NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL: California voters told they’d already voted when they did not…

Voters in at least one precinct in California were being told they had already voted when they showed up to vote in the Gavin Newsom recall election, and these voters are very suspicious that something ‘wonky’ is going on:

How does someone vote when they haven’t voted yet? I think we all know the answer to that question. However officials in the West San Fernando Valley blame in on the machines at the precinct, which they say have now been replaced.

One of the workers at the precinct suggested it had been happening a lot, and one of the women interviewed suggested that it was definitely happening to Republicans, as she and several other Republicans she talked to said it had happened to them.

No doubt something truly nefarious is at work here, however I doubt there will be any investigations or inquiries about this since it’s the socialist state of California. I’d really love to believe that faulty machines were to blame, but I’m just too cynical at this point. We’ve seen too much.

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