NFL coach Jack Del Rio responds LIKE A BOSS to outrage over his comments on phony Jan 6th circus [VIDEO]

The Washington Commanders defensive coach Jack Del Rio made leftist heads explode recently when he dared question the media and Democrat circus surrounding January 6th.

He tweeted this on Monday:

I absolutely love that question because it gets to the truth of terrible media bias and Democrat partisanship in this country. It’s obvious to so many people and Jack Del Rio clearly gets it.

In fact he double down on it today when asked about his comments:

He couldn’t be more right about the double standard. The 2020 riots occurred during COVID and nobody cared that the rioters and protesters were maskless. But more importantly, neither Democrats nor the media vilified those in Antifa and BLM committing the terrible violence and deaths.

In fact, they defended these rioters as legitimate and never blinked an eye when people died because of it. An entire police station was burned to the ground and a retired police captain was murdered, among so many other things. But no Democrats ever considered creating a committee to investigate the horrendous violence.

But when rioters are on the other side of the aisle, it’s the worst thing to ever happen in American history. It’s an armed insurrection that must be investigated by Democrats to the nth degree!!!

Kudos to Jack Del Rio for standing by his remarks and not apologizing to the mob. I’m not a Commander’s fan, but I am now a Jack Del Rio fan.

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