Newt owns David Gregory on contraception debate

This is even better than how Newt responded to this issue on ABC this morning. He refused to allow Gregory to frame this as a women’s rights issue and made clear that there is no one blocking access to contraception. He really hit hard several times that this is a freedom of religion issue and nothing more:

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244 thoughts on “Newt owns David Gregory on contraception debate

  1. “Young law student?” They are trying to make people believe she’s right out of high school in her first year of college. She’s a thirty year old woman.

  2. Gregory is one thing…A lying, deceptive liberal, who DOES NOT want to tell his viewing audience (which is 13, I think) the truth.

    1. Dude… that’s redundant. You could have just said Liberal but it needs to be capitalized. And, Liberal = Modern Liberal (Socialist), liberal, is classical liberal. Conservatives have some classical liberal views, just not Modern Liberal ones. It’s choice vs mandate.

      1. Correction: conservatism practically IS classical liberalism by definition. I say practically because conservatism goes further in to traditional judeo christian morality. But for the social aspects, conservatism is classical liberalism.

  3. Newt is the Man. Polls came today has Newt Winning GA about 50%, he is Surging Big in TN. Looks like Super Tuesday will be a big Victory for Newt 2012 . Don’t be surprise if He also wins OK, and come close in Ohio. That will bring Newt Momentum sky rocket. Once again Newt wins GA, surging in TN and come close in OK Watch Out!!!! Newt 2012

  4. Yeah, he owned Gregory, but Gregory didn’t acknowledge anthything and the left won’t realize what this is actually about. They will continue to believe it’s restricting access for women because that’s what the media and Obama will continue to tell them. Morons.

  5. David Gregory is just another idiot..!! Avoid the facts moron. I wonder is commentators like Gregory deem is ‘appropriate’ if someone tagged him right between the headlights.

  6. Hilarious, Newt never gets flustered or diverted as he just plies away at his task of crushing Gregory’s logic and premise like a craftsman building his handiwork.

  7. Does David Gregory have children? He obviously doesn’t care about them. He’s willing to let the Weather Underground destroy their futures for them.

  8. Newt is the right man at the right time in this country. I hope people wise up and understand that just because you’re a former governor or businessman, that isn’t enough. We have the Weather Undergound occupying our White House.

    We need someone who isn’t afraid of them and will do what’s necessary to finally get them. There’s a former FBI Agent who’s singed an affidavit with Sheriff Arpaio. He said he met Obama on Ayers front lawn in 1980. He was introduced to Obama by Ayers mother as a foreign student who was trying to get college funding. Obama’s not a legal president. He’s an African born foreign citizen, probably Indonesian. I hope there are some honest people with courage who will take this information and confront it.

    This media is intimidated by Newt, and that’s a good thing.

  9. GO NEWT! Very articulate Newt. Tell the LSM to go to HELL! And to take all of the odumba admin and left-wing libs and progressives with you.

  10. Why isn’t Newt President yet? I just don’t see why this man isn’t the frontrunner. He can debate circles around Romney and he isn’t as dogmatic as Santorum. So why isn’t he winning in more primary elections? As for his “baggage,” I don’t want a pope to be president. I want a toughest person we can get who knows how to get things done in Washington. For that you need someone with the experience of Newt. I would hate it if the only reason Romney wins is because he outspent everyone else combined.

    1. That’s another great interview! And so nice to hear from the callers, too. NEWT 2012!!!

  11. Newt is right. The left is doing the “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” routine while Rome burns, if you’ll pardon my mixing metaphors.

    1. Jay….you do not need or warrant a pardon…..your metaphors are right on the money….the big problem is more and more people tend to PARDON the likes of ideologue’s like gregory and the rest of the leftist media!!!!!

  12. Well done Newt. I wish he and others would also point out that not only is this an assault on religious institutions, but also on every single American. What if I had a belief that providing abortion services as part of my small business health plan to my employees was wrong? No one is talking about giving me an exception. I am not a church, but I also have deeply held beliefs. I would be SOL if this goes through, and I am sure that I am not alone.

    This is just so wrong.

  13. Well done Newt. I wish he and others would also point out that not only is this an assault on religious institutions, but also on every single American. What if I had a belief that providing abortion services as part of my small business health plan to my employees was wrong? No one is talking about giving me an exception. I am not a church, but I also have deeply held beliefs. I would be SOL if this goes through, and I am sure that I am not alone.

    This is just so wrong.

  14. Gregory is a Moron …. He can’t argue any point because all he knows is the questions that are written for him, very few news anchors/faces have the intellect to debate with someone of Newt’s character and intellect ….. He squishes them like ants : )

  15. Newt gave a great answer right up until his last comment. He knows that Governors do not make laws, they enforce them. He also knows that it was a majority Catholic legislature that passed the law requiring Catholic hospitals to provide morning after pills to rape victims. Romney vetoed the law but an overwhelming majority of liberal Catholic legislators overrode his veto. Why was it Romney’s job to protect the Catholic Church from itself?

    Was he supposed to act like Obama and violate his oath of office by ignoring a law passed by the representatives of the people? Or was he supposed to take the law to court and try to argue that it was a violation of the constitution for Catholic legislators to force the Catholic Church to violate Catholic teachings?

    Why doesn’t the Catholic Church take steps against Catholic politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, who openly support abortion and go against church teachings? Newt should ask his church to solve it’s own internal problems before he argues that it’s the governor’s job to step in and do it for them.

    Newt is not my first choice for President, but I would vote for him as “Debater-in-Chief”. He sure knows how to speak. The problem is that he doesn’t always practice what he preaches.

    1. I can’t believe the media and advertisers got Rush to apologize….ah well. But he is right. She needs contraception to have sex. If contraception is mandated then everyone is paying for it in their policies through higher premiums wether you want it or not, so if we are paying for her contraception so she can have sex then essentially we are paying for her to have sex. Someone who receives money to have sex is called a……exactly.

      I do agree with Newt though that its very frustrating that the entire debate with any Republican candidate is all about contraception and not the crisis the nation is going through. I would have just continued to ask Gregory if he believed the government had the right to tell private business what they can and cannot provide? I wouldn’t have answered his question about Rush or contraception except in that question above.

  16. Gregory is not going to be deterred from framing the issue the Media Matters way. Good for you Newt, go for the jugular.

  17. Audrey,

    Brilliantly, Newt Gingrich turned this around back to the real issues.


    OH YA!!! Was It EVER A Beautiful Sight To Behold. He Is The Only Candidate Who Can Articulate The Conservative Position With Determination And Clarity That Even The Disingenuous Disaster Of The Media Cannot Confound.

