Not gonna lie, this sounds really stupid to me…

Rep. Greg Steube has just announced that tomorrow he’s going to introduce legislation that would allow his lips to be firmly pressed up against Trump’s backside….

Seriously, Steube wants to rename our coastal waters after former President Trump:

Tomorrow I will introduce legislation to rename our coastal waters after @realDonaldTrump! President Trump took several commendable actions for our oceans as part of his work to make America strong, secure, and economically prosperous. Renaming our waters will serve as a reminder of his many contributions to our nation for generations to come.

I mean, why??? Just because Trump visited Congress today to try and unify Republicans?

Look I want Trump elected as much as the next American because he’s a far, FAR better choice that Joe Biden. I mean they aren’t even in the same solar system when it comes to governance. But renaming our coastal waters after him is really a priority right now?

I just don’t get it when there are so many things wrong with this country. But even more so, the bill will go NOWHERE fast. Even if it were to pass the House – and that seems unlikely – it would never pass the Senate and Joe Biden would NEVER sign it.

So why do this? I can only conclude, as my opening line alluded, that it must be for Greg Steube to get on Trump’s good side by stroking his ego. Maybe he wants to be Trump’s VP or he wants a job in Trump’s future White House? I really don’t know, but it makes me take someone like Steube a lot less seriously. Because this bill he’s announcing is totally unserious.

I know, go ahead and let me have it in the comments for not loving Trump enough or something…

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