Now that Democrats took over Virginia, Gov. Northam will go after their GUNS

Democratic Gov. Northam is following through on his promise to seize Virginians’ guns after the voters handed Virginia to the totalitarian Democrats:

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam vows it’s “a new day and a new landscape” in Virginia. He says when Democrats take over the state legislature for the first time in a generation at the start of the new year, passing gun violence prevention laws will be a top priority.

He adds guns “shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” even though he says he’s prepared to pass new “common sense” gun laws without Republican support.

“We had a tremendous tragedy in Virginia Beach over Memorial Day weekend. We lost 12 precious lives,” Northam told NPR’s All Things Considered host Mary Louise Kelly on Friday, alluding to a mass shooting that took place at a municipal building earlier this year.

“So I think Virginia spoke loudly on Tuesday and said enough is enough,” Northam said.

Elections have consequences.

“Dealing with the gun violence in Virginia will be a top priority of our administration,” Northam said. “Now certainly with a Democratic Senate and House, I believe we can move forward with common sense gun legislation.”

Enjoy being disarmed by the government. And this will significantly weaken Republicans for the next election too. Great job!

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