    God Bless Our Nation With Newt Gingrich, President Of The United States Of America. If This Be In Accordance With His Holy Will And For Our Salvation. In Jesus Holy Name We Pray.

    1. I know contessa61, may be among liberals case ,” ….a word to a wise is enough….” with these people, we have to be on our feet all time like President Newton

      Newt / West 2012

  18. Excellent lecture Mr. President Gingrich. I have no doubt Mr.vice President West will follow up with same way handling these MSLSD talking heads. It’s not just the way Newt articulate and think on his feet to handle these bundits media that carry Obs. water, the policy hes’ adopting to implement and help the country with.In many ways Newt as a historian study and learn, compare what was far off and mistakes ,success, took place in the past, taking place today and their outcomes and check those activities with the constitution and if they are aligned, suppose a policy can be proposed for a direction where the country may implement and be successful with.

    Given, mistakes pops up with no permission during any admins tenure. Newt is not immune, sat with the San Fran witch in the ad, but the flip flop and excuses that turns me off from listening to any candidate.

    Newt still is the most presidential material individual for 2012.I have set up talking points and round up folks and friends to discuss our primaries candidates here in the Bay Area, Palo Alto & San Francisco ( belly of the beast )

    Newt / West 2012

    1. My heart seriously skipped a beat when I read Mr. President Gingrich..then again with VP West….loooove it!!

  19. Once again this is why Newt is the only candidate that can debate BHO and the MSM. His answers are always concise and to the point. In addition, to chewing up his opponents, the MSM, and spitting them out.

  20. God, just when I thought I had settled on Santorum too….. Man, this man can get a guy excited when he goes after the LSM and it’s ilk! Loved, loved, loved this!

  21. The true disappointment in this whole debate is that it shows the ability of the left to manipulate, distort and rephrase an argument in such a way that, while it wouldn’t get past a TRS crowd or a reasonably aware person, it is enough to completely misinform the majority of the people who rely on the MSM for information.

  22. David Gregory is lying, as are most all of the mainstream media bobbleheads, and he is “framing” the questions so as to make it “appear” that contraception is being denied.
    My daughter’s public highschool makes it possible for her to access contraceptive pills– if they are doing it in our hometown, they are doing it in most highschools. The fact of the matter is that women’s contraceptive medications are being shoved down their own throats for them.
    Good grief. What a bunch of dunces are in the media (not a news flash, I realize, but sheesh, listening to this makes me wonder how Gregory got the job.)

  23. Fluke has never been denied contraception. She has never been denied ACCESS to contraception. The whole thing is ridiculous. THANK you Newt for speaking to the facts.

  24. I watched this earlier, just think of what the left said about the Bret Baier interview and this interview. Gregory should just have a big frelling Democrat tattooed to his forehead.

  25. Wish All Republicans before and after every question by so-called journalist DEMAND for the fake journalist to state who they voted for last election

    1. Not your kind of politics, huh?… No surprise.

      The issue is religious liberty. Religous liberty is a foundational issue from the beginning of our Republic, and a pivotal issue for society today. Unless we recognize an authority beyond mankind–God the Creator who endowed us with unalienable rights–then government is necessarily the highest authority, and thus, the final arbiter of all values. Whereas religious liberty preserves individual freedom in an ordered society, Statism denies individual freedom in favor of an ultimately omnipotent government.

      You may be irreligous–a materialist–and may believe that the present secular direction of government serves your interests. But you would be dangerously mistaken. On the whole–across the entire spectrum of an individual’s concerns, and over the course of a lifetime (let alone down through the generations)–the interests of a Statist government, which is an unlimitedly self-important government, are never those of the individual.

      The individual is the servant of a Statist government, and the opinions and needs of a Statist government necessarily change with circumstances. The Statist government with the power to overrule property and conscience to offer you every kind of material welfare and license today, can, when different circumstances prevail or a different group controls that government, easily overrule all your interests and even liquidate you in the name of whatever they currently define as a societal good.

      It is only respect for an authority higher than mankind that can restrain government. Religious liberty is the cornerstone of that restraint in a democratic society. Its the current president and his party that would like to make this about ‘vaginas’, as you write–because if the issue is, from beginning to end, merely material, then government grows in self-importance, and the individual grows in dependence. Whereas if the issue is religious liberty (and secondarily, property–another right the founders recognized was granted by God), then government remains humbly limited, and the individual retains his God-given freedom.

      1. Most excellent response, Major 914. Thank you.

        Some people are enslaved and think they are free. Like the Statist government, sin is also a slave master. (Romans 6: 16-22)

  26. Newt is the absolute “Master”, no one comes near his ability to tell it like it is and put the left media in their place, what a pleasure it would be to see this happen every day in the White House!!!! He is the best and the only one who deserves my vote.

  27. I believe this was put out there as an instructional video for Santorum and Mitt … you know, so that which ever of them wins the nomination doesn’t lose worse than in 2008.

    I’m still stunned that GOP voters haven’t given the reins to Newt.

  28. Newt is awesome! He can drill down an issue into a few simple sentences. He is a master at dodging media traps better than all the candidates.

    He shreds a Liberal better than any other politician.

    Newt is the only candidate Obama is afraid of.

  29. I was just thinking that this whole thing with Rush might’ve been a blessing in disguise for Newt. I thought the controversy was distracting, but maybe the controversy was needed so we could see how all of the candidates handled the media attack, and no one is handling it better than Newt.

    And if “Axelwilt” (LOL K-Bob!) thinks Newt’s comment about how Obama abandoned our troops is irresponsible, that would be another controversy I would welcome. People are seething over this, and Newt is doing a great job of articulating our anger. I hope Axelwilt’s objection makes the rounds — Newt wil be back in the headlines, just where we want him, defending American troops and contrasting himself with Obama.

  30. Wow… Newt sounds like a divider not a uniter. Who could possibly imagine Newt leading this great nation???? I can!!!!

    1. The Truth liberates and unites. That’s what Newt is doing…telling the Truth.

      He’s the real ‘No Spin Zone.’

  31. Just got back from my walk and could not shake the question of why the media, this weekend before Super Tuesday gave Newt so much face time. They have had a black out on him for weeks. They hate him.

    Could it be that the media is trying to split the vote between Santorum & Gingrich in order to get their choice Romney into the win columns?

    If this is the case I hope it backfires on them & this pours gasoline ($2.50 per gallon) on Newts numbers come Tuesday. The media will have to address Newt tomorrow, to try and neutralize his awesome performance today, & that will just give Newt more coverage. Drudge will try to do a hit piece before Tuesday I am sure.

    Has anyone else thought of this?

