Newt responds to Obama: Strange to have American president who favors Saudi oil/jobs over American oil/jobs


Obama attacked Newt’s $2.50 gas price strategy in a speech yesterday suggesting he was part of the flat earth society when everyone else knew the world was round. Newt responded this morning by suggesting that Obama denies the modern world that shows we have much more oil than we previously thought because it takes away his desire for government to control our lives.

As to the actual price of $2.50, Newt says that it’s strange to have an American president who favors Saudi oil and jobs over American oil and jobs, and points out that Obama’s own DOE is asking the Saudis to pump more oil because they think it will decrease gas prices, proving his point that more supply will help solve the problem.

Here’s the full interview:

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125 thoughts on “Newt responds to Obama: Strange to have American president who favors Saudi oil/jobs over American oil/jobs

  1. newt is the most (so-called) presidential candidate…he’s the only one with a direction of where this country should be heading……

  2. It puts my teeth to grinding when I hear obama spout his juvenile school yard BS thinking he is so clever. And the stupid quips are wrapped in implied lies too! This man has reduced the office of POTUS to a very low level. I really have never been as disgusted with any politician than I am with this moron.

    Can you imagine watching Newt follow this punk around responding to these type of asinine comments if he refused to debate?

  3. We could win easily in Pakistan, Trashcanistan and any other “Stan’ if our military were allowed to do what they’re trained to do; kill the enemy, break things, and acquire real estate under hostile conditions.

    Ain’t gonna happen with lefties in control, and a Federal Gub’mint that is more concerned with the opinion of the UN than US voters.

  4. God I hate that man’s mocking tone. Nice job Newt! Obama doesn’t stand a chance next to you.

  5. If I recall correctly, NEWT was the one at the begining who was “undiciplined” and could not control his off-topic subjects and stay ON MESSAGE.
    Well, as I see on this site, a lot of RS foks have taken notice NEWT is on message, ALL THE TIME, and no one seems to notice in the media? All they talk about is him dropping out and his motives for staying in.

    MSM is terrified of him, including moderate FOX people, and of course GENNY BECKY went off the rails against him ( I think that will take down Beck and GBTV nit witts assembled there in the long run, just an IDIOTIC career move on his part).
    I sometime think Sean Hannity (on FOX) is his only friend there now, but I think GRETA likes him, but she wants OBAMA OUT MORE which confuses her.

    I really believe he is trying to save this country. I feel the same as him, but he has the RIGHT STUFF to ACTUALLY do it, if enough people (former enemies) line up behind him (anyone see Sen Grahm of S. Car. and his admission he might have been wrong about NEWT? ).

    At some point, when everone fully panics about Mitt, Rick and Ron, maybe they will come together, dig down for the $2500 EACH to save this nation. A few more Billionaires for the PAC would be nice but he still has 80 million to go if he catches fire for Adelson.

    Rick and Mitt can NOT stop saying stupid things, and NEWT is taking on the PRESIDENT MOCKS-A-LOT every single day.

    I am so proud of him, it is like my own DAD or something.

    I feel sorry for folks who hate him and do not “get him”.,,,,they are really missing out putting thier hope in the others who KEEP shooting themselves in the foot and look so bad.

    I mean, FRIENDS, how clear does this have to be for the voters of ANY state.

    Don’t tell me people are not in some kind of DEMONIC trance, it is just unreal.

    I understand the black folks who have been indoctrinated for 60 years for all those bad reasons, but Everybody else?

    Got to go pray for the country again, and hope GOD takes pity on those that get it.

    1. Right on, Richard!

      “I am so proud of him, it is like my own DAD or something.” So true. I identify with that in the sense that he is someone trustworthy that is really fighting for all the right reasons, and not just to one-up someone. Newt does get it, and he is the only one quite like him, with the ability and heart to take anyone on, including and especially Obama!

  6. I could listen to Newt all day in interviews, with others I barely get through the first minute. What a smart guy ,who should be ahead in this race.

  7. Last I checked, the only republican candidate that has the potential to accomplish the goals of balanced budgets, entitlement reform and changing fundamentally the dysfunction of our present government is someone who has done it previously.

