‘No VAX No SERVICE’ Atlanta restaurant will REFUSE unvaccinated customers: Prove it or GET OUT

The Argosy Restaurant and Bar in Atlanta won’t be allowing diners who aren’t vaccinated – or can’t prove they are vaccinated – to enter their establishment anymore.

That’s according to the owners, who put up what is Atlanta’s first of its kind sign that reads “NO VAX NO SERVICE.”


They say that they had several employees test positive for Covid despite all being vaccinated, and so they want to prevent unvaccinated people from coming in and spreading it.

Think about that. Their VACCINATED employees caught and spread Covid so they are requiring everyone to be vaccinated to prevent their vaccinated staff from catching it again while vaccinated like they already did.


Watch this report from WBT in Atlanta.

“They’re not afraid to ask someone to prove that they are in fact vaccinated,” says the reporter about the owner’s point of view.

‘Papers please’ doesn’t seem like a great replacement for “may I take your order please” but what do I know?

By the way, call me crazy but the anchor seemed to me like he was biting his tongue from putting the restaurant on blast.

Anyway, this is, as we say, how it begins.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD. But you have to follow us on our socials or no service. It’s no different than asking to see your Vax papers!

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