    1. Wow REHLV, we were definitely on the same wave length! I posted my comment about Newt being in the headlines again about the same time you posted yours.

      I think we’re on to something! 🙂

    2. I actually think the LSM thought that if they got Newt all screwed up with these contraceptive-type questions, they could bury him for good. It looks to me like it backfired on them.

      Look for one last attempt at smear tomorrow to make up for it before the primaries.

    3. I don’t put anything past the media. Gingrich is almost in a 3 way tie in Tennessee. He will win Georgia. We haven’t even seen polling after he made all of his bus stops in the last 2-3 days.

  32. To the activist,, who chose to go to a 45,000$ a year and whining about paying for her own right to fool around routinely.Get a real job instead of a public interest scholarship from a liberal institution where you have to be an activist to get it!! Stop allowing them to say that you are an innocent wide-eyed 23yr old and not a saavy, veteran activist and plant at 20 years old!! We don’t believe your propaganda and we won’t be silent anymore!!!

  33. Great job by Newt. What are the odds in 2012, after years of secularization of the American culture, including the educational institutions, that 2 out of 3 candidates of a major party understand and are willing to stand up for our constitutional liberty against a totally stacked deck. I love it. All Christians should pray for Newt and Rick to keep up the good fight and support them in whatever ways they can.

    And supporters of one needs to stop tearing down the other. These are real, good men in difficult times.

    1. I understand what your saying. They are both good men in difficult times but both are not qualified to be president and both cannot be a nominee. The things I say about Santorum concern only one thing, not his faith, not his intellect, not his family and not him as a person but his ability to successfully execute the office of president of the United States. In my opinion he is not of the same caliber as Gingrich to take on this responsibility. It’s as simple as that. If you look at their records of accomplishments Rick doesn’t even come close, but the most glaring disqualification for Santorum is his inability to frame the discussion. If we don’t have a president that is the one who frames the discussion nothing can be accomplished that the American people will get behind. The only way to overcome the press and left is for a president to have the majority of Americans on his side. To do that he can’t let the message get changed or diluted or lied about. It takes the kind of fortitude and constant attention few can muster. We are in effect asking of the next president that he be a super human person. No one can live up to that all the time but we need someone who has the ability to do it when it counts and I think Gingrich is that person.

      1. You got it, 2ndbenson2! Andrew Brietbart said – don’t forget that the enemy is not the leftists, etc – it’s the MEDIA. Without the media, Obama would not have been elected. Without the media, his marxist policies would never skate through. Without the media, we would NOT be the world’s punching bag and Israel would not be begging for permission to defend itself.

        It’s the MEDIA, stupid – to paraphrase a slogan from years ago.

        I was watching an old clip of Newt in the 1990’s and even back then he was castigating the liberal media for skewing the information on the budget showdown. I loved it.

        Newt is good. And he gets it. It’s the media, stupid.

  34. Like I’ve said before, anchor these liberal elites down in a chair CLOCKWORK ORANGE STYLE and make them watch a late term abortion! It will wipe the smirk off their PEACE AND LOVE faces! Newt really knows how to get the PARTY started as far as I’m concerned. GREAT!

  35. Correct me if I’m wrong; but isn’t condoms given out freely to all those that seek it? What advantage of using birth control have over using condoms?

  36. No one can hold his own against the meatheads in the press, take the fight to them, and hold them to account better than Mr. Gingrich. No one is better equipped to identify and dismantle their false premises. No one.

  37. Thank you Newt for bringing clarity and sanity to this issue. No one else can do it the way you can. God Bless you.

  38. Newt is the MASTER. I loved the way he turned this back on that media shill. And Newt was able to bring up Obama’s votes for infanticide.

    Did you notice that both ABC and NBC used exactly the same clip of Rush? That clip must have been what all the media sheeple agreed to use when they had their conference call with the White House last night.

      1. That word has been a mainstay of the more hard right talk radio programs for many years. Especially those shortwave radio type broadcasts.

  39. these media socialists need to be forcefully confronted EVERY TIME, EVERY TIME they try to frame the argument to help that imbecile in the white house and his minions. In order to succeed every person at every level must fight back. I am concerned that if Romney gets the nomination, he will turn McCain and not attack that radical’s record

  40. I’m naming my next baby, if the one child policy isn’t implemented in the name of saving money, Rush.

  41. I was waiting for David to say, ” But Obama, who is my god, tells us that religious institutions have to provide contraceptives, Newt. That’s blasphemy!”

  42. The only way for the contraceptives to be $3000 as the floozy FLUKe girl testified is if they are a designer brand. What else would you expect from Rachel Madcow’s life partner who buys her contraceptives from Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom’s rather than at Walmart which only charges $5.00/month.

  43. Looks like Axelwilt has a response to Newt’s “charge” that Obama abandoned the troops.

    Freeper Cincinnatus’ Wife found this at a fox affiliate website.

    He said Gingrich’s comments were “irresponsible.” It’s good to know that the word applies to someone in Axeltool’s world. I was beginning to think responsibility was a foreign concept to him. Very foreign.

    1. Remember the ad ” When EF Hutton speaks everyone listens”. Now it is when Newt speaks everyone is listening. Nice to see that the word is getting out.

  44. Mrs. Fluke is a slut, and Rush’s analysis is spot on. Newt made Mr. Gregory into minced meat.

  45. THIS is how to talk to the national media. THIS is what the public reponds postively to.
    If every Republican dealt with the media this way, the republican party approve would be in the mid 50’s, instead of the low 40’s.

    WHY! WHY ! can’t more Republicans deal with the media like this, Democrats never let the media push or frame the debate, that is why even though the public might not support their policies they instinctively respect how they fight for them, while republicans always look apologetic and pathetic bending over backwards to not offend.

  46. …thank you NEWT for changing the CONDOM DEBATE to the relevant topics of the day and hitting them out of the PARK ! A GRAND SLAM !!!!!!!!!”

  47. Newt…you ROCK! Talk about the REAL issue, don’t let the media spin machine frame the questions. Why can’t ALL the candidates out-maneuver the leftist media like he does? Because they don’t have the guts he has.

    Then Newt turns the table and asks the reporter a question! And Gregroy slithered right out of it like the snake he is.

    The msm makes me puke.

  48. LOVE. I was at church when this aired — thanks scoop for posting it! Now THAT’S the way you handle the hostile liberal left media!

  49. Gregory chuckling about “you just don’t like the way this was framed?”

    What a transparently foolish man. It’s almost as stupid a question as “why would anyone expect the men in Ms. Fluke’s bed to pay for their own condoms?”

