NOT KIDDING: Nancy Pelosi just thanked George Floyd for SACRIFICING himself [VIDEO]

In a speech after the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, the abhorrent Nancy Pelosi just thanked George Floyd for sacrificing his life:

Here’s what she said:

So again, thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice. For being there to call out to your mom – how heartbreaking was that – call out for your mom ‘I can’t breathe’…

Ok first of all Nancy, that is not how sacrifice works. Which is something you should know about considering you profess to be Catholic. George Floyd didn’t sacrifice anything. He overdosed on fentanyl, got arrested, and died in police custody.

So for Pelosi to even suggest that Floyd sacrificed his life like this and thanking him for it, as well as for calling out to his mother and saying he couldn’t breathe, it really sounds like Pelosi is thanking him for the huge political and racial gift he gave her and her Democratic colleagues to hammer on, to help foment civil unrest and to use to galvanize people against Trump.

That’s honestly how it sounds to me, and it’s absolutely despicable.

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