MI loss, then it would make sense for both Newt and Rick to stay in also, then it will finally be a real battle of conservatives, we can choose Newt or Santorum, and not have to worry about Romney messing everything up, until then, they all need to go after Romney and get him out… and of course Paul wont win (in my best Bill O/Rove voice).

    1. I hope he can hang on to a good solid lead. The primary is still a few weeks away but I know he was just there w Cain and Perry.

  19. Just when will it be time to stop splitting the conservative vote? Romney doesn’t have to do anything but stand by and wait as the media destroys the conservative candidates, and we continue to split our vote. I’ll vote for either Newt or Santorum, but Newt hasn’t been able to build momentum again since Florida. A few more weeks around 15% and he should bow out.

    1. Check out the links I posted below to Newt’s numbers in Georgia … it’s not over until the south has spoken

        1. Thank God. Those right to work states, evangelicals, red neck Americans, baseball & apple pie. Newt will win them all.

          1. When you say “red neck Americans” I assume you mean them bible hugging gun toting lower members of the evolutionary scale folks that just don’t have that ivy league education and aren’t so intellectual. Just want to be clear about that.


        Link to the current delegate counts, per the NY Times. I think their number on FL is wrong because they were not proportionately allocated, but you can still see that Romney is consistently gaining delegates, while the others are split between two. Add Ron Paul into the mix, and you have a wild card that may lean the primary into Romney’s favor to spite conservatives which Paul has attacked all throughout the race.

        1. Whatever happened in Fla. regarding the delegates? I think that there are/were some legal issues with their not being allowed by the repub party to offer their delegates as a winner take all and so Newt won many delegates in Fla. and was going after them.

          1. some info…

            Gingrich memo on Florida delegate allocation (February 1, 2012)

            (last paragraph)
            For these reasons, it would appear that the issue of whether Mitt Romney indeed won all 50 delegates in the Florida primary remains an unsettled question which will not be resolved until the Republican convention in Tampa this August.



            Via Right Michigan article:
            The Possibility of a Brokered Convention (Feb 15, 2012)

            …if the RNC does enforce its rules, then the projected proportional awarding of the Florida delegation would look like this:

            •Mitt Romney: 23 Florida delegates (which reduces his hard total to 64 delegates)

            •Newt Gingrich: 16 Florida delegates (which increases his hard total to 48 delegates)

            •Rick Santorum: 7 Florida delegates (which increases his hard total to 11 delegates)

            •Ron Paul: 4 Florida delegates (which increases his hard total to 13 delegates)


                1. Okay, I love it…

                  I’m pleased as punch he is spending a lot of money it is helping the economy…

                  The MSM reported that Romney spent almost $14 million in Florida. He received around 700 thousand votes, which means he spent almost $20 per vote.

                  That equates to about $280,000 per delegate if he gets all 50, and a whopping $608,696 if he only gets 23.

    2. the only thing is, Santorum is doing pretty good even with Newt still in. As long as that keeps up, and people still put pressure on Romney and he continues to tank, thats good news for Newt and Rick

      1. Do you really think he’s (Romney) going to bow to pressure with the full support of the GOP? He has the financial support to slime his way to the end, and he has been lurking and waiting for almost 10 years for political power.

        1. Romney’s campaign is running out of money… Wall Street is starting to have second thoughts since he can’t seem to get any real momentum. He threw in $40 million of his own money in 2008 and I am sure he will do so again if he must – he has no substance, no convictions, and can’t run on his record, but wants to be president very badly!

          1. But he has all that money and he can’t take it with him, so why NOT spend it on a white house washing? Unless the TEA Party was to breakout into their own party, I think he sees this is the last chance he has at a GOP ticket.

      1. If Newt and Romney combine their votes, the may overcome Romney, but that still doesn’t account for the Ron Paul factor….and at the point which deals have to be worked out, I feel that is where the establishment may have the most power, as may have been the case with the rumors of corrupt caucuses.

    3. Santorum doesn’t have much of an tax plan, and doesn’t touch social security much at all. His platform overall is simply lackluster, except for the social issues. Instead of letting all these yankee states pick another yankee, who sat around with Barbara Boxer pushing “Open Space” legislation, or Hillary in writing legislation for violent video games, let’s let the South have an actual voice here. I’m in Texas and I doubt that we’ll be going to Santorum once his actual platform gets a better view. The personality cult can’t last forever, hopefully.

      1. Rick Perry is going to start campaigning with Newt and he has agreed to advise Newt on how to return power to the states and restore the 10th Amendment if he is elected! Newt is the man!!! I hope the South can give him the boost he needs to pull ahead again!

      2. His platform is so lackluster that he continues to win in the polls and the caucuses. Yep, he has no positions on the economy, foreign policy, jobs, taxes, smaller government, etc. – he’s just about social issues. Dang, I wish he’d just drop out.

        Saying it doesn’t make it so. You don’t have to vote for him but try to be honest about him before someone confuses you for a Romney supporter. I’ll touch base with you again after Super Tuesday.

    4. Just vote for who is ahead or right behind Rommy in the Polls in your state. That way Newt or San will come out ahead or can later make a deal. Most Republicans are conservative (most Americans are conservative) and don’t want a moderate like Rommy running for President.

    5. Current delegate count, and this doesn’t take into account that all of the FL delegates so far have been awarded to Rinomeny.

      Newt Gingrich 35 won 1109 needed
      Ron Paul 27 won 1117 needed
      Mitt Romney 106 won 1038 needed
      Rick Santorum 37 won 1107 needed

    6. No – if Santorum and Gingrich both stay in, they split Romney’s vote and limit his delegates in the states where they are each strong.

      It’s a darn good conservative strategy if we want a real conservative.

      Romney = Obama in policy, governing style and effect on the place they governed.

      Romney left Massachusetts in a mess – health care and jobs wise – and socially and morally, his record is even worse.

      Here’s the story from Reuters:

      Northeastern University economist Andrew Sum, who has researched Romney’s record, said the state lagged the U.S. average during that period in job creation, economic growth and wage increases.

      “As a strict labor market economist looking at the record, Massachusetts did very poorly during the Romney years,” he said. “On every measure you’ve got, the state was a substantial under-performer.”

      At a campaign rally here on Saturday, Romney’s supporters handed out flyers promoting the candidate’s economic credentials, a central theme in his campaign, saying he had “closed a nearly $3 billion budget deficit without raising taxes” during his term in Massachusetts. But the $3 billion deficit projected by Romney and state legislators in January 2003 at the start of his administration never rose that high because a surge in capital gains taxes more than halved the shortfall to $1.3 billion.

      While Romney and the state legislature cut $1.6 billion from the 2004 budget, analysts noted he also generated more than $500 million by raising fees and by closing corporate tax loopholes — actions considered tax rises by some businesses.

      “There’s never been under his watch an economic turnaround to speak of,” Michael Widmer, president of the independent Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, told Reuters. “We added a few jobs over the last three years of his tenure but very few. He also raised corporate taxes and fees.”


      Massachusetts was near the bottom (47th) in jobs and growth.

      People there are not happy about the mandatory state health care, even for self-employed:

      More to explore on Romney:

      1. I am a resident of Massachusetts…. Romney is no conservative. Romneycare is bankrupting our state and ruining our healthcare system. And Romney may not have raised taxes, but he raised “fees”. If he is nominated I will hold my nose and vote for him because at least he is not a Marxist… but he has no imagination or convictions… he will hang out with John Boehner and manage the decline.

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