    1. What else does this overaged law student need us to pay for her love life? Romantic dinners to get her in the mood? Maybe the motel bill? She is not only a slut…she’s a political PLANT and this has been planned for a year. Since Obama’s polls numbers with women have been tanking. “Gotta get the gullible gals” back in the fold somehow!

      1. Thank you-

        Guys can’t really say the same with the same candor, but it’s true.

        Since we know that there is a lower risk of prostate cancer with ejaculation, can I now force my insurer to pay for hookers? The ridiculousness of the left needs to be openly mocked and ridiculed, which is what Rush did, except, he’s a guy, and he can’t say what he did. He should have just made the argument for the other gender.

      2. Ozzie, it’s time the men stand up and be men again and tell the unvarnished truth. Don’t let a bunch of leftwing propagandists (female or otherwise) intimidate you. I’m a woman, and I appreciate candor and integrity from men. Don’t bite your tongue for anyone. I don’t. And if they don’t like what you have to say…just flip them the bird. That’s what I do. 🙂

  50. Right Scoop you did the American people a favor this morning. You gave them a chance to see Newt Gingrich at his best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is very possible, that by you posting these videos of Newt may help to change minds as to who is really the candidate that can beat Obama and also save this country. The more we get to see every candidate the better informed the people are.

    Thank You very much. You have no idea how much we ( others on this site) appreciate your actions this morning. If this defines your heart for fairness, you are the #1 site on the internet.

  51. I’ve thought a lot about this.

    We need to define a message – it has to be inspirational & fairly brief – facts about Newt and key differences between Rick and Mitt (just factual, nothing negative), but connects to groups of people that are & aren’t as easy to reach – like single mothers, students, people looking for work, people who are working, military, seniors, stay-at-home parents, churches.

    I’m no community organizer, but if that’s what it takes to drum up some support, I say we use the Lib tactics against them.

    Anyone interested in a day of rallies for Newt? Just add hotmail to my name and I’m happy to coordinate something.

    1. Remember that Newt was ahead in Iowa and North Carolina and well into Florida – until the Romney campaign smeared and lied about him to the tune of more than $17 million dollars.

      Newt needs DEFENDING. He would still be ahead if people didn’t think he attacked capitalism when he questioned Bain or that he’s off his rocker about the moon, or that he supported TARP or sat on the couch with Pelosi (before warming science was debunked) and other stuff.

      I put up a small video to defend him about Bain – – and I sent it to just four people and a few forums and I’ve heard lots of positive feedback and it’s had almost 900 views. It doesn’t sound like a lot of views, but that’s fantastic actually.

      Three family members have switched to pro-Newt because of my (kindly) defense of Newt.

      Pundits say that offense, not defense, is the best strategy. I don’t agree in this case. Newt has been soooo maligned and lied about by Romney, the Republican establishment, and the liberal media that once the truth is shared, people often do a full turn around.

      As far as what to do, I suggest New Media, specifically youtube and forums around the web. A coordinated commentary assault on the many lies about Newt would be stunningly effective.

      1. Hey, thanks! I am at work now, but will work on this tonight. I agree with you about Newt, he needs our help.
        I am a Project Manager and love to research quickly and figure out a plan. Your ideas are really great and I’d like to share mine as well, just need to get it organized.
        I’ll have something to share tomorrow if you don’t mind taking a look.

        Subject: [trscoop] Re: Newt owns David Gregory on contraception debate

  52. “…can you appreciate the view that this is an attack on women’s rights”???

    NO! We can’t appreciate the view…because the viewpoint is false! It’s a non sequitor argument!

    It’s like asking is the color blue, cold?

    The conclusion does not logically follow the premise!

    The PRESIDENT IS THE ONE who instigated a WAR ON THE CHURCH and then his surrogates have turned around and suggested that the Church is now engaged in a WAR ON WOMEN!

    This is a lie!

    Women are perfectly within their “rights” to act like two-bit wh*res if that is what they choose to do, but financing their wh*redom is NOT our responsibility!

    Sorry Scoop, this trash infuriates me.

    And NO ONE takes these fools to task on these distortions and lies. There should be an Conservative op-ed response in every single newspaper in the country when these arguments are made.

    This is why we need a conservative candidate and not some liberal Republican who shares Obama’s reprobate values.

  53. Right from the git-go – ‘I want to talk about the campaign, but…’

    Then, after all Newt went through about the real issues of the campaign, Gregory tries to go right back to his ‘slut’ question. Once again, Newt did a tremendous job and I hope all the people that watch this type of show as their only political insight saw that today.

    I have one question that should be asked of any LSM interviewer that wants to bring up Rush to the candidates. They should retort, ‘If you think it’s despicable for Rush to use the word ‘slut’ against this woman, what did you think when Obama used the word ‘tea-bagger’ against the Tea Party people? Did you confront him on that or did you agree with him?’

  54. The problem is clear, and Gingrich didn’t do much to help that, because, like all the softies, he keeps letting worms off the hook, because he doesn’t have the stomach to really take a baseball bat to someone. I’d’ve told that jerk “Dick” Gregory that this argument needed clarification and boiling down.

    The federal government has no enumerated power to tell people what they can and can’t buy, or what they have to sell to anyone else. Leftist elitists, like Gregory (and I would say: “Leftist elitists, like yourself,”), believe in having everything their way. You claim the Constitution is a “living, breathing” document, just so, when its politically expedient to point at the Constitution, you can make up rules as you go along, and simultaneously say its the law of the land. Its no secret that most leftists are very anti-Christian and anti-catholic, while being somehow, inexplicably, pro-muslim. Leftists like John Conyers will fictionalize the already spurious “good & welfare clause” in order to justify things like ObamaCare, and finding other ways to intrude into peoples’ lives, under color of authority (false, though it may be). This is their justification for things like trying to legislate forcing people they designate to dole out contraceptives, willing, or not. To you, government trumps everything; that’s obvious, because that power is not in the Constitution, and neither is most of that the federal government’s doing, these days, but you have no complaint about it. The federal government, in your eyes, has no limitations, thanks, in part, to your “living, breathing” Constitution, which authorizes to make things up as you go along, under the excuse that modern situations aren’t covered by an outdated Constitution.

