[UPDATE] – Constituent tells AOC that GND is not enough, that “we got to start eating babies!” [VIDEO]

A constituent tonight in AOC’s town hall literally told the congresswoman that we have too many people on the planet and the Green New Deal doesn’t go far enough, that “we have to get rid of the babies! … we need to eat the babies!”

This is bizarre. So bizarre that some feel this is a saboteur or someone with a mental illness:

I don’t know. But given that it could be someone in the latter category, I’m going to reserve judgement.

I know Democrats are radical, but I haven’t heard of anyone advocating this level of cannibalism. But who knows, it could be on the way soon.

UPDATE: AOC describe this as a “woman in crisis”:

Based on what I saw, I think she’s right in this case. Not about MFA, but about mocking her.

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6 thoughts on “[UPDATE] – Constituent tells AOC that GND is not enough, that “we got to start eating babies!” [VIDEO]

  1. Liberals love Barack Obama and he admitted to eating dogs. Given that, while a probable hoax, sadly this seems almost believable and like just another short stroll down the path to “Eternal Purgatory” for some on the Lunatic Left.

  2. I dunno, if they are GMO Free or Range Free I might be up for it. *checks cupboard for shake and bake *

  3. If AOC goes all in on this you can expect to see planned butcherhood to start packaging baby parts in Styrofoam trays wrapped in clear plastic. They are just that callous. And they would see it as a money maker.

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