No, NBC’s Today Show report on impeachment isn’t biased at all…

NBC’s Today Show reported on impeachment this morning and it’s all about the ‘unfair’ Senate Republicans and House Democrats who have done their “constitutional duty”:

It starts out touting how Democrats accuse Senate Republicans of “failing to be impartial jurors” for the impeachment trial in the Senate and ends with suggesting that even though Republicans will likely acquit Trump, Schiff and House Democrats have done their patriotic and constitutional duty. NBC’s Kristen Welker doesn’t say ‘patriotic’ per se, but that’s sure how she makes it sound.

In between those endcaps they show McConnell saying he’ll be working in “total coordination with the White House”, with Nadler calling it a “complete subversion of the constitutional scheme”, as if there’s something wrong with the Republican Senate finally giving the White House their say in the process of impeachment. Also, do House Democrats really want to talk about subverting the Constitution after their star-chamber impeachment hearings where the White House wasn’t allowed any input and Republicans not allowed to call witnesses?

NBC then says that though “Senators will take an oath to do impartial justice”, Trump defenders like Lindsey Graham have already made up their mind, showing Graham saying just that in an interview this weekend. As if we all haven’t already made up our minds on impeachment after watching the partisan Schiff clown show in the House?

This is just a complete garbage piece by the Today Show, not even mentioning just how unfair and completely partisan this witch hunt has been in the House up to this point. You can watch the full hit piece below:

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