    Simultaneously, in your disdain for Judeo-Christian ethics and morality, while you push your “living, breathing constitution”, there does seem to be one thing set in stone: the spurious “separation of church and state clause”, which has replaced the religious liberty clause in the REAL Constitution, which neither lives nor breathes. You complain that Republicans are assaulting womens’ health, and trying to insert themselves into womens’ bodies, and yet, simultaneously, inserting yourself into churches across the country, imposing your will on them. You choose to completely ignore and lie about the fact that women working for theological institutions are more than free to leave for a secular one, one that is probably going to put up a lot less of a fuss about handing out taxpayer money in the form of contraceptives, than a religious institution or insurance provider. You even lie about the character of Fluke, through omission, not bringing up the fact that she has been recently revealed as being nothing more than a leftist activist [much like yourself, Gregory]. In cases where the contraceptive has a use other than contraception, such as the case of ovarian cysts, I’m sure Christians and catholics would have no problem with allowing such devices into their insurance policies. When those devices are simply used as sexual devices for contraception, then you’ve got a problem. Insurance companies are in the business of providing coverage to maintain peoples’ health, both men and women; they’re not in the business to subsidize their sexual activities, be it contraceptive or abortive, and neither is the American taxpayer. The First Amendment does not disappear, when it becomes inconvenient to enforce it, and there is no Constitutional amendment that says women have the right to government-supplied abortifacients. The speech about the separation of church and state was given by athiest Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists, in a publicly available letter. It stated that the government was actually the guilty party, and that it was encroaching on religious liberty; not the other way around. It went on to point out that there is no prohibition against people that allow their faith-based consciences to dictate how they govern to hold political office.

    Women have the ability to purchase these devices, and if the prices are too high, then maybe they could’ve gone to the federal government with a more legitimate complaint. Instead of demanding we hand out contraceptive devices for everyone, they could’ve demanded we slash taxes on everyone and everything, and slash spending to Constitutional levels (not “living, breathing” ones), in order to make everything (including their abortifacients) affordable. The next time a woman has the audacity to say something stupid to me like ‘stay out of her body’, I’ll tell her that if she was so damned interested in keeping the government out of her body, maybe she’d better stop asking the same people to pay for her contraceptives and abortions.

    1. What this essentially boils down to is that I AM not ONLY being FORCED to PAY for someone’s right to murder their child in the womb, but NOW I am being forced to pay for someone’s right to continue to engage in the very BEHAVIOR that led to the murder in the FIRST PLACE!

      So now they’re demanding that the entire IMMORAL PRACTICE BE ENDORSED and PAID FOR by people of faith!



      Alright…I need to chill…

  55. I was greatly amused at the pains Gregory and Stephanopolous took to pronounce Fluke as anything but fluke!! What a bunch of maroons these people are!

  56. OMGoodness – David Gregory is now huddled in a corner somewhere in fetal position sucking his thumb after this schooling. Thank you Newt for your boldness!

  57. Newt just put it out again that 0boma supported Infanticide.

    0boma, is for killing babies that survived an abortion attempt.

    Go ahead Media, try to defend 0boma’s position on killing babies.

  58. War on women?????????

    What friggin planet is this MORON ON???


    Stop acting like a whore and people will stop calling you a whore!

    1. I’m a woman. I don’t feel it’s a war on me. Contraception is an issue for everyone however you need it to be – religiously, socially, logically, financially. Either you use it or you don’t. If it’s an excuse for a woman or a man to run around and mate like rabbits, there are bigger issues. Amazingly, 100-proof contraception is free – abstinence!

      And, I am pro-choice. Pro-choice in that if you think there’s a chance you won’t want a baby or catch a disease, make the choice to not have sex BEFORE getting pregnant or reaching for that tube of Herpes-Rid.

      This hippy-free-love stuff leaves you empty and in some people’s cases, with a disease.

      Ms. Fluke – don’t be a flake. Get some self-confidence, get a hobby and get a real life. But mostly, don’t ask me to pay for your promiscuous behavior. I can’t afford to pay anymore for the people in this country with low self-esteem disguised as freedom.

      Was it Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets” who said “don’t try to sell crazy here, cuz we’re all booked up”? Close enough.

  59. Just finished watching Santorum on Fox. It was painful to watch! Boy, Rick really gets rattled easily and hasn’t learned yet, how to handle to Obama media hacks. Newt would have OWNED Chris Wallace.

  60. I think Newt did a great job – probably better than any of the other candidates would have.

    However, I really wish he had said directly “If Rush’s statements hurt the Republican party at all, it will only be because you in the media are determined to make them hurt the Republican party.”

    Then Newt can elaborate as only Newt can on all those issues and statements that should hurt the Democrats but which the media refuses to spend any time on – or more precisely, follow the Democrat’s spin on.

  61. Newt, and I love him, smartest guy in the race but I still don’t understand why Republicans don’t simply BRIETBART these issues?

    Attack the issue, attack what the person said. Newt’s off on this Catholic issue when the testimony of Ms. Fluker had nothing to do with religion. She never once said she did not have access to contraception,. She claimed that paying for the drugs prohibited her access. Her issue was THE MONEY.

    Maybe she’s a slut, an activist, a lesbian or a Martian, I don’t know or care. BRIETBART would have framed the issue. And more importantly BRIETBART would have attacked what she said, NOT what she symbolized. Newt makes the mistake of using Ms. Fluker to attack Obama and the liberals which is too a big a fight to take on using the commie stooge Fluker as a club. Knock down the strumpet by attacking what she asserts, not what she appears to be! Rush made the same mistake. Come on guys, if we are going to win the war, we are going to have to prevail in the battles, one at a time.

    Regarding Rush’s apology, she deserved it. Rush totally missed the point of the argument and lost valuable time and currency. Pelosi threw out bait to conservatives, eager to make a frontal, balls-out attack, and they bit. Rush should apologize for that.

    The Democrat/communist trick going on here is to get women to vote against Republicans by playing on their emotional brain.. Same old tired BS we heard from Bra Burning exhibitionist tramps in the 60’s “Men. Men want to dominate us, men want to control you….Blah blah blah B******!”

    With non-thinking women and liberals, the issue it’s always about “CONTROL,” or “fairness” (what you use when you don’t have control) and often, “MY RIGHTS.” Here’s what I think- It’s not about your rights. Rights are relative to the culture where you were born or reside. Your rights, on this planet, depend on your circumstances unless you’ve got a gun in your hand. Consider yourself fortunate to have been born in the US.

    IF the un-aborted FLUKER girl-child had been born in ISLAM, the commie biatch would be sitting with her hands folded, eyes down and begging God that her father or her husband or her brother or an Imam would not murder her in the street-ungrateful, stupid moron. In another country, not only would her parents NOT be proud of her, she would very likely be set on fire in the kitchen by her sisters!

    Newt- when you see a pile of dog crap on the sidewalk, just step over it and move on. Do the same when you come upon a Pelosi pile of crap-it looks identical.

    God I’m going to miss BRIETBART.

    1. “Newt’s off on this Catholic issue when the testimony of Ms. Fluker had nothing to do with religion.”