    Those who advocate the Speaker dropping from the race place their hopes on wishful thinking with unproven options (much like those in 2008 with Obama).

    Please recall that the Speaker challenged a sitting republican president over taxes. This is someone who has earned our confidence in that his principle and common sense outweigh being a “team player” (recall Santorum’s recent explanations).

  8. Imagine the Speaker dropping out of the race…your choices are;

    The unrepentant godfather of obamacare.

    A big labor-big government ex-senator who is preferable to obama but not by much.

    A TX rep that has a long history in the congress with no accomplishments of mention whatsoever.

    Why, exactly, are folks so keen for Gingrich to drop out?

      1. It must upset you also that the Speaker is considered dead without letting it go to the convention. I think the delegates will listen to reason, and upon comparison with his rivals, find him preferable on every merit.

        Thanks for the reply.

  9. First of all, looking at and listening to Obama makes me ill. His arrogance is repulsive.

    Second, Gingrich’s response is indicative of what would happen if he were the nominee. He had a perfect response to Obama’s smack. If Obama wouldn’t debate him, Gingrich would just follow every speech he makes with a counter argument. Obama can run but he can’t hide.

    Thirdly, people can support whomever they wish for whatever reason they wish. But for me, I have eyes and I can see and I have ears and I can hear. And this segment is another indication of why Gingrich would be the best leader on monetary, foreign, immigration and domestic policy. No further explanation is necessary after watching this and many just like it.

  10. Everybody’s crying for Newt to get out of the race, but it’s Newt who is recognized by Statists as a threat to their agenda.

    That Obama is one arrogant SOB! I hope to God far fewer people are fooled by his bravado this time around.

  11. Thanks Scoop! Newt is actually debating Obama right now thru the press. He is the only one talking it to the source! Speaking directly to the man-child himself. This is why he has to one else is doing it~!

  12. Just take your WHOLE campaign to Obama, Newt. Those other guys are just interested in fending off the attacks from each other and the administration.

    Concentrate solely on Obama. Everything you speak about should be on the failures of this president. PERIOD. There is plenty of ammo to target him on. You have the gift of putting it all together and speaking on it. If you have people around you saying go after Rmoney, switch them around. Go after Obama!!

    The game is getting short. O is gearing up for his natural ability to be only in campaign mode. Go after him on the times he hasn’t been in the Oval doing his job. Talk about the ‘hands-off’ approach he has and leaving it to others to finish up the mess. Talk about how O comes out on issues that other people have worked so hard to accomplish and he takes the credit. It’s all there Newt,,,,,Game On, son!!!!!

    1. Totally agree! I think Newt has got a plan to focuc on the White House…let the others duke it out in the baby arena!

    2. yea me too, Newt is always the 1st to bring up solutions to issues. The Romney and Rick just re-act to the media. Huge difference. Newt is clearly the obvious choice this year.

  13. Thanks so much for posting this, Scoop!
    The Speaker is thinking sooo far ahead of the other (3). He hit the ground *fully ready* to be president.

    I guess no one has noticed yet that the debates between 0 & him have already begun. Newt is the one calling the tune & has 0 on the defensive. Romney & Santorum are still quibbling between themselves. (and aren’t the aulPay ardTays conspicuously quiet?)

    I notice, too, that Callista’s hairdo has caught on with at least one commentator.

    Hang tough, Mr Speaker!

    1. Spot on! Newt has been the only one (from the very beginning) who has what it takes to grind Obama and his nonsense into dust. Newt shows it everytime he speaks.

      Take this interview and weigh it against Mitt’s recent interview where he says the economy is in recovery. He must be on Obama’s re-election team. What an idiot — typical Northeast RINO.

      1. Me, too. She’s very demure (I kinda expected her to be more gregarious, but that’s a good thing). With her interest in music and her devotion to her faith, I think she would make a great first lady.

      1. I loved that, Grace. It just goes to show what their relationship is like. It’s sad (& I think disingenuous) that some people are actually cruel about his struggles with finding the right person. There but for the Grace of God…

  14. Newt’s on message and taking the fight to the guy we have to defeat. No other candidate has ruffled O’s feathers, they haven’t even come close. Newt proves he can take on O and defeat him on the issues with yes … big ideas.

