NOT KIDDING: CBS News suddenly reports they’ve found Hunter Biden’s laptop and it’s REAL

CBS News has suddenly become interested in Hunter Biden’s laptop because Republicans are taking over Congress and have promised to investigate Hunter and Joe and their overseas business dealings.

In fact CBS News just went back to the repair shop where Hunter left the laptop years ago and got a copy of it and had it authenticated by forensic experts.

You might think I’m kidding or that this is some kind of parody or sattire, but it’s not. Catherine Herridge did a report on it and tweeted all of this today.

You can watch it below:

As you can imagine, the responses to their ‘new’ reporting went something like this:

If this doesn’t authoritatively prove how biased CBS News is… Seriously, they waited until Republicans won the Congress, two years after Joe Biden went to the White House, to even remotely show interest in this laptop which is one of the biggest stories of our time.

But even more than that, they blatantly ignored the laptop which the New York Post got a copy of in October of 2020 before the election. They could have gotten a copy then and had it authenticated just like they did now. But they chose not to because they wanted Joe Biden to win.

I honestly can’t believe CBS News is even publishing this story now because it exposes their blantat leftist bias for Democrats and opens them up to big time criticism and people simply turning them off because of it. Which is what they are going to get and exactly what they deserve.

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