      Actually it IS about religious freedom. Ms. Fluke chose to attend Georgetown University, a private Catholic university, specifically to target their health insurance policy.

      “…prior to attending Georgetown she (Ms. Fluke) was an active women’s right advocate. In one of her first interviews she is quoted as talking about how she reviewed Georgetown’s insurance policy prior to committing to attend, and seeing that it didn’t cover contraceptive services, she decided to attend with the express purpose of battling this policy.”

  62. This is exactly why we need Newt as our nominee.
    He is THE ONLY ONE who can stand up to the propaganda machine of the left.

    1. I’m NOT banging Newt for this! It was entertaining. I’m just pointing out the obvious. (Because someone is going going to interpret my previous comment as a takedown of Newt’s intellect.)

      1. Naw!!! I get it. But that only points up the fact that Santorum and Romney can’t even own a developmentally disabled stone. Nor can most of the Republicans in Washington. Newt does have superior brain power and word power and when he comes up against anyone with the same credentials he’ll use ingenuity and most of all courage. Brains and words without courage are pretty useless. When you take fear out of the equation your knowledge and words have the weight necessary to handle the situation.

  63. In all three of these clips FTN guy, snorkalofagus, and Gregory all that that possum excrement eating grin on their face, like they were finally going to put Newt in his place.

    I despise all of these guys but imo Gregory is the lowest sewer rat of the three.

    When the camera shot showed the back of DG’s head, I was hoping to see a Leroy Gibbs head slap, that would knock the papers out of his hand and bust his nose on the desk.

    NEWT the Untouchable…

  64. Anyone who understands the liberal progressives modus operandi will realize this is not about contraceptives, it’s about the breakdown of the American culture and traditions disguised once again as ‘women’s rights.’
    This is about the anti-American Secularists again trying to destroy America by weakening it’s Traditional Judeo-Christian foundation to the point of collapse. And they are succeeding.
    Our only hope is a new breed of patriots and leaders with balls and a ‘take no prisoner’ attitude. America needs Newt Gingrich NOW!

    1. No, it’s all about Barf Orama’s tanking poll numbers with women. He has to get them back in the foal… how do they do that? Structure a phony issue where you can get some unsuspecting Republican to answer your question, then paint all the Republicans as “anti-woman”. That’s ALL this is about.

      Newt turned the tables and structured his answer to paint the issue as the left’s anti-religion stance. Which is true, because Barf went after the Catholic church as an adjunct to the planted contraception question from Steffalufugus. Newt….you are THE MAN! Made Gregory look like the sniveling little weasel he is.

  65. Sorry to say, fellow conservatives but as BJ Clinton once said, “perception is reality”. Most of the public, who pay little or no attention to political debate, only heard that Rush insulted a “helpless, young co-ed”. In fact, my local news Friday night, gave out a teaser that said something like “tune in later to hear what a prominent conservative said about women”. About women! That’s how they phrased it!

    The only thing that matters in the public’s eye is this: Obama 1, Rush 0.

  66. “Do you think the President owes an apology to all the men and women in uniform who he had frankly abandoned when he apologized to religious fanatics in Afghanistan? What’s your opinion David?”

    Good question but he wouldn’t give an answer.

  67. In case Governor Palin and others have forgotten here is a quick clip of Newt’s defense of Palin at the Republican convention.

    I’m only posting this for those who have forgotten that putting the press in it’s place, like he did on Sunday morning shows, is not new for Newt and will continue in a Gingrich presidency.

  68. Dork Gregory is such a Dick…

    The good news is, hopefully, that we are in the midst of a sea change on the public framing of political issues. Conservatives and Republicans have usually been somewhat to very flat-footed on this pivotal aspect of political debate, and have allowed leftists to more or less control the framing of issues. Newt is the best at this right now. We’ll need a lot more like him to win the culture war…

    The left often frames issues surreptitiously or indirectly, to avoid a straight-on debate versus the traditional view altogether–which practically guarantees a loss for the conservative view, whether totally or incrementally. One of the most urgent aspects of the culture war is to develop the widespread understanding and verbal facility to combat the left on their false characterization of fundamental issues…

  69. It’s time for conservative politicians to stop going on theses shows. The LSM is irrelevant and we need to accelerate their trip to the dustbin of propaganda history.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    1. I disagree. Many people see only these shows as their sole insight to politics. What we need is more people like Newt head slapping idiots like Gregory and explaining what the real issues are and how to really frame them.

      If they stopped going there altogether, all the uninformed would see would be the Alan Colmes’s of the world spewing familiar garbage.

    2. I would have agreed with you several months ago. HOWEVER I have noticed that whenever the MSM pundits interview Newt now, they are almost wary – certainly more subdued than they are with other conservatives they interview. They know they’d better have their facts right or Newt will make them look foolish. They know they’ll be called on it by Newt when they’re clearly skewing things. Hasn’t anyone else seen this? I’m liking this. It’s called respect.

  70. Newt gives Gregory the lowdown on all thing’s wrong with Obama, then answers the question and takes it into home plate…….”SCORE” game over with that interview. Can we say– dare ask Newt a question and Ye’ shall it be received.

  71. But didn’t that moron Cantor come on and trash Rush and than endorsed Romney. The republicans are their worst enemy.

    1. I got sick to my stomach when I heard Cantor has endorsed Romney. Reminds me of him and Boehner’s pledging to repeal Obamacare as a means to get elected. After Boehner got in, all I heard of was how good or bad he was at golf.

      We really need someone like Joe Walsh (as Speaker of the House) to ram that thing through EVERY month until it gets repealed!

      1. Great Cindy, absolutely great. I agree Joe Walsh would make a great Speaker.

        Boehner is a POS (Political Opportunist Speaker) I will never forget the clip that caught him paling around with oBiden prior to the STOU, he was telling obiden how great his last golfing outing was and obiden wasn’t even acknowledging him.

        1. Yeah, that’s the very one that came to my mind!

          We have to send them off to play golf for life! 🙂

    2. I’ve been watching Cantor for a long time and he is so establishment it’s painful to hear him speak. His and Boehner’s action speak louder than words though, so it’s no surprise they fear Gingrich. If Gingrich is the nominee he’ll bring on board all the conservatives running for Senate and House, help them win, then unite all the ones already in the Senate and House. This is powerful stuff and it’s exactly what he did before and gave the Republicans a big win and a return to power when he was speaker. This is what the establishment fears most a united conservative movement in the presidency and the Congress. This is why we must get behind Gingrich and help him defeat Santorum and Romney.

      1. Yes! Yes! Yes!

        This is exactly why the GOP establishment bludgeoned Newt earlier. They like being the minority. They like having their excuses about why they can’t accomplish anything. They are content with licking up the crumbs from the dems table and think we should be too. They make me sick.

