Nikki Haley CALLS OUT dishonest WaPo reporter on FAKE NEWS!!

A reporter at the Washington Post is gonna find out the hard way that you don’t cross U.S badass Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley.

Here’s what she’s upset about – in a tweet that got 333 retweets, Stein misquotes her in order to make the Trump admin look stupid:

UPDATE: He deleted after we, among others, called him out.

Here’s a screenshot of what he said from the Daily Caller:

So of course he adds in another tweet the context that changes her meaning:

Update: Again from the Daily Caller:

That only has 8 retweets.

But Haley says she didn’t say that at all:

So what’s the deal here? Well you have to follow the links and go three stories deep to find the original article, and in that one, also written by Stein, she never says what he says she says. So either he’s lying, or he hasn’t put up the evidence that he’s citing.

Here’s the article linked above:

The report is the latest in a string of Trump administration efforts to argue that poverty is a diminishing problem in the United States. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said last month that no more than 250,000 Americans are in “extreme poverty,” denouncing a United Nations report saying 18.5 million Americans suffer extreme impoverishment.

But when you click on the link cited, here’s what the next article says:

It also sheds light on the ongoing feud between Trump and U.N. officials over Alston’s report on American poverty, with U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley last week calling the report “politically motivated” and arguing it “is patently ridiculous for the U.N. to examine poverty in America.”

…Some on the right have long rejected this measure in part since it only counts income, or how much money each American receives. Instead, American officials in Geneva cited survey data produced by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, that also measures purchasing power.

And when you click on the link provided there, there’s no mention of the Heritage report:

Haley pushed back in Thursday’s letter, arguing that the administration has created a strong economy that would lift people out of poverty and that Alston’s report was premised on misleading statistics. Haley said the U.N. special rapporteur had “categorically misstated” the progress America has made in reducing poverty, but she gave no examples.

“I am deeply disappointed that the Special Rapporteur used his platform to make misleading and politically motivated statements about American domestic policy issues,” Haley said. “Regrettably, his report is an all too common example of the misplaced priorities” of the United Nations.

I hope Haley rips him a new one if he IS lying.

[h/t BTJess]

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