    Apparently, since the primary Tuesday, Newt picked up at least 1,000 new contributors. It’s now over 176,000. And he’s right, we want him to stay in and take it all the way to Tampa.

    We need Newt Now!

    1. You got it. There’s a few others who keep on his case constantly and one of them is Gov. Sarah Palin.

    1. Don’t you love that the Professor at Legal Insurrection calls Newt the ‘honey badger’ I looove it! Thanks for the links Trust, you rock!

  15. Please, God, let people wake up and see what we see, that Newt has the solutions and the know how and the experience. I know we will have to fight for everything we believe in for the rest of our lifes, but I so want there to be hope, and Newt offers hope. He really gets it. He knows that when gas goes up so does everything else because it takes transportation to get to us. No, he’s not perfect on everything, but he has common sense and common sense solutions. He is for closing the borders, and he can reach the Hispanic population if he’s honest and open. They are being hurt by the open borders as much as the rest of us. I just don’t want to turn into the Russia that we studied when I was young or now Cuba or even Europe. I am so proud to be an American and of our young military men and women, and I want to stay that way. Please let his message be heard and received. Please open people’s hearts for our future, for our children’s future, for our grandchildren’s future.

  16. Me to. I’ve been saying it all along. I just don’t get it.

    Did anyone note how Newt came so close in Alabama and Mississippi. That’s what having the message heard by more people accomplishes. I guess he just needs to keep on keeping on until enough people gets the message and he comes out on top.

    We already know who Obama has had to answer to and it ain’t Santorum or Romney.

      1. Thank you! Both Mississippi and Alabama were just too close, and I watched as the gap between Rick and Newt widened dramatically not long before they called the results. And what’s the deal with calling the primaries at barely 30-35 percent these days? Didn’t they used to wait for higher numbers?

        Again, thanks for this seriously worrying information.

      2. to be honest, I don’t think most of Santorum’s supporters are really supporting him. They are either trying to get Gingrich out to help Romney or Obama. The arguments for supporting him over Gingrich are just unbelievably weak.

  17. If this was Romney, he would just say Obama is in over his head.

    Now I ask you, is that any kind of answer?

    Newt lays it out perfectly.

  18. I’m dumbfounded as to why anyone wouldn’t vote for Newt.


    I love it how he can move from one major topic to another, flawlessly.

  19. Seems like Newt is the only candidate talking about how to lower gas prices. What I like about Newt is he offers solutions not just talking points. He is the sharpest candidate for President.

  20. This will sound silly, but I have always gone with my gut on this issue. The very first time I ever laid eyes on Bill Clinton, I thought he was a snake – it was his smile. It was like looking at a dishonest used car salesman who cheats his customers with every sale. I disliked him immediately, before I even knew anything about him. I’ve done this my whole life with just every day people as well – and to date, I have seldom been wrong. Not saying I possess some super secret gift, just that my initial gut response has been right. I thought the same thing of Obama the first time I saw him interviewed with his wife – immediate dislike for both of them. I have that same feeling about Romney. His smile reeks of that dishonest used car salesman trying to steal every dollar out of my wallet. All politicians lie – that’s the name of the game. I expect that. I just can’t get that sick feeling out of my stomach looking at Romney. I see a phony baloney plastic banana poser. That’s all I will ever see.

    1. Gut feelings are usually correct –

      Please don’t take this the wrong way BUT

      Feelings from the Female gut are better than a Male’s gut

      my 61 years experience

      just sayin’

      (OW – Stop throwin’ stuff at me)

      1. Not if the women vote because “He’s cute” or “Looks presidential” or “He has a nice family” or ” His wife would make a good first Lady”. These are remarks that make me cringe and pray even harder for our country.

        1. I agree – BUT – I give Women a lot more credit than that –

          I believe what was meant that “feeling” that you get that tells you
          that you are either comfortable or NOT comfortable in any situation

          Looks – cute – crooner, etc. have nothing to do with looking deceptive, sneaky, cold hearted, HONEST, SINCERE, etc. – That’s what I meant

          (I knew it – I just knew I would be in trouble)

        2. Women have maternal instinct – and that also gives them a lot of discernment where people, crooks and danger are concerned.