        Remember how this turned out?
        “The congressional impasse over extending the payroll tax cut became a showdown Tuesday between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. After the Republican-controlled House passed a measure calling for more negotiations, Boehner made public a letter to Obama that urged him to order the Senate back from its holiday break to take part in further talks.

        Leaders in the Democratic-controlled Senate reject that idea, and Obama agreed with them, telling reporters in a previously unscheduled appearance that the House must approve a two-month extension passed by an 89-10 vote in the Senate.
        However, Boehner and the Republican leadership prevented a direct vote on the Senate’s two-month extension, signaling they may lack enough GOP support to defeat it in the face of unrelenting pressure from the White House, Democrats and some Senate Republicans.”

        The Republicans caved on this like whipped dogs. Boehner was probably crying in the back room.

        Anyone think Newt would have caved?

        The idea of a Newt Presidency scares the bejeezus out of the GOP. I’ll bet instead of crying, Boehner’s wetting his undies.

    3. Cantor has been there to long. Needs to be primaried and pushed out back to the private sector for that RINO.

  72. Newt focused like a laser on Obama. He easily out thinks the leftist media and deals with them strait on, without stammering, without apologizing (APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT?!!-AB) and has the best shot at defeating Obama with his message of energy solutions.

  73. Amen Newt! He proves why he should be the Conservative choice not Santorum. He takes a gotcha set up and makes it a common sense choice for the idiots who do not pay attention. While on Fox News Sunday, Santorum proves why he cannot resist getting defensive and in the weeds when set up by Chris Wallace.

  74. Newt is right: the media is highlighting part of the contraception mandate – which is the pill. But the mandate goes much further by forcing Catholic institutions to provide for sterilization and abortion pills.

    1. Cindy, I was glad to hear Newt say that too. This isn’t about “access to contraception”. Planned Un-parenthood has got that corner covered. I’m surprised they aren’t handing out pills on street corners. I guess they just need a few million more of our tax dollars before that happens.

  75. Thanks for posting Scoop! What a contrast between how Newt handled the Sunday show ambushes vs how Santorum did! Go Newt!

  76. This is what I love about Newt: stay on message and highlight the obvious when dealing with the LSM!! He does a good job punching back and he has the uncanny ability in using simple terms to make his point. Reminds me a bit of Sarah Palin!! Make your words be few but extremely effective!

  77. These people are shameless… focusing on anything else other than the important topics.

    What a prepuce… what a worthless POS.

    Newt nailed him and rightly so. The media today is just a vomiting rumor mill. What trite BS… good job Newt!

  78. Thank you Lord. I can stand these other Republican wingnut candidates because they can’t come close to what Newt did right there.

  79. Newt doesn’t accept the premise of these stupid questions and turns it around, cuts through the bull and gets his teeth into the opposition, then bites down hard.

    We need this man, he fights.

    Newt 2012

  80. I’m so tired of this stupid contraception talk. It’s not an issue, can we move on to real issues? I’m so glad I don’t have TV at this point, because I would surely have thrown something through it if I had to listen to MSM contraception talk for a week straight. It was bad enough that I even turned off Rush last week because he kept talking about it.

  81. Look at dumb David’s grin before he speaks. Gregory should have began his speech by stating, “I represent LIAR Obama and the Progressives”, This is not a debate, this is a mandate from the Progressives to gin up fear! Classic fear mongering. What will be the next lie be from the Progressives? Newt can handle himself without a teleprompter, and by the way when is Liar Obama next press conference? so he can make another “the police acted stupidly comment”…..

    1. Absolutely correct, but you’re in dream land if you think they could be forced to exclaim that truth. Only a properly set up guillotine could make that happen and I would be willing to put that theory to the test.

  82. I love it when Newt asks a question to the liberal media after he’s just destroyed their argument, and they dodge the question while attempting to make it seem like he’s the one doing the dodging. They can attack Newt all they want, but when they get attacked back they seem perplexed at the fact that someone is questioning the interpretation made by the all-knowing, all-powerful “Main-Stream Media”.

      1. Yes, Santorum already said that (that obama is a snob) and the Newt supporters around the web piled on all over him for being a “jerk”. That being said, obviously if Newt “resurrects himself” as the nominee, I will vote for him. I still don’t believe he will stay strong on the social issues, which are at core of all of our fiscal woes. They just are not of concern to him in any measurable, meaningful way. JMO.

        1. Of course he will stay strong on Social Issues he has an excellent rating by right to life groups, but what he won’t do like Santorum does is turn off Libertarians and Independents and get trapped by Social Issues. Santorum people need to realize he is not ready for prime time. I know its hard to do, Perry was my guy and I had to admit that he too wasn’t ready for the big stage either. The 3 Sunday show’s just proved who is ready for the general and who isn’t

          1. Why Perry? He said in a speech in 2001 that he supported open borders. It’s posted on his governor’s website. I have the speech if you’d like it. He also worked to get a white washed version of Islam into some Texas schools. It got scrubbed from the internet after Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs started talking about it. Thankfully, she screen saved the curiculum before it got completely scrubbed from the internet. I have that link as well if you’d like it.

        2. You don’t know Newt’s history. He was talking about social issues and the collapse of society since about the late 80s. It was part of his argument against the welfare state, among many other liberal programs. You’re just hooked on Saint Rick’s Holy Aura and think no one else gots it. You’re wrong.

          1. The collapse started in the 60’s. First LBJ and then all the Hippies. I lived it. 1968 was the year things really started changing. YOUR right however, our Society has been in a downfall of Moral Value.

    1. It didn’t work, and I think this may be the first time I have seen the interviewee turn the tables on the interviewer. I would have liked it to be more aggressive, but that would not likely play well with the uninformed idiots that rely on the MSM.

      1. Yep. If Newt gets aggressive he gets called the “angry little attackmuffin”. That’s what Willard’s camp calls Newt.

        Still, I’d rather have an angry little attackmuffin, than a cow pie.

  83. Me too I CAN SUPPORT NEWT , question is , is it too late to stop rombo?

    Will true conservatives get behind one person and beat mitt?

    1. Now that’s the million dollar question. Since Mitt is the money man, and can smear his opponents, the same way Obama does….conservatives need to stick to their guns and vote. Believing what the polls say is very disceiving, and discouraging. Newt has the been the steady conservative from the start.

      1. We need to do something to drum up the word. I’ve tried the normal campaign route, but I feel like it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what we need.

        I was thinking a day of rallies around the country for Newt…something….

