NOT KIDDING: Biden’s treasury secretary blames YOU for inflation [VIDEO]

Joe Biden’s hack Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen actually told Stephen Colbert last night that inflation is your fault for spending too much. And Russia’s, of course.

Yellen’s comment came after Colbert buttered her up and asked her what caused inflation to spike so badly.

In her answer she claimed that people were spending more on goods at home because of the pandemic and that caused bottlenecks and prices to go up.

She then also blamed Russia for their war on Ukraine, but almost as an afterthought.


Never does she mention Biden’s war on oil and gas which is the main reason gas and diesel prices skyrocketed.

When diesel prices skyrocket in particular, that cost factors hugely into the price of transporting goods on big rigs from warehouses and middlemen to stores all over America. And all of that increase is pass on to the consumer.

Not to mention everything that we use in our everyday lives that are petroleum products.

Sheesh, this isn’t hard. And I’m sure there are other factors involved in the price increases, but this is the biggest one I can think of and the fact that Yellen didn’t even mention fuel prices at all, whether she blamed it on Biden or Putin, just shows how much of a hack she truly is.

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