    2. Dittos here, too. All of them have the same lying, sleazy presence. Makes you wonder why so many others can’t see it.

      I agree with W. – spiritual discernment. Those that don’t see it must be looking through kaleidoscopes. The devil is a master of disguises so all the deceived see are beautiful colors.

    3. What you have is a naturally good instinct. Some have it, some don’t. I think some of it has to do with having good common sense and a grasp of reality. Liberals believe everyone is the same and Peace on Earth, go eat some organic greens and take your electric Prius for a ride to the health food store. That is not the real world. I’m sure they enjoy that existence because it’s more peaceful to just plug your ears and say “la,la, la”. The ones who deal w reality are the brave ones who fight the battle and don’t take the easy way out. Robert Frost said it best:

      “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference.”

  21. Mitt takes on obama and mittens says we’re in recovery and his kid says obama’s a great guy.

    Something’s wrong here

  22. There’s nothing strange about Obammy’s green energy fantasy. He ism’t interested in helping anyone except himself and his fellow academic elitist slugs.

  23. Newt is right about obama’s allegiance to Saudi Arabia.

    President Barack Obama bows to Saudi King

    Not A Bow?

    Saudis bought Obama 2008 election, Columbia, Harvard degrees, Fox network, Pastor James Manning

    Columbia University Trial For Treason Obama Fraud Pt 1

    Islamic Supremacist Paid Obama’s Law School / Dr. Khalid al-Mansour / Video

    Obama & His Islamic Supremacist Benefactor. In a videotaped interview this year on New Yorks all news cable channel NY1, a prominent African-American businessman and political figure made the curious disclosures about Obama. Percy Sutton, the former borough president of Manhattan,

    Obama’s Saudi Arabian Connection Exposed
    In His Own Words and Deeds

    Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age

    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

    With $30 Billion Arms Deal, U.S. Bolsters Saudi Ties

    Saudi Prince Paid for Obama’s Harvard Law Education: HRH Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin AbdulAziz Alsaud

    1. good grief….and people are worried about some personal indiscretions Gingrich had 15 years ago??? Cripes….

      1. I concur. If he had not been openly repentant and hadn’t actually done something with his life since the transgression, I’d have little sympathy. But he has and deserves our non-hypocritic christian consideration. His daughters have forgiven and I assume his Lord…why shouldn’t we?

        1. “Just so I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” Luke 15:7

          1. Could you be referencing Gingrich? Without doubt no one else meets that criteria. As far as I can tell Santorum does not defend his congressional record or Romney his time as governor.


  24. The American People know the TRUTH about Obama and oil:

    OBAMA’S FRIENDS are doing the drilling:

    They are drilling all right….and taking our money and security with them.

    If Newt or Palin were President – Soros, Obama, Pelosi and Panetta would be expatriated as persona non gratis.

    If I were President, American Business would receive priority and there would be NO Mosques and NO Sharia and NO foreigner owned property or businesses operating in the USA. And NO votes without proper Photo ID and proof of citizenship.

    Human Events article:
    “President Obama incessantly claims energy open-mindedness, insisting that his policy is “all of the above.” Except, of course, for drilling
    — off the Mid-Atlantic coast (as Virginia, for example, wants),
    — off the Florida Gulf Coast (instead, the Castro brothers will drill near there),
    — in the broader Gulf of Mexico (where drilling in 2012 is expected to drop 30 percent below pre-moratorium forecasts),
    — in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (more than half the size of England, the drilling footprint being the size of Dulles Airport),
    — on federal lands in the Rockies (where leases are down 70 percent since Obama took office).

    But the event that drove home the extent of Obama’s antipathy to nearby, abundant, available oil was his veto of the Keystone pipeline. It gave the game away because the case for Keystone is so obvious and overwhelming. Vetoing it gratuitously prolongs our dependence on outside powers, kills thousands of shovel-ready jobs, forfeits a major strategic resource to China, damages relations with our closest ally, and sends billions of oil dollars to Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin and already obscenely wealthy sheiks.”

    OBAMA’S got a ‘FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS Energy Policy’ going on – just like everything else Obama has done – Corrupt Crony Capitalism.

  25. I have decided to donate for the first time this election cycle. I voted for Fred Tompson last time around, and donated what I could sneak past my wife. This time I don’t care if she finds out. This is just too dam important!

