Newt hits Intelligence Director for giving cover to Obama : He’s doing what political appointees are supposed to do

Newt says that Biden has now doubled down on what the president has been doing for weeks, which is that he “methodically misled the American people about Benghazi.” Newt says the intelligence was clear from the beginning that this was a terrorist attack, despite Obama’s claims that it came from a protest. When challenged on the National Intelligence Director backing up the president saying that their intelligence changed, Newt simply responded that he’s a political appointee doing what political appointees are supposed to do.


The reason I love this clip is that thus far no one has really been willing to call James Clapper out for what he’s really doing, giving cover to Obama on his shifting story about Benghazi. But that’s exactly what Newt has done because he has no fear and he knows we are all thinking it.

Kudos to Newt.

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