Not the Babylon Bee: Democrats apologize for “F*** the Fourth” graphic – but NOT the sentiment.

For the Fourth of July Democrats in Arizona are having an anti-America party called, if you can believe it, F*** the Fourth. Which they advertised in a tweet. Then they deleted the tweet and apologized. But NOT for the party.

They apologized because the graphic was “in poor taste.” They went out of their way to explain this does not mean they don’t still hate America and Independence. They just didn’t mean to not bleep that feeling.

Take a look:

In their explanation for the deletion, they said to MAKE NO MISTAKE they still support the idea. They hate America because they lost an abortion case.

Nothing engenders Democrat hate like telling them they can’t mutilate children. It’s their number one value.

To the Democrat voters turned off by literal hostility to America I have a suggestion: Don’t be a Democrat.

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