    1. Good for you. I donate what I can, when I can. It may only be $5 at a time, but it comes from the heart, and every dollar makes a difference.

  26. It’s distressing that the candidates’ total delegate count and their individual competency on the issues are in inverse relationship.

    While Newt is dissecting and unpacking and reconstituting every relevant issue, Romney’s still in the “green room” fixing his hair.

    If Santorum wins the nomination… it’ll be Santorum Derangement Syndrome till November. If Romney wins, Obama wins… then God truly help us.

    If America ever needed a miracle… now is the time.

    1. I agree, we need a miracle.

      I loved your first two sentences… agree 100%

      I’m confused by “Santorum Derangement Syndrome” – are you implying that his social positions will come under attack by the lame stream media? Curious to read what you meant by that.

      1. No, I think he means that liberals will lose their minds at just the sound of his name, like Sarah Palin’s name does to them, already.

        1. Exactly. I would venture a bet that Rick does more to poke the libs than Romney and Newt combined. Mittens is the quintessential Mr One Percent (but being Romneycare/ halfway on their side wink wink, they could live with him somewhat), but Rick brings up their signature issues over and over again. It’s possible that Rick may motivate even dems who are utterly revolted by 0 to vote for him again *and* donate to/ work for him. Imho, he needs to tone it down cause it could backfire.

          1. Thank you. I am having a very good day AND I have a massage in 20 minutes. Life is good.

      2. Santorum has not really been vetted yet. He has a long and checkered history of back room dealings with lobbyists. In fact, he is the go to guy when it comes to hooking up Republicans with lobbying cash and selling influence in D.C. While Santorum managed to avoid prison, he was involved in the same activity that sent Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay to the slammer via the K Street Project.

        You can read about it here:

        The other thing is Santorum is not a fiscal conservative and wanted to end the Tea Party movement because of its Libertarian and Small government ideals. You can watch that here:

        If Newt dropped out, Santorum would be history.

        1. Rick Santorum owns a 2 Million dollar home…he’s not the nice middle class boy next door he and his handlers want you to think. Moreover, he’s in with big labor…and not a reformer where the FED and currency stabilization are concerned.

          1. why does a “family values man”, with a wife and 7 children, one of whom is severely disabled, run for POTUS. there is not enough Rick available to handle all those jobs. POTUS should be LAST on his priority list

        2. You are absolutely right. He is basically running like a democrat. Running on social agenda, the hot botton issues. No decent person is going to disagree with these issues, however, his love affair with the unions should scare the crap out of you. Reasearch the stadium & tunnel to the stadium in Pittsburgh. Check out the deal he made with the unions to get their endorsement. Check his voting record. Do not take my word for it. It is all there.

        3. Thanks for the links Ted.

          I’m trying hard not to be disparaging towards Rick/his supporter’s because honestly, I’m so burned-out from this in-fighting going on with these primaries at this point. Knowing what I knew about Santorum prior to “Rick and his attitude towards the Tea Party” in general, I didn’t think he’d get pass go, let alone make-it thus far.

          If or when? the Media should decide to vet Santorum, only then will this become a game changer.

          Newt is who both sides fear…..So’ would it not be to the “lefts advantage” to protect Santorum, just like with Romney? of course it is!

          1. When that video got out there about Rick dissing the Tea Party, supporters cried, “Oh, no! You’re taking it out of context!” NOPE. But now you don’t hear much about it, which tells me that maybe they don’t want to talk about it any more because what Rick said about this or that “wing” of the Tea Party and the Republican Party can’t be defended.

            1. Exactly and again, this video in my book– speaks volumes about who’s side Santorum’s on. This is why Sarah says it’s good that this vetting process continues.

              I bet there are many TP folks out there, who or if they saw this, would gasp…..”

              again, the Media should be all over this……..crickets!

              1. Oh, I’ve always loved Robert Duvall. He’s the real deal, and not afraid. So what book did you write, or can you tell us?

