NO, ICE is NOT to blame for tragic death of 7-year-old Guatemalan girl, and the media is LYING about it

The media is running crazy stupid again with the story of a migrant girl who arrived at the border so dehydrated that she died very soon after immigration officials took her in. 

@Ag_conservative has a very good thread about why they’re lying. 

He’s exactly right. The media is lying about the circumstances of her death to make it sound like all of our border officials are evil assholes just waiting to kill migrants. That’s just not the case. 

And here come the race hustlers and charlatans to lie about what happened:

And the politicians of course:

Here’s a news video about the story:

I want to say that there’s something very ghoulish and sinister about how some on the right are reacting to this story. It’s a tragedy. This world is broken. Terrible things happen. But just because we’re advocating for the law to be upheld, doesn’t mean we can’t respond with sympathy when a 7-year-old girl dies. Some people have responded with callous sentiments in service to their political beliefs. That’s the kind of evil we call out liberals over. Let’s not do it ourselves. 

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