        1. Didn’t mean to take so long in reply, was doing more reading up on Druge. Yes, we do need to do something. I too, have been doing everything I can to promote Newt. I work at the GOP office, and have a lot of people that are so uninformed on the facts. They don’t even know the facts on the candidate they think they will vote for! I usually open up a mouthful on facts on ALL candidates with clear distinction on their differences.

  84. You know, Newt seem to just about own anyone he talks to. What’s so hard to understand here..

      1. He knocks the ball out of the park folks… one else and I mean it, no one else can do what he just did. They can waffle and they can do their best but Newt destroys the elite at their own game because he wont let them play by their rules…he re-frames the question correctly and then destroys them….

        I love this man !!!!!!!

        1. What you just said is the very Truth indeed. But here comes Romney with all his Money and runs a ka-billions adds saying how Newt is this and that. Let’s hope that Romney can be forced to withdraw from this race.

  85. I can support Newt. At this point it’s anybody but Romney and Paul. Newt can once again resurrect himself. I just hope the third time is the charm for Newt and he’s able to be disciplined and focused about what he wants to do. He has the ability to articulate that is unparalleled, where he gets in trouble is his discipline in his message and vision. He needs to stick to his guns and make Obama the issue.

        1. What I meant was; he needs to be always on Obama, act like Romney doesn’t exist….sure mention Romney casually but let his superpac go after him bigtime. As for his policy message…he has always been on top of that and at the top of the heap!

      1. Funny, Newt said that “staying on message” – repeating talking points relegated by the pundits and advisors – was boring. I like that. Here is a man who thinks, who’s ALIVE and REAL. Seems that he’s figured out, though, that “boring” is how to get the job done. I just like his reasoning – and knowing WHY he isn’t thrilled about “staying on message.” It’s boring. That’s very different than the notion that he’s undisciplined. Repeating the same things ad infinitum is boring and he’s not a robot. But he’s doing it now, nonetheless. That’s discipline.

        1. Bemusing isn’t it? This “staying on message” meme. What the hell is that anyway? Who says so? It’s a cliche. It’s repeated as a maxim, which it isn’t. The meme’s contrived and phony. And the use of it still proves that the false sources of news, the liberal haters in this universe can still bs those taken in by cliches.

          In my estimation… Newt’s IS staying on message. Everything out of his mouth proves to me that he IS the only man in this race worthy of holding the post of President. Pure and simple.

          1. Willard “stays on message”. Newt stays on truth and never lets the media define things.

        2. Don’t underestimate us “average joes”. I am so glad you get the moon vision. On top of the He, there is water (another topic in itself) and extensive deposits of rare minerals. I’m old enough to remember when JFK said we would put a man on the moon, and I was so proud of our country watching the events unfold over the years until it finally happened. I can only imagine what that would also mean for national security from space.

          Newt is the only candidate that is inspirational for a grand future and I think that’s what our country has been lacking for many years. The others are just more of the same, and Obama will tear our great nation down if he gets another term. It is absolutely frightening to me.

          1. MaxineCa, can you offer a link regarding the other elements on the moon? I’m working hard to put together a 4-part youtube series “Who is Newt Gingrich” that addresses typical accusations that I hear all around the web (moon crazy, attacking capitalism, etc). I could use the info, thanks.

            1. Wow, you’re really taxing this old gal’s brain, but I’m up to the challenge! I’ll see what I can do if you promise to post your end product here on TRS so we can help you get the word out.

              Better run, looks like I have an assignment!

              1. Thanks! If you find some links about it and post here, it will automatically be emailed to me!

  86. Once again, he framed the issue correctly. Listen if some stupid dweeb wants to be a slut, that’s her business. But forcing Catholics and other religious institutions to go against their religious doctrine is a violation of their first amendment rights. As such these people will have no choice but to do as the Scriptures say: “We would rather obey the laws of God rather than men.” Well that and challenge the government in court.

      1. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. And no the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. She’s just warming up. Any German beer will do by the way. :p)

        1. Hrumph, now I am stuck with beer because I got a little cheeky?? Fine, the steak will be good enough, and of course my dessert will be the high I have when Newt is in the Oval Office!

          oops, just saw what you actually wrote(note to self, read the whole darn post)…but there will be no need to buy any beer as we will be sipping only the best in Merlot!

    1. It put a smile on my face. Who else running can do what Newt just did? I don’t care who you like, who can win the general?

      1. I’ve got a feelin’…

        Newt keeps talkin’ and talkin’ and talkin’… and making common sense.

        His articulate defense of Rush Limbaugh and the “absurd” context of the bruhaha stands in stark… yes, STARK… contrast to Santorum’s inarticulate use of the Limbaugh inspired word “absurd” to defend Rush.

        Santorum tried to use the “absurd” word the way Rush uses it when he says something in an obviously “absurd” manner to point out the “absurd” position of some liberal activist of the moment…

        … such as someone saying that she, and 40% of her female cohorts at Georgetown University, a Roman Catholic university, is having so much sex that she would like for the contraceptives to be provided free…

        … by the Catholics.

        Uh huh… sure…
        … make the religious institution pay for sin without consequences.

        If Newt keeps up his articulate expositions of the issues, both the serious and the “absurd” political activism, and if Santorum flounders and Newt becomes the #1 non-Romney, what a GREAT day in America it will be to vote for Newt in the primary.


        1. I completely agree with every word you said except your view of “consequences.” I hate to think of pregnancy as the consequence of sin.

          1. Thank You Thank You Thank You Mr. Gingrich. Why doesn’t everybody else see that they are framing this debate as one about contraception because they know they can’t win a debate about abortion. We have to reshape the debate and this is a great start.

        2. ..but they (the MSM and the Dems and also the Repub establishment) don’t want us to like Newt.. they hate him and we should all just get in line behind Oromney. don’t rock the boat we might just win our freedom back. God forbid! Rock on Newt!

    2. nibblesyble we have never met, but I follow you when you write. I know how you feel this morning and I am ecstatic. Put Newt in a room with all the media wanna be’s and debate them & he would win. He would chew up Obama like chicken soup.
      He is not a puppet, who’s strings are being pulled by others. No one pulls his strings.

      Pray for this Newt, he is the man we need.

            1. BIG DITTO….Newt Gingrich is the only true conservative qualified to be president. He would beat Obama down to a miniscule fool that he is. Not one politician running can match Newt’s Contract with America. I pray he wins lots of delegates on super Tuesday and wins the nomination. He can turn this country around and bring it back into prosperity and what our forefathers set forth for this great nation.

              YOU GO NEWT!!!

    3. NEWT has always been and still is my choice for the nomination. By all means please give him the chance to debate the Kenyan. He would destroy obama piece by piece.

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