                I appreciate what you’ve had to say here at TRS! 🙂

      3. That’s exactly what I mean. It’ll be the Bush Derangement Syndrome all over again, or like MiketheMarine above said above. The libs are as easy to read as a big honkin’ billboard. Santorum’s learning, but he’s still slow to this. But the MSM has a big dilemma when they deal with Newt. That’s why they have tried desperately to eliminate him or to deprive him of oxygen. Newt knows how to frame the comeback when they pull their left-wing windbaggery on him. He’s coherent, he focuses with Tomahawk accuracy, and he does not suffer fools gladly. And the MSM are all fools when the Eye of Newt shines on them like a laser beam.

      4. I’ve begun calling Santorum Little Sir Echo because that’s what he’s been in this entire process including the debates. He fooled social conservatives into thinking he actually had solutions to the religious bigotry of the left but Newt has been the only one to say exactly what his solutions would be. Little Sir Echo’s coulda woulda shoulda performance as a Senator shouldn’t give people the idea just saying your a social conservative means you can perform as president. Santorums done his job helping to get Romney out of the way now it’s time for him to say bye, bye and let Newt take over.

        1. As much as I think Santorum is just OK… otherwise, I can’t think of anything to disagree with you about. You made good points… and your last statement reflects my sentiments exactly.

  27. When you examine Romney’s blabbering on Hannity about the recession and Newt’s focused on-target message about oil production and pricing, how can anyone think that Romney has a better chance of winning against Obama? Newt is living rent free in Obama’s head and he has control of the national dialogue. When Newt speaks, the GOPE and Obama administration listen and react.

    The other issue that the GOPE doesn’t want to discuss is if Romney is our candidate then Obamacare is off the table for all GOP federal candidates. Obamacare was the main issue that led to winning big in 2010.

    1. You know, my wife and I watched the interview live last night (against my better judgment b/c I’m really not a fan of studio interviews for very particular reasons); but both of us were really put off with how much of what Mitt’s speechifying was political gibberish that not even Hannity had the temerity to question him on. A lot of it seemed like vague interpretations of talking points, and he even went back and forth on a few subtle changes to his own stated positions, I thought.

      1. Romney can’t communicate conservative ideals and solutions because he doesn’t have any. All he has is a few poll-tested lines that his handlers have fed him and he has memorized one line from the Declaration of Independence. That will not win the presidency or turn this nation around!

    2. They don’t think- beyond that Mittens is “the one mighty and strong” and the fulfillment of the (White Horse) prophecy.

      The GOPe thinks that he’s their chosen figurehead to keep the status quo (I call that corruption- fleecing the taxpayers to redistribute to their own “collective”) safely and solidly in place. They need 0care every bit as much as the dems do because that’s where their next injection of money- as well as the bailouts for the insurance companies and the medical corporations, is coming from.

  28. Go get ’em Newt! Newt has obviously ruffled a few feathers in the WH!

    I hope our candidates and responsible news entities keep exposing maobama for the liar he is.

    What a divisive jerk maobama is – always talking down to people with reasonable solutions to a very real threat to this nation. This guy should have been fired LONG ago!

  29. Way to go, Newt. Keep doing what you’re doing by putting the fight exactly where it ought to be: on the shoulders of Showbama! You’re a scholar and a gentleman for doing so!

  30. Any would-be President should be doing the exact same thing Newt is doing here; refuting Obummer every time he opens his mouth. Not a spokesman or proxy, but the actual would-be President. Newt clearly understands this. The others do not… It’s telling.

    1. Well Santorum is… mittens isn’t really and not sure about R.P., though he probably is too.

      I agree that they all should be challenging maobama and they are in various ways… but there’s no doubt that Newt is the leader of the smack down in these interviews and yes, that is indeed telling.

      1. Santorum is worried about condoms. Newt is addressing energy, jobs, national defense, etc. Your last few words sum it up, “that is indeed telling”.

        1. Santorum is the kind of guy that worries to much about you and YOUR condoms. Therein lies the problem. Santorum is as scary as the left when it comes to knowing how one should best live there life. The simple fact is you cannot legislate morality.

      2. If all four of the candidates were hitting BO’s policies and erroneous theories the way Newt does at every turn and opportunity, they would be able to get their messaging to turn the tide against BO’s re-election. The Democrats are just demogoguing the Republicans into infighting and the candidates Have to take control of the conversations like Newt does. This is the Constitution and Bill of Rights electoral fight of our lives. For Our Rights and for Our Freedom.

      3. I think you may be missing the point. Yes he’s wonderful in interviews, yes he smacks people around verbally but…this is only icing on the cake. It’s the depth of his knowledge and the years of research that have gone into his solutions that are the most important. I take it you haven’t watched his video (21st Century Contract with America. Read his 54 page perspective on bring the Judiciary back under control and making them adhere to the constitution and these only scratch the surface. He’s written 27 books many best sellers. The longest-serving teacher in the senior military, 23 years teaching one- and two-star generals and admirals the art of war.

        No one else in this contest can even hold a candle to Gingrich as far as accomplishments, knowledge of history and solutions. The above doesn’t even list his accomplishments as speaker which no one has matched since.

        Along with that he’s a true patriot, loves America and I believe will do everything in his power to defeat the leftist take over of our country while defeating our enemies abroad.


  31. I just love the way Newt responds to any media question. No matter how they word their questions, he immediately turns it into his own points that he wishes to make.

    Granted, this is friendly Fox, but it shows how he would respond to MSNBC-style questioning. They would not be able to steer him into the path of their own choosing, like they do with so many others.

    1. Exactly. The media thinks they are going to use him and he uses them instead. His message is clear and he is fearless in bringing it forth.

      One of the reasons Newt is still in the race is to have a platform to get his solutions on the issues to the forefront. Evidently its working. He’s third man down and what is Maobama talking about…Newt’s $2.50 gas.

      Good points on the Afghan situation too, IMO.

      1. Brilliant? He’s clever and well read, but I would not charcterize him as brilliant. He plays an important role in this battle. We all must continue to hammer away at obama and the left’s policy of marxism at every turn. Our future depends on it.

        1. Well let me be the first to disagree with your opinion that Newt is not brilliant. Can you name any one of the candidates running in the primary that is even close to being brilliant except for Newt Gingrich? Mmmmmmmm. I cannot! Just listening to Newt you know he has a full grasp of the issues, and truly can articulate his positions, and will not be outsmarted by anyone in the media, or white house.

          Newt is Brilliant. Time to join the winning team and pull for Newt.

          1. once heard a radio interview of Newt. when the panel had finished and was just about ready to wrap it up, one of them asked him if he had any thoughts about cybersecurity. he immediately did a 3-4 minute discussion, including defining the problem , and listing 2 or 3 possible solutions to breaches of cybersecurity . cogent, concise.
            there isn’t another politician on the planet who could have done that. i”m not sure what Rick would say, but wiLIARd would probably say “what has that got to do with the fact that i’m a businessman, and i love America

          1. Bachmann was thought to be a nut for talking $2 gas. Newt makes you believe you are a member of the flat earth society for not believing it.

            1. ” Newt makes you believe you are a member of the flat earth society”… and how does what Duh Bumbler say come out as coming from Newt? Are you perhaps a troll stopping by to urinate?

              1. I believe Bachmann and Newt are right! It’s just that Newt does a hell of better job explaining it as opposed to just saying it can happen. (Bachmann made the same mistake with her Guardisil comment.)

                1. I think that Guardisil comment ruined her chances. It was incorrect and dangerous and perhaps some dummy parents will lose a child due to believing what she retold as fact.

            2. Yes he does. Newt is convincing because Newt is a believer in America and bases what he says on facts. At times it’s opposite of the status quo…which upsets the hell out of them … they call it spontaneous as in “you never know what he’s gonna say”. I love it. It is one of the many reasons he would make a formidable POTUS. He without a doubt thinks fast on his feet… with a wealth of knowledge to pull from.

        2. He is BRILLIANT because 12grace told you so. Sit down, be a good jellybean, and accept the fact.

        3. Good grief, can you not even give someone credit when it’s due? Clever and well read….please. You’ve got your head so far up Santorum’s behind you wouldn’t know a brilliant person if one steamrolled you at 120 mph.

        4. Let me help you calibrate. The dumocrats think Duh Bumbler is brilliant. He’s the smartest evah. You do know his GPA is a solid “PRESENT”. So, compared to the rest, including Duh Bumbler, Newt is brilliant.

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